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"Truth: Who Wants to Know?"

"Sometimes we ask the wrong questions. What is the use of an answer to the wrong question? I want to go from London to Oxford, what will knowing the path to Paris do for me? What indeed will knowing the answers to questions even more irrelevant to my purpose do? It little matters if the answers to irrelevant questions is right or wrong." Read full article.

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Posted by Mark @ 12/16/2005 08:19 PM PST

Dear Praladha Maharaja Dasa,

please accept my obeisances.

Your article above was well written. It was purposeful, illustrative, and skillfully crafted. It inspired me to add another angle of vision to my discernment. Best of all it had a sublime conclusion in the suggested course of action for remedy.

It is hard to believe you are the same person who wrote the well-wishers of Iskcon article, which made me cringe.

I am glad that you did not take my denouncement of the opinions you portrayed in your last article in a way that kept you from speaking out, because you have alot to offer when you speak in realms that you are sure of.

I still wish you would do something about that last article though, because there is nothing laudable or praiseworthy in abject cowardly indifference to the crimes you characterize as inconsistencies.

Please keep up the good work, in any event.

Hare Krishna



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