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"Jaur Gita Govinda"

"Amongst the nectar ocean of Vaisnava literatures, the Gita-Govinda has had a phenomenally pervasive influence on the World. Gita-Govinda has been distributed far and wide by way of more than a hundred published editions, along with a vast wealth of extant source materials including epigraphical records, commentaries, translations and imitative paintings. " Read full article.

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Posted by Jahnava @ 11/13/2005 02:12 PM PST

In the #3 series, it looks like two different birds with Radha and Krsna. Are there pastimes talking about pet parrots owned by any of the gopis? Perhaps the bird Radharani is talking with is a messenger for one of the sakhis. Both Sri Radha and Krsna appear to be talking very personally to the birds, and Krsna generally looks very familiar with nature, holding a flower in his hand.

Posted by Jahnava @ 11/12/2005 10:35 AM PST

Hare Krsna! "Jaur" is the location where this manuscript is believed to have been created.

The language and colophon indicate that the manuscript is a mixture of Bagari and Mewari, and originated in a village called 'Jaur' (also known as 'Javar'). Jaur is about 30 miles from Udaipur.

Posted by Prahlada M dasa @ 11/12/2005 09:55 AM PST

I am interested to know what 'Jaur' means. Thanks.

Posted by Jahnava @ 11/11/2005 12:40 PM PST

The iconography of these manuscript images is very unique and delightful! I'm interested to hear what other devotees see and recognize in the images.

Across the top edge of the bottom panel are what look like waves, which I'd guess denotes the banks of the Yamuna. Does the red color between the cows legs indicate motion?

The right corner of the bottom panel is quite ethereal and interesting. What is that blue shape? It's a bit like an apparition. Perhaps a tree in the moonlight? The yellowish shape on the ground is interesting, too.... sort of a cross between a plant and a peacock.

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