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"Letters to the Editor"

Correspondence and comments we've received from readers of the Sun. Feel free to add your comments below.

Nitya Siddha dasa

Hare Krishna Rocana Prabhu,I would just like to say,what a great site!It has now replaced Chakra.org as my favourite Vaishnava website !
I like the interactive features,especially the Blogs,it's great to get into debates with other devotees about the many issues that don't always get discussed in Iskcon temples.My mood is always without animosity and hopefully other devotees will find my comments on the blogs constructive rather than critical in a fault finding way.We can all help each other to advance in Krishna consciousness.I have and continue to enjoy your many articles both on this and your older website,they are very enlightening and may I say the most impartial and revealing insights into Siddhanta philosophy on the internet that I have read to date.Although some have said that your mood appears to them to be "Angry"I disagree,rather your comments are incisive and intelligently delivered, well researched and always keeping within the structure of Siddhanata philosophy without deviation.It is refreshing to hear such an original approach to the Siksa,Diksa argument.I for one applaud your efforts here on Sampradaya Sun and long may it continue.

Your Servant,
Nitya Siddha dasa (UK)

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Posted by kris ganguly @ 08/03/2005 01:16 PM PST

I would like to see that Isckon temple/organization should see that their god brothers/sisters prosper materially. Money is important part of life. If you earn it then you see what good feeling it is to give for the seva of poor and destitute people. So My suggestion is to promote devotees business in the temple and bring more devotee in western world.

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