Soka-satana (The Dispelling of Grief)


Dec 26, CANADA (SUN) — From Chapter 3 of 'Gitamala' by HDG Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakur.

Lord Gaurahari's Performance of Congregational Chanting
in Srivasa Pandita's Courtyard

sangopane goramani
sri hari-kirtane,
nace nana-range,
uthilo mangala-dhvani

In the evening twilight, within the privacy of Srivasa Pandita's courtyard, the cream-lustered jewel, Lord Gauramani, raised a most auspicious vibration by His chanting of Hari-kirtana, which He personally accompanied by dancing in various playful moods.

mrdanga madala,
baje karatala,
majhe majhe jaya tura
prabhur natana,
dekhi' sakaler,
hoilo santapa dura

Accompanied by the paying of the mrdanga drum and karatalas, and amidst occasional victorious shouts of "Jaya! Jaya!", the dramatic dance of the Lord dispelled the grief of all those who witnessed it.

akhanda premete,
matala takhan.
sakala bhakata-gana
apana pasari,
goracande gheri',
nace gaya anuksana

Then, becoming madly intoxicated in supreme ecstatic love, all the assembled devotees completely forgot themselves and incessantly began to dance and chant wildly, surrounding Lord Gauracandra.

The Death of Srivasa Pandita's son

emona samaye,
srivaser antahpure
nari-gana soke,
prakasalo uccoihsware

At this time, within the inner chamber of Srivasa's house, one of his sons suddenly died due to some disease, as ordained by the will of Providence. Due to separation from the boy, all the women of the household began to lament and cry out in a loud voice.

krandana uthile,
habe rasa-bhanga,
bhakatibinoda dare
sribasa amani,
bujhilo karana,
pasilo apan ghare

Now Bhaktivinoda fears that the transcendental mellows of the Lord's kirtana will be disturbed by the uprising of such loud crying sounds. However, Srivasa Pandita has now understood the cause of this sound, and has personally entered the house.


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