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Oct 21, 2010 — CANADA (SUN) — In advance of Kartika, we offer this Rahasyer Pragbandha (Prior obligatory regulation for being eligible to realize ontological mystery of Bhajan) by HDG Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Goswami Thakura, translated by Srila Bhakti Ballabha Tirtha Goswami. Part Two of Eight.

Second Period of Devotional Practice (2nd Yama Sadhana)

Morning Bhajan— Association of devotee-sadhus, taking shelter of pure devotee— bona fide Guru (Spiritual Guide), devotional practice as per direction of Guru and removal of ulterior desires

2nd verse of Sri Sikshashtaka

namnam akari bahudha nija-sarva-saktis
tatrarpita niyamitah smarane na kalah
etadrisi tava kripa bhagavan mamapi
durdaivam idrisam ihajani nanuragah

There is no consideration of regulation in uttering Holy Name. Holy Name can be uttered anywhere and everywhere—auspicious or inauspicious time. Holy Name is All-Powerful. Amongst all forms of devotional practice, uttering of Harinam is the best.

O Supreme Lord! Your Holy Name bestows all kinds of eternal welfare to the conditioned souls. For that reason, your Principal Holy Names (Krishna, Govinda, Gopinath etc.)— Original Transcendental Spiritual Names have no direct or indirect connection with the non-eternal material world. These Holy Names have descended in this world. Supreme Lord has bestowed all powers to His Names and no restriction is imposed to utter the Holy Names. No restriction of time, space— rules and regulations, for utterance and remembrance of the Holy Names. O Lord! You are so merciful to the conditioned souls i.e. out of compassion you have made easy for the conditioned souls to remember and chant Holy Names, but due to my tenfold offences and my greatest misfortune I have got no liking for Holy Name which has been made so easily obtainable.

aneka lokera vancha aneka prakara,
kripa te karila aneka namera prakara,
khaite suite yatha tatha nama laya,
desa-kala-niyama nahi sarvasiddhi haya,
sarvasakti name dila kariya vibhaga,
amara durdaiva name nahi anuraga

Many persons have got many desires. The significance of these many desires is— many desires for service of Krishna with different delightful relations— Shanta, Dasya, Sakhya, Vatsalya, Madhur. To fulfill the desires of the devotees to serve Krishna with different delightful relations, Krishna appears in this world in different Names. Holy Name can be uttered anywhere and everywhere, even during eating and lying down. There is no consideration of space, time and regulation. Utterance of Holy Names can bestow all kinds of attainments. All powers have been given to the Names appearing in this world according to different delightful devotional relations, but it is my greatest misfortune, that I have got no devoted inclination for this.

Bhaktivinode Thakur has given reference from Haribhaktivilasa and significance of that reference in his own Bengali writing in the form of devotional hymn to attain one-pointed devotion:-

ekanta bhakatera matra kirtan-smarana,
anya parve ruchi nahi haya pravartana,
bhavera sahita haya srikrishna-sevana,
svarasiki-bhava krame haya uddipana,
ekanta bhakatera kriya mudra ragodita,
tathapi sei saba nahi vidhi vipirita,
sarva tyaga karile o chara sukathina,
pratishthasatyage yatna payibe pravina,
prabhate gabhira ratre madhyahne sandhyaye,
anartha chariya lo namera asraya,
ei rupe kirtana smarana jei kare,
krishna-kripa haya sigrha, anayase tare,
sraddha kari' sadhu sange krishna-nama laye,
anartha sakala jaye nishtha upajaye,
pratahakale nityalila karibe cintana,
cintite cintite bhavera haibe sadhana

A Pure devotee who has got one-pointed devotion to Lord has got liking only to perform devotion of chanting and remembering Sri Krishna. He cannot be persuaded to change his taste to any other form of devotion. They serve Krishna with delightful relation of love. According to their delightful relation, there is inspiration of gradual development of love. Devoted devotee's all actions are inspired by pure love originating from delightful relation. Such devotee's actions may seem to be against regulated devotion, persuaded by reverence, but the purpose of service to satisfy the object of worship is preserved in Ragabhakti. Hence, devotion of a pure devotee with delightful relation, which gives satisfaction to the object of worship, cannot be against the purpose of devotion. We can renounce everything but it is very difficult to give up the desire for name and fame. The wise votary who wants development of pure devotion must be very careful in regard to this. The votary who wants Raga-Bhakti should do Harinam giving up all ulterior desires in the morning, midnight, mid-day and in the evening, i.e.— always. With this devoutness when the said votary performs ‘Kirtan' and ‘Smaran', he will get grace of Krishna soon and will be able to get the highest objective by which he will be actually emancipated from all attachments. The aspirant should utter the Name of Krishna in the company of bona fide sadhus with firm faith, then all ulterior desires will be removed and he will get permanent fixation of the mind to the object of worship.

Morning pastimes of Radhakrishna

We are to think about the second period of eternal pastimes of Radhakrishna in the morning. By thinking, only by thinking, we can get development of pure divine love.

radham snata-vibhushitam vrajapayahutam sakhibhih prage
tad-gehe vihitanna-paka-racanam krishnavaseshanam
krishnam buddham avapta-dhenu-sadanam nirvyudha-go-dohanam
susnatam krita-bhojanam saha-caraistam catha tam casrye

I take shelter at the Lotus Feet of Srimati Radharani who, after taking bath in the morning at Javat, decorating herself with beautiful dress and various ornaments liked by Sri Krishna, goes to the house of Nanda Maharaja (Nandagram) along with other confidantes (sahkis), being called by Yashoda Devi, to engage herself for cooking different varieties of food for Krishna. After Krishna's taking of that food, she honours the remnants with great satisfaction. Here it is to be carefully noted, why Yashoda Devi without cooking food herself, has called Radharani to cook the food. Because she has come to learn, if my beloved son takes the food prepared by Radharani, His span of life will be increased as Radharani has got such boon from Durvasa Risi. Nanda Maharaja and Yashoda Devi can never think ‘Krishna' to be Supreme Lord, Lord of all lords, but always think Him as their beloved little child. This is the specialty of pure love of Nanda-Yashoda in Braja Dham. Pastimes of Krishna in the morning of being awakened from the sleep is also to satisfy His parents Nanda Maharaja and Yashoda Devi. Nanda Maharaja and Yashoda Devi do no know what happened in the night. They are happy seeing their son rising from the bed. Krishna is always careful to give satisfaction to the cows and cowherd boys— other personal associates. As per His regular duty given by the parents to Him, He goes to the cowshed to milk the cows to give them satisfaction by touching them and after returning from cowshed, calls the cowherd boys who are His bosom friends and always anxious of getting His company to take bath. After taking bath, Krishna sits down with other cowherd boys to eat the food cooked by Radharani and distributed by Yashoda Devi. During these pastimes union of Radhakrishna also occurs. I also take the shelter of the Lotus Feet of such ‘Krishna'. The aspirants for getting such Braja Prema should think about these pastimes of Radhakrishna while doing Harinam in the company of shuddha bhaktas— pure devotees in the morning. By thinking about the pastimes and doing sankirtan, the aspirants can get inspiration of Transcendental Divine Love immediately.


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