Hillsboro Radhastami


Sep 12, USA (SUN) — Radhastami was celebrated at the Hillsboro, Oregon temple yesterday, with many devotees arriving to pay their obeisances to Srimati Radharani. The altar was beautifully decorated, and an array of foodstuffs were offered to Their Lordships. The devotees chanted a long, ecstatic kirtan while abhisheka was performed, after which everyone got the mercy of taking the caranamrita.

The lecture was given by Ananta Rupa dasa, Temple President of ISKCON Boise, who visited Hillsboro for Radhastami with his wife, Aruddha devi. He discussed the endless ways in which Srila Prabhupada exemplifies the service mood that everyone must cultivate in order to get Srimati Radharani's blessings.

The Hillsboro devotees were also pleased to receive two new members to the community, HG Hetu das and wife Karintha, who have moved to Hillsboro from Berkeley in order to take up preaching work here in support of the temple. Arriving just a few days ago, their presence increased the pleasure of the devotees.


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