India Witnesses Milk Miracles


Aug 21, NEW DELHI (HPI) — Krsna, Durga and Ganesh deities reportedly drinking milk across India.

After the crowd turnout at Mumbai's Mahim locality to taste "sweet" water of the Arabian Sea, thousands of people yesterday night thronged temples across Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Haryana and Punjab to watch deities of Goddess Durga and God Shiva claimed to be drinking milk offered to them by devotees.

In a rerun of similar incidents claimed to have taken place across the country in 1995, a large number of people queued up outside temples in Mathura and nearby holy cities of Vrindavan and Govardhan in UP, Vadodara in Gujarat and Kurukshetra in Haryana and Ludhiana in Punjab following claims that the deities are taking milk offered to them.

"A cup of milk was offered to Durga Ji in Rama Nand Ashram Goverdhan this evening and she was not only pleased but has drank all. It is a good omen and the future of the country is bright", noted saint Mahamandaleshwar Krishna Das Kanchan Maharaj said in Mathura.

Residents claimed that milk was being accepted by Shiva in Radha Ballabh temple and Kanak Bhavan temples of Govardhan, Gopeshwar temple in Mandi Ramdas area in Mathura and Gopalji in the temples in Gautam Para, Radha Niwas and Gopi Nath Bazar of Vrindaban.

Apart from long queues of devotees, eager to offer milk at different temples were seen in Mathura, Vrindaban and Goverdhan. there are reports of deities accepting the offering at a few homes.

Hundreds of devotees rushed to Mata Sundri, an incarnation of Durga, temple in Kurukshetra and two to three Shiva temples in Ludhiana to watch deities taking milk there.

A Vadodara report said devotees turned at the temples in the town as also in Ahmedabad and several other parts of Gujarat following claims that Lord Ganesh and Krishna are drinking milk.

In Uttar Pradesh, it all started when a woman ran out of a Durga temple in Bareli claiming the Goddess has drank all the milk she offered. The news spread like wildfire and soon hundreds of people thronged the temple.

Several temples were open till late into the night as devotees turned up in large number to watch the "miracle". The Kalyani Devi temple in Allahabad was packed following claim that Durga deity there drank milk.

Similar reports came in from Kanpur, Jhansi, Fatehgarh and Moradabad. Reports of deities taking milk also came in from Bhuj and Surat.

In Gujarat, devotees claimed that while clay idols of Ganesh and Krishna drank milk in some of the houses they are kept, deities made of metals, including copper, did not drink.

The country was flooded with reports from across the country on September 21, 1995, that idols of Ganesh drank milk.

A Patna report said several devotees turned up at a Durga temple there following claim that the idol was consuming milk.

Science behind milk drinking idols

ZeeNews reports, "The phenomenon of idols "drinking" milk could be explained scientifically by the theory of capillary action or the movement of liquids within spaces of porous surfaces due to surface tension, adhesion and cohesion.

The reason behind people thronging temples with pots and pans filled with milk could be termed a "mass religious hysteria" caused by gullibility and scientific ignorance, eminent scientist Prof Yash Pal said.

The surface tension phenomenon can be witnessed in the ubiquitous water tap, where a drop of water stays suspended and drains away when touched, he said.

Similarly, when a spoonful of milk is touched to the idol, the surface tension of the milk pulls the liquid up and out of the spoon, before gravity causes it to run down the front of the statue.

As the level of liquid or milk in the spoon dropped, it coated the statue beneath where the spoon was placed.

A similar phenomenon had frenzied devotees making a beeline at temples on September 21, 1995 with some even carrying bucketful of milk for the Lord."


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