Kuli Mela 2006


Aug 29, USA (SUN) The Kuli Mela is being organized as a maha celebration by, for and about the second generation of individuals in Srila Prabhupada's extended worldwide family. Slated for June of 2006, the five-day Kuli Mela will be held at New Vrindaban from June 14th through 18th, immediately following the New York Ratha Yatra.

Organizers describe the mission of the event by saying: "Our aim is to inspire Kulis from around the world to pursue and achieve their aspirations in both the spiritual and material context with an event to showcase talent, initiative, and success and facilitate personal development and networking."

Various activities are being planned across a broad range of interests, including arts and entertainment, community and spiritual development, business and careers, health and medicine. In the mood of Srila Prabhupada's instructions, the Kulis intend to enjoy one another's association while chanting and dancing, feasting, and working together to explore the many issues of material and spiritual concern faced by their own and future generations.

The event website offers an interesting narrative on the inspiration behind Kuli Mela:

    "Inspired and directed by Srila Prabhupada, our parents were the pioneers of a movement that aimed to positively transform the world through knowledge of God. Little older than teenagers or young adults, they sacrificed their connections to their families, communities, culture and social potential for the sake of this mission. They have set up temples, communities and a global preaching movement that has infiltrated almost every country in the world. As their children, we are part of this distinct and unique spiritual community.

    We will not forget the magnificence of their achievements nor the mistakes, tragedies and abuse of the past. However, being the first and second generations of this new society we are faced with a set of challenges that are up to us to define and resolve. Our upbringing challenges our integration of the material world with our spiritual inheritance. This poses two fundamental questions to many of us: what need and motivation is there for material success? And secondly do we want, and why would we want, a spiritual life? Even upon answering these questions, we are then presented with the further challenge of how to realise those goals."

Current organizers from Saranagati, Alachua, London, California and New Vrindaban are seeking additional representatives and participants to make the Mela a well-planned and highly attended event. Additional support is being offered by HG Malati devi, HH Radhanath Swami, and Gopal Bhatta prabhu, and the devotees at the New Vrindaban facility.

A Kuli Mela website has been launched for pre-planning and communications, as the project takes aim at becoming one of the premier events of the decade. Donations will be greatly appreciated, and will help to make Kuli Mela a first-class gathering of the Kuli tribes.

Click here to see an event flyer

For more information visit their website: www.KuliMela.com


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