Live from Saranagati (4)


Drutakarama dasa

Aug 20, USA (SUN) — Friday was the main festival day in honor of Lord Balaramaís transcendental Appearance day. The devotees at Saranagati enjoyed a full day of Krsna katha and association, which began with mangala arotik at Kulashekhara dasaís mandir, followed by morning kirtan and darshan of the Deities at Yamuna deviís mandir.

The dayís activities were centered on preparations for Lord Balaramaís feast and getting the lake raft together for His moonlight flotilla. A number of the devotees gathered to prepare a mountain of samosa, while others Saranagati residents prepared many delightful preparations at home.

At a late afternoon gathering at Gosh Thakurís asrama, the prasadam was arranged for a sumptuous offering. Rocana dasa led a rousing kirtana, and the offering was made with much love and devotion. After the feast, we were treated to several extraordinary performances of dance by the girls and young women of Saranagati. A group of four dancers did an interpretive dance about the Yamuna river, which held the devotees spellbound and had them wiping tears of joy.

Afterwards, Drutakarma dasa (Michael Creamo) gave us a fascinating presentation about his lecture tours, which have taken him all over the world, talking to top groups of scientists, educators and members of governments. He presentations are focused on overturning Darwinist theory, and the impact he makes in these scholarly presentations are clearly enormous. Distributing his own books and inviting scholars to take a deeper look at the Vedic conclusions that provide a new understanding on the cause of life, Drutakarma dasa has dedicated his life to explaining that Lord Krsna is the real cause of all causes.

The devotees are now preparing for the drive to Vancouver temple, where the week will end in the annual Ratha Yatra festival.


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