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Lord Balarama

Aug 17, USA (SUN) — After traveling all day yesterday, the Sun Editors arrived at Saranagati Community last night for the Balarama Festival. We were fortunate to arrive just in time for the opening kirtan to Their Lordships Sri Sri Gaura-Nitai. For the remainder of this week, daily editions of the Sun will be published via satellite connection from Saranagati, thanks to the kindness of Bala Krsna and his wife, who are providing beautiful facility for us here. It took some time to get the "remote" technology issues hammered out, and while this first Saranagati special edition published late, we expect to be relatively on-time for the rest of the week.

The festival started in earnest today with mangal arotik and breakfast prasadam, followed by a workshop led by Partha dasa and wife Uttama, on how to deal with negative paradigms that effect our development in Krsna Consciousness.

This afternoon, we enjoyed an excellent and stimulating Women’s circle led by Visakha devi, who led us on an exploration of the pastimes of Sita devi and the fine philosophical points to be found in Sri Sri Sita-Rama's lila stories. The men, meanwhile, enjoyed a laughter therapy session in the Saranagati sweat lodge. The evening prasadam was followed by several hours of ecstatic kirtan, with the Hare Krsna maha mantra being sung to several 'alternate' tunes.

Rocana and Jahnava look forward to providing many details and images of the festival this week, as things unfold. From the all the devotees at Saranagati.... Haribol!!


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