Balaram Festival at Saranagati


AUGUST 16-20th, SARANAGATI -- Indulge in Vaisnavism... taste what the Lord has eaten.

Jul 25, CANADA (SUN) — Join us for a four-day campout in the country culminating in Lord Balarama’s moonlight floating Harinama Festival when a flotilla of devotees will serenade Lord Balarama and His younger brother Lord Krishna as They drift through the moonlit waters of Lake Saranagati.


Fresh Air Japa Walks
Camp fire Kirtans
High Quality, Healthy Organic Prasadam
Barn Dance and Fiddle Contest
Harvesting Honey for Lord Balarama
Picnic Lunches
Vaisnava Theatre

A gathering for devotees of all ages, a vacation retreat where you can relax, mingle, chant, network and feast

The two purposes for this festival:
  • To glorify Lord Balarama in a grand fashion using simple, village opulence.

  • To provide an environment where His devotees can relax, deepen their relationships and indulge in all aspects of Vaisnavism


~ Interactive Life Skills Workshop with Partha Das and Uttama Dasi
~ The Meditation of Cooking according to Srila Prabhupada presented by

Yamuna Devi and Radha Kunda dasi
~ Exploring the Saranagati Bhajans of Bhaktivinode Thakura with
Dinatarine Dasi and Kartamasa Das (Kar)
~ Vedic Sweat Lodge and Laughing Therapy: Yamala Arjuna Das
~ Women's Circle: Visakha Dasi
~ Hatha and Kundalini Yoga classes
~ Help re-record the 2005 version of the classic Radha Krishna
Temple Album
~ Arts and Crafts projects for all
~ Children's Activities

Our Amazing menu!

~ Tuesday evening: pizza or samosas with smoothies
~ Wednesday breakfast: buffet
~ Wednesday noon: whole rye, celery, apple-pecan salad, creamy cauliflower soup, and stuffed Pita falafel
~ Wednesday evening: succulent kitchari with peas, favas, carrots, tomatoes and corn; cucumber raita, fresh ghee puris, fruit crisp
~ Thursday breakfast: buffet
~ Thursday lunch: Caesar salad with herb croutons, potato corn chowder with dill, sweet and sour tofu vegetable stir fry, cashew rice with peas
~ Thursday evening: vegetable lasagna with cream sauce, green salad, >rolls, lemon tarts
~ Friday brunch: chickpea chole, yogurt, and chapatis
~ Friday feast: everything imaginable
~ Saturday breakfast: hot upma, tea

Festival Fee: (in Canadian dollars)
100$ per person or 400$ per family

The fee includes:

    ~ 10 sumptuous meals
    ~ A place to sleep or campout
    ~ Hot showers or bucket bath facilities
    ~ Full access to all the activities

For reservations:
By e mail:
Or phone Yogi das (250) 457-7186

Or by post: Box 99, Ashcroft BC V0K 1A0, Canada
(Cabins are available, reserve early!)

See a photo journey of Saranagati.

Dear prabhus,

Saranagati dhama has two notable opulences. One of them is an abundance of spacious outdoor privacy. All together there are two thousand acres of forests and fields with no immediate neighbors in any direction. This makes an ideal setting for retreats and festivals. In order to share this resource with you we are organizing a three-day Krishna Balarama festival in August. We want those who attend to have fun, make new friends, deepen their Krishna consciousness, and to leave feeling refreshed, inspired and happy. The other opulence is the sincere mature devotees who inhabit the valley. To share this resource we will be offering several seminars as part of the celebration.

Partha and Uttama have been working members of the North American Grihastha Vision Team for several years now. Their courses on Vaishnava family values are entertaining, educational and suitable for young couples, old couples, and those considering marriage in the future.

Yamala Arjuna’s Vedic sweat lodge is a men only affair providing an atmosphere for cleansing, bonding and telling “guy jokes.”

Yamuna Devi and Dinatarine are two of the movement’s most exemplary Vaishnavis. The seminars that they are organizing with Radha Kunda and Kartamasya will focus on the profound experience which comes from the simple yet serious practice of Krishna consciousness.

Visakha dasi is respected throughout the movement for her deep understanding of the Krishna conscious philosophy. Her women’s circle will provide a forum for Vaishnavis to celebrate their unique contribution to the Krishna consciousness movement and to reflect on their individual and collective potentials.

Late August is a particularly pleasant time here. The mosquitoes are practically gone by then and the gardens are in full production. The cool air both in the mornings and evenings is especially fresh with a slight hint of autumn.

Children of all ages love the freedom and security of so much roaming space. And we have some Krishna conscious projects to help fill their days.

While you’re here we’ll provide hot showers and lots of nourishing prasädam, but our accommodations are a little Spartan. You’ll either have to camp out in your own tent or share some dormitory type lodging. For those who don’t like either option there are several motels in the towns of Spences Bridge (south of us) and Cache Creek (north of us), both about a 30-minute drive from the valley.

So please start making your plans now and join us for the Vaishnava adventure of the year, Lord Balarama’s Raft-a-Yatra, Honey Harvest and Getting-to-Know-You Festival.


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