Brajwasis Protest to Save Krishna's Braja From Mining Mafia


Kesi Ghata, Vrindavan

May 07, NEW DELHI (DEPIKA GLOBAL) — Scores of Brajwasis are protesting illegal mining of 'sacred hills', symbolising Lord Krishna's 'leelas' in Braj area, despite a Supreme Court ban. Agitationists protesting at Jantar Mantar since April 22 under the banner of 'Brajrakshak Dal' are demanding that the rape of civilisational property and cultural identity be stopped with immediate effect.

''These more than 5,000-yaer-old hills are testimony to the life and times of 'Krishna' who is India's cultural ambassador to the world. If that is lost due to the greed of mining mafia and the ignorance of the government, posterity will be poorer by aeons,'' said Brijrakshak Dal Vice-President Radhakant Shashtri.

Several petitions have been sent to the government of Rajasthan where the illegal mining is being carried out, but despite being headed by the so-called pro-nationalist government of the BJP, the pleas have fallen on deaf ears, he said.

''We plan to petition the Prime Minister after the Parliament sessions begins later this month and if still the plunder of the pilgrimage sites, where even the Pollution Control Board has banned, mining are not stopped, we might resort to indefinite hunger strike.'' One of the prominent 'sevaks' Siyaram Gurjar (27), spearheading the movement, has been murdered by the area mining mafia on April 12 in Kama (Rajasthan), but that has not dampened our spirits, said Mr Shashtri.

''Many more Siyarams are waiting to lay down their lives for the cause of our culture and heritage. Moreover, the environmental and religious sentiments are linked to the issue.'' Among those protesting were sadhus, saints and people from Braja villages of Kama, Deeg, Barsana, Vrindavan and Nadgaon -- from Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh -- among others.


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