108 Forms of Lord Nrsimhadev


Apr 19, VANCOUVER, WA (SUN) — Over the last ten years, we have been gathering an extensive digital collection of transcendental art images, which appear daily on the pages of the Sun. It has long been our wish to carefully organize the image collection of Lord Nrsimhadev, who is dear to our hearts. This year, in honor of Lord Nrsimha'a Appearance day, we are happy to announce that the project has been accomplished.

All devotees are familiar with the ISKCON images of Sri Nrsimhadev, and most have seen a small variety of pictures of the Lord in His half-man, half-lion form. Over the years, however, we discovered that there is an astounding range of images of Nrsimadev. Some are photographs of temple architecture, others are paintings, sculpture, Deities and murtis, textile works, and even tribal masks. The images come from all parts of India, and span various sampradayas and cultures.

Sastra describes Lord Nrsimha as prominently manifesting all six attributes of God - strength, wealth, renunciation, splendor, energy, and wisdom. "In Nrsimha, Rama, and Krishna, all the six opulences are fully manifest." (nrsimha-rama-krsnesu sad-gunyam paripuritam -- Padma-purana).

From Lord Narayana, Vasudeva is manifest, and from Vasudeva, Sankarsana is manifest (Agni-purana 48.13). Lord Nrsimha is an expansion (amsha) of Sankarsana. [Padma-tantra 1.2.31 and Vishnu-dharmottara-purana 3.78(2).5-7 (haris Sankarsanamsena Nrsimha-vapur dharah)] Just as Sankarsana destroys the universe, Lord Nrsimha destroys all ignorance and all sins arising from body, mind and speech.

Lord Nrsimhadev is recognized in the scriptures by a variety of forms. The Vihagendra-samhita (4.17) of the Pancaratra-Agama enumerate more than seventy forms of Nrsimha. Most of these forms are distinguished by the arrangements of weapons in the hands, His different postures, or other subtle distinctions.

In order to organize and present these images, we worked with the Nava-vyuha-nrsimha (9 prominent forms) well-known through the Ahobilam Deities, the Pancaratra-Agama forms, and a variety of other forms that available images represent.

This collection of Lord Nrsimhadev's glories has been gathered together in a digital presentation of 108 Forms of the Lord, including some detail on the ontology of Nrsimhadev's postures and paraphernalia. The presentation comprises approximately 125 pages (digital screens), and is a "no bells & whistles" presentation that simply presents the images on titled pages. We've prepared a set of written notes with background information on the images, so the presentation can be briefly narrated.

We are happy to give copies of the presentation to temples and organizations interested in sharing it with their local communities. Presentation requires a laptop with browser and an inline (digital) projector. We will send a CD of the presentation upon request, for the cost of postage. Please inquire by email to sun@harekrsna.com. Due to time constraints, we hope to provide copies only to temple communities and groups. The presentation will, at some point, also be placed online for individual viewers.

Lord Nrsimhadev ki jai!


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