Kellogg's Rice Krispies... With Beef


Mar 24, USA (HPI) Kellog's breakfast cereal adulterated with beef products.

The following information comes from the Kellog's website, where information reveals that several of the popular snack products that appear to be vegetarian are actually not.

Gelatin is used to help the texture of the product and is derived from either beef or pork. Kellogg's (R) Frosted Mini-Wheats (R) and Kellogg's (R) Rice Krispies Treats (R) cereals contain type B gelatin, which is derived from beef.

Whenever marshmallow ingredients are present in a Kellogg's (R)cereal brand, the marshmallow contains type A gelatin, which is derived from pork. Kellogg's (R) Krave (TM) Snack Bars also contain type A gelatin derived from pork sources.

Type B gelatin is derived from beef sources and is found in the frosting of all varieties of Kellogg's (R) Frosted Pop-Tarts (R), Kellogg's (R) Frosted Pop-Tarts (R) Snak-Stix (TM), all varieties of Kellogg's (R) Pop-Tarts (R) Pastry Swirls, and Kellogg's (R) Nutri-Grain (R) Minis with Yogurt Icing.

Plain (unfrosted) Kellogg's (R) Pop-Tarts (R) do not contain gelatin. None of the equipment that comes in contact with the gelatin in Kellogg's (R) Frosted Pop-Tarts (R) is used in the production of the other pastries.

Kellogg's (R) Rice Krispies Treats (R) Squares contain type A gelatin in the marshmallow, which is derived from pork sources.

In addition to the above information from the Kellog's site, a great deal of information on adulterated foodstuffs can be found in the Prasadam Ingredients section of, which details the many food additives hidden by nondescript names, specific products like Rice Krispies that are contaminated with animal products, and other types of adulterated foodstuffs that are to be avoided.


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