$1 Million Dollar Krishna Painting for Auckland Temple


Mar 17, AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND (SUN) 15th March 2006. ISCKON, Auckland has decided to approach Krishna devotees in New Zealand and across the world to raise NZD 1 million dollars to make the Sri Sri Radha Giridhari Temple, Auckland, debt-free.

Artist Dina Bandhu Das will be painting the picture on a wall measuring 4.17 meters x 2.82 meters in the temple’s main worship hall. This is the ONLY 1 million-dollar Krishna painting in the world and the temple expects 10,000 devotees of Lord Krishna globally to donate $100.00 each to make a total of million dollars and help the temple become debt-free.

The website for fund raising, www.iskconnz.com/1million was launched at the temple by a project team member, Mrs. Lakshmi Patel, with a 15-minute multimedia presentation.

The temple is requesting Lord Krishna’s devotees globally to participate in this once in a lifetime event of the "1 million dollar Krishna painting" fundraising and receive the unlimited mercy of the Supreme Lord and His Eternal Associates.

Donations can be made via credit card or a direct deposit into the temple’s bank account, the details of which are provided on the website.

A team comprising of Rasparayan das, Mr. Vasant Koli, Mr. Roneel Naidu, Mr. Nikhil Maganlal, Mr. Peter Ho, Mrs. Lakshmi Patel and Mr. Ketan Patel, has worked to have the website up and running after the idea was conceived by a Krishna devotee.

For more information on the fund-raising, please visit www.iskconnz.com/1million and be part of the world’s ONLY “1 million dollar” Krishna Painting.

Kindly forward this message to your friends and family members to make it happen.


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