Dalaler Gita: The Song of the Broker


Sri Nityananda Prabhu

Jan 01, CANADA (SUN) —

Dalaler Gita: The Song of the Broker

From 'Vaisnava-Siddhanta-Mala'
by HDG Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura


boro sukher khabor gai
surabhi-kunjete namer hat khule'che / khoda nitai

"I am singing news of the greatest happiness! At the place known as Surabhi Kunja in Sri Navadvipa, the Marketplace of the Holy Name has now been opened-and Lord Nityananda Himself is the Proprietor.


boro mojar katha tay
sraddha-mulye suddha-nama sei hatete bikay

"Such wonderful things are going on in that blissful marketplace! Sri Nityananda Prabhu is selling the pure Holy Name wholesale, merely for the price of one's faith.


jata bhakta-brnda basi'
adhikari dekhe' nama becche daro kasi'

"Seeing the assembly of devotees eagerly waiting to purchase the Name, Lord Nityananda first examines each of them to test their qualification; then He sells them the Name by bargaining for His price accordingly.


jadi nama kinbe, bhai
amar sange calo, mahajaner kache jai

"O my dear friends! If you really want to buy this pure Holy Name, then just come along with me, for I am now going to meet with this Nityananda Mahajana.


tumi kinbe krsna-nama
dasturi loibo ami, purna ha'be kama

"Thus, you will finally be able to acquire the pure Holy Name. I will also take my due commission, and in this way all three of us will fulfill our desires.


boro doyal nityananda
sraddha-matra lo'ye den parama-ananda

"Sri Nityananda Prabhu is so extraordinarily merciful-accepting only one's faith in the Holy Name, He bestows the topmost divine bliss.


ek-bar dekhle cakse jal
'gaura' bole' nitai den sakala sambal

"When Nitai sees a tear welling in someone's eye upon chanting the name of "Gaura!" He instantly gives His support to that person; indeed, He bestows all divine opulences.


den suddha krsna-siksa
jati, dhana, vidya, bala na kore apeksa

"He gives that person genuine realization of the pure teachings of Sri Krishna as found in the Bhagavad-gita and Srimad-Bhagavatam. While displaying all this inconceivable mercy, He pays no attention to one's caste, material wealth, mundane knowledge, or physical ability.


amani chade maya-jal
grhe thako, bane thako, na thake janjal

"Now, dear friends, please reject all of maya's entangling snares. If you are a householder, then just remain at your home; if you are renounced, then just live in the forest. Either way, nothing more will trouble you.


ar naiko kalir bhoy
acandale den nama nitai doyamoy

"We no longer need to fear the terrible Age of Quarrel, for the most merciful Lord Nityananda gives the Holy Name to anyone and everyone-even to the lowest among men.


bhaktivinoda daki' koy
nitai-carana bina ar nahi asroy

"Bhaktivinoda loudly calls out and proclaims to all, 'OTHER THAN THE LOTUS FEET OF LORD NITYANANDA, THERE IS NO SHELTER!'"


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