Why Doesn't Romapada?


Mar 03, 2011 — USA (SUN) — This is in response to Fred prabhu's recent article, "Romapada Swami and New England". Considering all the factors, why doesn't Romapada Swami just give up the sannyasa ashram, get married - become a "swami" to his wife, since a wife sometimes addresses her husband as "swami" - and become a ("legitimate") loanshark or pawnbroker. In this way he would be in the proper (vaisya) varna and (grhastha) ashram.

Vaisyas do banking and business, whereas it is not for sannyasis to be doing business or banking. So what would be the problem for Romapada to become properly situated according to what he's doing, and has been doing for the so many past years? If he's thinking that it is too difficult to keep his "whites" clean, or his business suits pressed, I'm sure his wife would take care - although I guess he has more servants, both male and female, to choose from to render these laundering services as an ISKCON sannyasi.

What would Srila Prabhupada think about an ISKCON sannyasi lending money to the Deities, or to an ISKCON temple, and with interest to be paid back? Has Romapada ever heard of GIVING (something) to Krsna? After all, it is Krsna Who has given to him.

Thank Krsna we are not learning to follow in the footsteps of Romapada Swami, although it seems some devotees are...

Your servant,

B. Radha-Govinda
Hare Krsna


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