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Delhi Vegetable Seller

"O Lord, please enjoy this delicious cooked rice, this sweet-rice placed in the cooling moonlight, these cakes, soups, foods to be licked, drunk, and sucked, nectar fruits, very delicious foods cooked in ghee, foods pleasing to the eye, foods delicious with ghee and black pepper, and vegetables delicious like nectar." [HBV 113]

"Barley, wheat, rice, sesame, mudga beans, masa beans, and other foods like them, all cooked in ghee, are dear to Lord Krsna." [HBV 122]

"One should offer to Lord Krsna foods cooked with rice, ghee, sugar, and barley, and also sweet-rice. In the absence of these things one may offer fruits. In the absence of fruits one may offer the edible parts of trees, grass, and other plants. In the absence of plants one may offer water. In the absence of water one may meditate on offering foods to the Lord." [HBV 148-150]

Hari Bhakti Vilasa by Gopala Bhatta Goswami

In this section of the site, we offer a little information about some of the key ingredients called for in Indian recipes. While we can only scratch the surface here, we encourage all who are interested in Vedic cooking to get a copy of Yamuna devi's master cookbook (see Recipes section for cookbooks). Yamuna has presented an extraordinary collection of information on all aspects of the art of cooking for Lord Krsna, from acquiring the right ingredients to preparing hundreds of exquisite preparations.

Photographs of Indian scenes in this section by WHO/P. Virot



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