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"In Vrndavana all the pure devotees pray for the mercy of Srimati Radharani, the pleasure potency of Lord Krsna. Srimati Radharani is a tenderhearted feminine counterpart of the supreme whole, resembling the perfectional stage of the worldly feminine nature. Therefore, the mercy of Radharani is available very readily to the sincere devotees, and once She recommends such a devotee to Lord Krsna, the Lord at once accepts the devotee's admittance into His association. The conclusion is, therefore, that one should be more serious about seeking the mercy of the devotee than that of the Lord directly, and by one's doing so (by the good will of the devotee) the natural attraction for the service of the Lord will be revived."

Srimad Bhagavatam 2:3:23

Radhastami is the annual observance of the Appearance day of Srimati Radharani, who is dearmost to Lord Krsna. Radharani always comes to be wherever Lord Krsna is present, and her Appearance day is always celebrated exactly two week's after Sri Krsna's.

    "Here in this forest of Vrndavana my heart has become enchanted by the youthfulness, expert skill in the art of transcendental amorous pastimes, ever new and splendid beauty, shyness, playful smiles, playful crooked sidelong glances, playful graceful motions, very beautiful and splendid fair complexion that makes the beholder become overwhelmed with transcendental bliss, and charming transcendental sweetness of Sri Radha. When, because of seeing the forest of Vrndavana with perfect clearness, will my heart, jubilant with the sweet nectar of transcendental bliss and overwhelmed with ecstatic pure love, become plunged in the golden, shoreless ocean of the sweetness and beauty of Sri Radhika's transcendental form and pastimes, which is filled with gracefulness, youthfulness, and charm, and which is the thief that has stolen the heart of Sri Krsna."
    Sri Vrindaban-mahimamrita, 10.8-9

On Radhastami, the temple Deities are covered entirely in flowers. On this day only, one may take darshan of Srimati Radharani's lotus feet, which are covered on all other days. The day of Radhastami is spent by the devotees in reading the transcendental pastimes of Radharani and her Gopi friends, and her lila pastimes in the groves of Vrndavana with Krsna.

Our Radhastami Feast begins with Rasa Lila Rice, an opulent and zesty preparation with cashews, lime and coconut, which is decorated with a spiral of golden friend chenna balls, reminiscent of the rasa dance.

The Bheendi Gavar Dal is replete with okra (ladyfingers), beans and a spicy broth of yellow moong. Radharani's teasing mood is recalled with a sumptuous Spicy Mango Stuffed Paratha, in which tart apples, mangos and jalapenos are rolled into a savoury fried bread.

In loving remembrance of the endless ways in which Srimati Radharani melted Lord Krsna's heart, we offer Paneer Butter Masala, a velvety concoction of soft fried chenna in a buttery masala sauce.

When Krsna was not nearby, Srimati Radharani lost her smile and some of Her happy luster faded until He returned to her. In that mood, here is an offering of Amandita Sabji. The Sanskrit word ‘amandita', or ‘unadorned', is reflected in this simple charchari concoction that is completely devoid of spice. Squash and avocados, apple and coconut are left to fold gently in on themselves without the company of other flavours.

In the light-hearted and happy mood of Radharani and her Gopi girlfriends, we have Banana Vada, a delightful and smile-inducing savoury. Beside it, we have another savoury reminiscent of the circle dance, Sweet Potato Spirals, adapted from one of Kurma das's excellent recipes.

Like the rosy blush of Radharani's cheeks, the reddish color of Jewel sweet potatoes is also found in Shakarkand Kofta, a rich stuffed vegetable preparation featuring savory chenna stuffed into fried potato balls, afloat in a nectar gravy.

In celebration of Srimati Radharani's countless, unparalleled qualities, we offer Banana Flower Salad, a most exotic and delicate preparation.

Next, we have a simple Doodhi Raita, which is a cooling blend of yoghurt and sweetened pumpkin. Lord Krsna's bluish-black luster, so sweet and all attractive to Sri Radha, is recalled with Blackberry Almond Chatni, a sweet, glistening preparation.

Of her many loved pets, Radharani was very affectionate towards her parrots. We re-create them for the Radhastami feast in the form of Radharani's Parrots, creamy rich milks sweets decorated in colored coconut, with dried apricot beaks and claws.

Sweet Gopi Jamuns are wonderful fried sweets, each hiding a juicy pineapple chunk inside. A tart and flavorful Green Mango Pie completes the festive sweets.

And last, the Sweet Cream and Honey is a frothy sweet milk flavored with almond and saffron. We hope this Radhastami beverage brings to mind just a little taste of the sweetness one gets whenever Srimati Radharni's name touches the lips of her devotee.

Radhastami Festival Recipes

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