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"Oh, Supreme Goddess of the Vrndavana forest! Your lotus feet are brimming full of flowing rasa extract, the essential honey of full-blown love nectars. Holding such feet to His chest, Madhupati (Krsna), the Lord of all sweetness, extinguishes the burning fever of Cupid. So supremely cooling, I now take shelter of them.

That which is present deep within the heart of all the Upanisads in the most well hidden secret; this pair of Sri Radha's divine lotus feet is my refuge - simply full of Her own feminine dancing playfulness."

"Radha Rasa Sudhanidhi" by Srila Prabhodananda Sarasvati Thakur

are manas cintaya radhikaya vame pade 'ngusthatale yavari
pradesini-sandhi-bhagur dhvarekha makuncitama carana arddham eva

madhya tale 'bja-dhvaja-puspa-vallih kanisthakadho'nkusam ekam eva
cakrasya mule valayata patre parsnau tu candra arddha mathanya-pade

O mind! Please meditate on the left lotus foot of Srimati Radharani which is decorated with the following auspicious markings:

Below the toe of the left foot is a barleycorn and a disc. Starting from mid point between the main toe and the second toe, continuing for half the length of the foot, is a shining upward-line. Below the middle toe are a lotus, flag, flower and a twig. Below the little toe is an elephant goad. Below the disc is an umbrella, and below that is a bracelet. On the heel is a beautiful looking half-moon.

parsnau jhasam syandana-sailam urdhve tat-parsvayoh sakti-gade ca
sankham angustha-mule 'tha kanisthakadho vedim adhah kundalam eva tasyah

Please remember the right lotus foot of Srimati Radhika with the following descriptions:

On the heel of the right foot is a fish. Above that is a chariot. Above the chariot is a mountain. On one side of the chariot is a sakti weapon, and on the other side is a club. Above the club is the conchshell, which is at the root of the toe. Below the little toe is a sacrificial altar, and below the sacrificial altar is an earring.

'Pada Sevanam - Meditation on the Lotus Feet and Hands of Their Lordships', Text 1-3