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Radha and Krsna Swinging

"The Lord's clothing, bedding, slippers and everything required as an ordinary necessity are all transformations of Sesa, Visnu, the expansion of Sri Baladeva. Thus the cloth and other paraphernalia of the Supreme Personality of Godhead are but other forms of the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Everything connected to the Lord is worshipable. Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu instructs us that just as Krsna is worshipable, Krsna's place, Vrndavana, is also worshipable. And as Vrndavana is worshipable, similarly the paraphernalia in Vrndavana--the trees, roads, river, everything--is worshipable. A pure devotee thus sings, jaya jaya vrndavana-vasi yata jana: "All glories to the residents of Vrndavana." If a devotee has a staunch devotional attitude, all these conclusions will be awakened or revealed within the heart."

Caitanya-caritamrta, Madyam lila 12:38

Krsna's golden bow is named Vilasakarmana. The two ends of this bow are studded with jewels and it has a bowstring named Manjulasara. The two ropes He carries are named Pasuvasikara and His milk bucket is named Amrtadohani. His cane is named Mandana,

Krsna's mirror is named Saradindu and His fan is named Marumaruta. His glistening jewel-handled scissors are named Tustida. His buffalo-horn bugle is named Mandraghosa. His toy lotus flower is named Sadasmera and His toy ball is named Citrakoraka.

Krsna has several flutes, one of which is Bhuvanamohini. Another flute is named Mahananda, and it is like a fishook that captures the fish of Srimati Radharani's heart and mind. Another flute, which has six holes, is known as Madanajhankrti. Krsna's flute named Sarala makes a low, soft tone like the sound of a softly singing cuckoo. He is very fond of playing this flute in the ragas gaudi and garjari. His vina is named Tarangini. The wonderful sacred mantra He chants is the name of His dearmost Radharani.

"One should also concentrate on the nice garland on the neck of the Lord, which is always surrounded by bumblebees, with their nice buzzing sound, and one should meditate upon the pearl necklace on the Lord's neck, which is considered to represent the pure living entities who are always engaged in His service."

Srimad-Bhagavatam 3:28:28

For his protection, Mother Yasoda placed on Krsna's arm an amulet studded with nine jewels. His two armlets are named Rangada, His two bracelets are named Sobhana, His signet ring is named Ratnamukhi, and His yellow garments are named Nigamasobhana.

Krsna's string of small bells is named Kalajhankara and His two anklets are named Hamsaganjana. The tinkling sounds of these ornaments enchant the deer that are the minds of the deer-eyed gopis. Krsna's pearl necklace is named Taravali and His jewel necklace is named Taditprabha. The locket He wears on His chest is named Hrdayamodana and within it is a picture of Srimati Radharani. Krsna's jewel is named Kaustubha. In the Kaliya lake the Kaliya serpent's wives gave this jewel to the Lord with their own hands. His shark-shaped earrings are named Ratiragadhidaivata, His crown is named Ratnapara and its crest-jewel is named Camaradamari. Krsna's peacock feather crown is named Navaratnavidamba, His gunja necklace is named Ragavalli and His tilaka marking is named Drstimohana. Krsna's garland of forest flowers and leaves, which reaches down to His feet and contains flowers of five different colors, is called Vaijayanti.

Her jeweled necklace is named Harimohana, Her jeweled earrings are named Rocana and the pearl decorating Her nose is named Prabhakari. Her locket, which contains a picture of Lord Krsna, is named Madana. Her Syamantaka jewel is also known as Sankhacuda-siromani (Sankhacuda's crest-jewel). The auspicious jewel She wears around Her neck is called Puspavan because it eclipses the simultaneous rising of the sun and moon (puspavan) with its splendor. Her anklets are called Catakarava because their tinkling sounds resemble the warbling of cataka birds. Her bracelets are called Manikarvura. Srimati Radharani's signet ring is named Vipaksamardini. Her sash is named Kancanacitrangi and Her ankle-bells, which stun Lord Krsna with their tinkling sounds, are Ratnagopura.

Srimati Radharani's tilaka marking is called Smarayantra. Srimati Radharani's garments are named Meghambara. Her upper garment is red like a ruby and it is the favorite of Lord Hari. Radharani's lower garment is the color of a blue cloud and it is Her own favorite. Her jeweled mirror is named Sudhamsudarpaharana, which means "that which removes (harana) the moon's (sudhamsu) pride (darpa)." Her golden stick for applying mascara is named Narmada, Her jeweled comb is named Svastida, and Her private flower garden is named Kandarpakuhali.

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