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Krishna Fights the Seven Bulls

"By subduing seven bulls whose noses were not pierced, the Lord achieved the hand of Princess Nagnijiti in the open competition to select her bridegroom. Although the Lord was victorious, His competitors asked the hand of the princess, and thus there was a fight. Well equipped with weapons, the Lord killed or wounded all of them, but He was not hurt Himself."

Srimad-Bhagavatam 3:3:4

"The king of Kosala province was called Nagnajit. He was very pious and was a follower of the Vedic ritualistic ceremonies. His most beautiful daughter was named Satya. Sometimes Satya was called Nagnajiti, for she was the daughter of King Nagnajit. King Nagnajit wanted to give the hand of his daughter to any prince who could defeat seven very strong, stalwart bulls maintained by him. No one in the princely order could defeat the seven bulls, and therefore no one could claim the hand of Satya. The seven bulls were very strong, and they could hardly bear even the smell of any prince. Many princes approached this kingdom and tried to subdue these bulls, but instead of controlling them, they themselves were defeated. This news was spread all over the country, and when Krsna heard that the girl Satya could be achieved only by defeating the seven bulls, He prepared Himself to go to the kingdom of Kosala. With many soldiers, He approached that part of the country, known as Ayodhya, making a regular state visit. When it was known to the King of Kosala that Krsna had come to ask the hand of his daughter, he became very pleased. With great respect and pomp, he welcomed Krsna to the kingdom

Krsna Book, Chapter 58

"After this, Satya addressed Draupadi in this way: "My dear Draupadi, my father arranged for an assembly for my svayamvara [the personal selection of a husband], and in order to test the strength and heroism of the prospective bridegrooms, my father stipulated that they each fight with his seven ferocious bulls, which had long, serpentine horns. Many heroic prospective bridegrooms tried to defeat the bulls, but unfortunately they were all severely struck, and they returned to their homes as defeated invalids. When Lord Sri Krsna came and fought with the bulls, they were just like playthings for Him. He captured the bulls and roped each one of them by their nostrils. Thus they came under His control, just like a goat's small kids come very easily under the control of children. My father became very pleased and married me to Lord Krsna in great pomp, giving as my dowry many divisions of soldiers, horses, chariots and elephants, along with hundreds of maidservants. Thus Lord Krsna brought me to His capital city, Dvaraka. On the way back, He was also assaulted by many princes, but Lord Krsna defeated all of them, and thus I have the privilege of serving His lotus feet as a maidservant."

Krsna Book, Chapter 83

Bhaktivedanta Book Trust. Excerpted from text and purport of HDG A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Srila Prabhupada.