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Indian Interiors

Showcases 44 homes, offering an insider's tour of India's architecture, cultural traditions, and lifestyles. Some 500 full- and half-page color photographs accompany Sethi's descriptionsAin English, French, and GermanAof the residences and their occupants. Readers visit a Buddhist home in the Himalayan Mountains, river houseboats in the canals of Kashmir, the treasures and royal splendor of the Maharajas' palaces, and mud houses in the Thar desert. Though the photographs are exquisite, the written descriptions are not as extensive as one might hopeAbut they are vivid. See Cover

Indian Style (TASCHEN Icons Series)

This edition is a condensed version of the above Taschen edition. It is smaller and less expensive, but includes an excellent selection of wonderful Indian interiors: landscapes, houses, interiors and details of beautifully styled Indian homes. 194 pages, all color images. See Cover

India Style

Indian style is eclectic, according to Monisha Bharadwaj, blending the influences of many cultures into its decorative schemes. Through vivid descriptions and 250 color photos of Indian homes, this book explores both the practical and inspirational qualities of Indian decor. It explains the diverse origins of the ornamentation that epitomizes Indian style; elaborates on the differences between regional decorative traditions; and presents the treatments of doors, windows, floors, and walls that can be emulated in the Western home. India Style discusses living spaces and their purposes, including relaxation, eating, and sleeping. See Cover

Indian Ikat Textiles

From the Victoria and Albert Museum. This author has done numerous books on Indian art, textiles and antiquities. The book is filled with exquisite color images of Indian's richest textile works. See Cover

Bridal Durries of India

152 illustrations, 55 dhurries in color. The authors thoroughly researched and explored the background of the village tradition of bridal durries. This Northern India custom of flat tapestry is used as part of the trousseau the women take to their future homes. A detailed study of this unique Indian textile. See Cover

Sadi Thread & Shisha Glass Embroidery: Techniques and Design to Inspire Creative Stitching

Discover the exquisite possibilities of working in the ancient decorative embroidery techniques of sadi and shisha. Sadi thread is made of fine metal twisted into coils, which can be cut, stretched, or curved into shapes and then couched, beaded, or laid onto fabric. Shisha is mirror glass, hand cut into small shapes that are attached to fabric by a frame of threads, a covering of sheer material, or other means. 19 fully illustrated original designs are included here, enabling you to use this lavish form of embellishment to create stunning effects on garments, accessories, cushions, table linens, and more. Detailed instructions for the techniques specific to sadi and shisha offer you the basis you need to create your own designs for these unique materials. See Cover