The Useless Disciple Un-initiation Kit

Now only $9.99


-Are you fed up with unqualified disciples who actually believe that The Journey Home is some sort of holy shastra?

-Are you tired of seeing people you initiated smoking marijuana on Bhakti Fest videos?

-Are you embarrassed when you see your disciples parading around at Gurukuli Fashion Shows?

-Do your disciples think they will achieve perfection of life by listening to ISKCON's motivational guru videos?

-Do you have disciples who actually believe ISKCON News is a news source?

Well, now is the time that you can do something about it. Yes, now you can order the Useless Disciple Uninitiation Kit and be free from hangers-on who merely used you to join some imaginary Mayavadi organization.

It's so easy to un-initiate any useless hanger-on follower that has been bringing you down.

In the kit you receive a cup for filling up with water, a pack of matches and some twigs. Just fill the cup with water, light the twigs on fire and pour water on the fire. Then simply mail the wet ashes of the yagna to the ex-disciple with a note explaining that they can now look for some other GBC and Sannyasa Ministry authorized Guru who actually believes what is written in The Journey Home.

Order now! Bargain priced at only $9.99

~ Kaliya Mardana dasa Brahmachary

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