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Sri Krsna Lifting Govardhan
North India, c. 1800
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Nov 20, 2012 — CANADA (SUN) — Srila Prabhupada's Lecture on Srimad Bhagavatam 6.1.22, December 13, 1970, Indore.

Krsna Lifted Govardhan -- No Interpretation

Prabhupada: …So the Brahma and Indra, they are not fools. When they saw that "A boy is in Vrndavana, and He is accepted as the Supreme Lord, and He is doing something like God. Let us test," so Brahma took away all His cows and calves and playmates. And after a second, when he came, he saw the same cows, same calves, same boys were there. Krsna has expanded. Although His cows were taken away, He immediately expanded Himself in so many cows and calves and boys. And when they returned home their mother could not recognize that they were the same or Krsna has expanded. But their affection became very much acute for their children. These stories are mentioned in Krsna. You have read it? Yes.

Hamsaduta: Yes.

Prabhupada: Krsna expanded. So Brahma understood that "It was my fault that I wanted to test my Lord." Then he came and surrendered, and there is a very nice stotra of Brahma.

Guest (3): Stotra says Brahma didn't know something about...

The Residents of Vrindavan
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Prabhupada: Yes, even if he knew, but sometimes he become bewildered. Therefore it is..., Bhagavata says that even the big, big demigods, they become bewildered. Janmady asya yatah anvayad itaratas ca arthesu abhijnah svarat tene brahma hrda muhyanti yatra surayah. That maya is so strong that they can bewilder a personality like Brahma and Indra, and what to speak of us? Maya is so strong. Similarly, Indra was also bewildered when He stopped Indra-yajna. Krsna, when He asked His father, "There is no need of Indra-yajna..." He is under the order of the Supreme Lord. He did not say..., Krsna said to Nanda Maharaja that "I am the Supreme Lord," but He said, "He is working under the Supreme Lord. He has to supply water. There is no need of yajna." In other words, Krsna is not in favor of any type of demigod worship. No. In the Govardhana chapter He stressed: simply the Supreme Personality of Godhead should be satisfied. That is stated everywhere, in Bhagavad-gita also, kamais tais tair hrta-jnanah. So Indra, when his yajna was stopped, so he tried to punish the inhabitants of Vrndavana by torrents of, incessant torrents of rain for seven days--havoc. The whole Vrndavana was to be drowned under water, and Krsna immediately lifted the whole Govardhana Hill. And He stood seven days without taking any food and protected all the inhabitants of Vrndavana. Now God is displaying as God. When these things are there, the rascals will say, "Oh, these are all legends." When God displays Himself as God, the rascals take it as legend. Just see. They do not believe in the sastras. They interpret in a different way. Is it not? Yes. And this is going on. And they are supposed to be... What is their interpretation about this Govardhana Hill? Do you know? Krsna's lifting the Govardhana Hill, what, how they interpret it? I know, the Mayavadis, they do not accept. Or "Krsna is ordinary human being." The Arya-samajis and others, they take it as legend. But the acaryas, they do not take it as legend. Therefore we have to follow the acaryas.

Woman devotee: Is it true when you said that the hill, there is cracks?

Prabhupada: Why not?

Woman devotee: You said it cracked in the middle.

Prabhupada: So therefore Arjuna said, sarvam etam rtam manye yad vadasi mam. This is devotee, that "I accept everything, whatever You say." This is devotee, not that I make some amendment and then I accept. And this is nonsense. You cannot... This is called ardha-kukkuti-nyaya. Ardha-kukkuti-nyaya means one man was keeping a hen and it was delivering every day a golden egg. So the man thought, "It is very profitable, but it is expensive to feed this hen. Better cut the head so I shall save the expenditure of feeing her, and I'll get the eggs without any charge." So these rascals, they take, accept sastras like that. "Oh, this is not... That is very expensive. Cut this portion." And when Krsna says that "Anyone who sees Me in everyone," "Oh, that is very palatable. That is very palatable." And when Krsna says, "You give up everything. You surrender...," "Oh, that is not palatable." And this is ardha-kukkuti-nyaya. I accept things which are very favorable to my understanding, and other things I reject. This is called ardha-kukkuti-nyaya. So people accept sastras in that way, the Mayavadis.

The Residents of Vrindavan
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Guest (3): But one who is self-realized, he interprets them out, the slokas or...

Prabhupada: There is no interpreta... Krsna says. In the Bhagavata it is said that He lifted the mountain just like a child snatch one flower or the..., what is called? Yes. Mushroom. Yes. So easily. They do not believe.

Guest (3): No, but in Bhagavata there are many slokas interpreted by many teachers and...

Prabhupada: Those who believe in Bhagavata, they do not interpret. Those who do not believe in Bhagavata, they interpret.

Guest (3): But its meaning has to be understood.

Prabhupada: Meaning is clear. There is nothing to be understood. But the rascals, they draw their own meaning.

Lord Indra offering Obeisances to Krsna


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