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Krishna Lifting Govardhana Hill
Pahari, North India, c. 1775

Nov 18, 2012 — CANADA (SUN) —

Selected Verses in Praise of Govardhana Hill

The Places of Krsna's Lila Surrounding Govardhana

from Bhakti Ratnakara by Sri Narahari das

Sri Raghava took Srinivasa and Narottama to see the places near Govardhan where Krsna had performed his lilas and one by one he described them all. The place known as Kusuka Saivor is famous for lilas of Radha Krsna. In another place called Narda Kunda, Narda Muni had fulfilled his desires by performing tapasya. In the Puranas it is written that Narda performed his tapasya on the order of Vrnda. In a place called Ratna Sinhasana, Radha used to sit on a throne. That was the place where Krsna killed Sankha Chuda and that story has been described in the Bhagavatam.

Paliuivaran is a beautiful garden where Jutheswarai used to stay. Sri Krsna also enjoyed himself with his friends in a holy place called Alograma. In the place Indra Dhvajabedi, Nandaraj used to worship Indra. It was there that Sri Krsna used to send his cows, calling each one by the sound of his flute.

Rinmochana (Papmachana Akhyana) is famous for its holiness. If a person bathes there he will be freed from all vices. This is Sankaishana Kunda and whoever wants to fulfill his desires should take a bath here.

In Parasavri village Radha and Krsna enacted their Yasuratra in this kirtana. In Chandra Sarvar, Sri Krsna took rest after Yasuratra. Now we see the beautiful Gandhava Kunda, where the Gandhavas became overwhelmed by the beautiful songs of Krsna. No one can describe all the pastimes of Radha Krsna during the time of Vasanta rasa in Govardhan.

In the Govardhan Ashrayadasaka of Stavavali it is given in an inscription: this is Yasa Sthali where Radha, the lover of Krsna was worshipped by hundreds of Lakshmis. It is surrounded by her beautiful sakhis, her neck decorated by the loving hand of Krsna, danced in spring time enchantment. All fortunate persons take shelter of the great Govardhan Yasa Sthali.

There is another village called Paitha where Krsna once hid his self from the Gopis who began searching here and there for him. Krsna appeared before the Gopis in his four handed Visnu form but upon arrival of Radha two other hands disappeared. So strong was the love of Radha that Krsna could not retain his four armed form. This has been written in the Nayika Prakara of Ujjamanilmani.

After showing all the holy places Sri Raghava returned to Gouai Tirtha with Srinivasa and Narottama. This place is called Neepa Kunda because it is surrounded by beautiful neepa (Kadamba) trees. Another holy place is called Aniyor. It was here that by Krsna's order Nanda and the other Gopas stopped the worship of Indra and started the worship of Govardhan by offering various kinds of foods. The voice of Govardhan resounded in the sky, "Ani Aur Ani Aur" (Bring me more water) and for that reason this place is called Aniyor. By visitiing Annyakuta all desires will be fulfilled. In Stavavali is written Sri Krsna the killer of Aga, took all the food which was offered to Govardhan by Sri Nanda by transforming himself into a huge body and by depriving Radha of a boon. The place Govinda Kunda has its own glory because it was here that Indra performed the Abhsieak of Krsna. In the Ravivi vilas chapter of Stavavali it is said that out of fear of Lord Krsna Indra performed the Abhisek ceremony of Krsna in front of everyone by bringing the holy water of Mandakani from Sarbui. From this holy water Govinda Kunda was formed. In Adi Varaha Purana it is said that by bathing or performing tapasya at Govinda Kunda one attains salvation on the virtues of performing one hundred Yajnas.

There is a pond Govinda which is called Dana Nivinata kunda which is surrounded by a dense forest. It was here that Gopala hid and performed his danakeli pastimes. This place is not known by common people; only one who understands the real meaning of Krsna's pastimes can visit here. Adi Varaha Purana has stated the same fact. It was here that Gopala gave darshan to Madhavendra Puri on the pretext of bringing him milk. Gopala lived in Gothuli on the mountain. On the far side of Govardhan is Apsara Kunda where fortunate people can take bath. The holy place Shyama Dhak is a quiet area with a old palash.

While describing all these places, Sri Raghava Pandita took his two followers to his own cave. He told them from that cave they daily enjoy the beauty and glory of Govardhan.

In Saradi Kunda Indra was blessed by Lord Krsna. In Rudra Kunda Mahadeva sat in meditation on Krsna. In Kadamkhandi Sri Krsna watched the path by which Radha had gone. In Danghali Krsna used to taste Radha. Disguised as king Madana Krsna took his share of the milk from Radha while his friends blocked her way. In Vraja Vilasa the same story is given. When Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu visited here and heard the pastimes from his followers, he danced in ecstasy in front of everyone.

When people saw him dance they said he must be the avatar of Hari. Who can describe the lilas of Krsna in Govardhan? Some people call Danghali as KRsna bedi. Sri Rupa has described the dana lila in his book Danakeli Kaulaudi. Brhna Kunda is also situated near Govardhan and is surrounded by the lakes of Indra.

Sri Govardhanastaka
from Sri Stavamrta Lahari by Srila Visvanatha Cakravarti

"Eight Prayers Glorifying Govardhana Hill"

Verse 1
krsna-prasadena samasta-saila-
samrajyam apnoti ca vairino pi
sakrasya yah prapa balim sa saksad
govardhano me disatam abhistam

May Govardhana Hill, which by Krsna's mercy became the king of all mountains and received the respectful tribute of its arch-enemy Indra, fulfill my desire.

Verse 2
sukhanubhuter ati-bhumi-vrtteh
mahendra-vajrahatim apy ahanan
govardhano me disatam abhistam

May As it was held above the earth it became so filled with happiness by experiencing the softness of its beloved Krsna's lotus hand it did not even know it was being struck by Indra's thunderbolt. May Govardhana Hill fulfill my desire.

Verse 3
yatraiva krsno vrsabhanu-putrya
danam grhitum kalaham vitene
sruteh sprha yatra mahaty atah sri-
govardhano me disatam abhistam

May Trying to collect a toll, Krsna quarreled there with King Vrsabhanu's daughter. The personified Vedas yearn to listen to that quarrel. May Govardhana Hill fulfill my desire.

Verse 4
snatva sarah svasu samira-hasti
yatraiva nipadi-paraga-dhulih
alolayan khetali caru sa sri-
govardhano me disatam abhistam

May Bathing in a nearby lake, the elephant of a pleasant breeze, covered with pollen of kadamba and other flowers, gracefully plays there. May Govardhana Hill fulfill my desire.

Verse 5
kasturikabhih sayitam kim atrety
uham prabhoh svasya muhur vitanvan
govardhano me disatam abhistam

May How is it that sweet fragrance of the musk deer and the various natural scents there make the Lord so calm and relaxed? May Govardhana Hill fulfill my desire.

Verse 6
didrksavo yatra harim harinyah
yantyo labhante na hi vismitah sa
govardhano me disatam abhistam

May Searching there for Lord Hari on the path of His flute music, the astonished deer do not find Him. May Govardhana Hill fulfill my desire.

Verse 7
yatraiva gangam anu navi radham
arohya madhye tu nimagna-naukah
krsno hi radhanugalo babhau sa
govardhano me disatam abhistam

May As the divine couple travelled on the Ganges there the boat began to sink in the middle. Krsna was splendidly handsome as Radha clung to his neck. May Govardhana Hill fulfill my desire.

Verse 8
vina-bhavet kim hari-dasa-varya-
padasrayam bhaktir atah srayami
yam eva saprema nijesayoh sri-
govardhano me disatam abhistam

May Without taking shelter of the feet of the hill that is the best of Lord Hari's servants and full of love for the divine king and queen, how is it possible to attain pure devotional service? May Govardhana Hill fulfill my desire.

Verse 9
etat pathed yo hari-dada-varya-
mahanubhavastakam ardra-cetah
sri-radhika-madhavayoh padab ja-
dasyam sa vinded acirena saksat

May May the reader of these eight verses glorifying Lord Hari's greatest servant, his heart melting with pure love, quickly attain direct service to the lotus feet of Sri Sri Radha-Madhava.

Various Slokas and Passages in Praise of Sri Govardhana

Sri Krsna-Sandarbha by Srila Jiva Goswami

Text 39-40

May It may appear that the statement of our paribhasa-sutra and the statement of the Bhuma-purusa contradict each other, but actually they do not. This may be seen from the following explanation: Even though Sri Krsna is the Original Personality of Personality, in order to bewilder the residents of Vrajabhumi during the worship of Govardhana Hill, He manifested and expansion of His own transcendental form and then along with the residents of Vraja, offered respectful obeisances to this expanded form of Himself. In this way, even though Krsna is the Original Personality of Godhead, He offered respectful obeisances to His own expansion, as a part of His transcendental pastimes. Offering obeisances to His expansion during the worship of Govardhana Hill, Sri Krsna said (S.B. 10.24.36): "Accompanied by the residents of Vrajabhumi, I offer my respectful obeisances to Myself, the Supreme Person."

Anuccheda 92, Text 16

May "O Lord Govinda, O beloved of the gopis, O Supreme Controller, O killer of Kamsa, O supreme object of worship for the demigods, O Lord who expertly lifted the great Govardhana Hill with one hand and protected all the cows, calves and cowherds of Vraja, O best of the gopas, please cure the blindness in my eyes."

Anuccheda 94

May That Sri Krsna is the eternal Personality of Godhead is also confirmed in the following statement of the cowherd residents of Vrndavana (Srimad Bhagavatam 10.26.25):

"Let Krsna, who is so kind, beautiful and merciful, protect us. When angry Indra sent torrents of rain, accompanied by showers of ice blocks and high wind, He immediately took compassion upon us and saved us and out families, cows, and valuable possessions by picking up the Govardhana Hill, just as a child picks up a mushroom. He saved us so wonderfully. May He continue to mercifully glance over us and our cows. May we live peacefully under the protection of wonderful Krsna."*

Anuccheda 106, Text 69

May ...where is the beautiful and opulent hill named Govardhana, which is filled with pleasant streams, waterfalls, and caves with many minerals and precious jewels, and crowded with many handsome birds,...

Anuccheda 152, Text 6

May The word ‘sukhapah' may also be interpreted to mean ‘easily understood'. When Sri Krsna performs extraordinary feats (such as the lifting of Govardhana Hill), the mental speculators and materialists immersed in the bodily concept of life become able to understand that Sri Krsna is the Supreme Personality of Godhead. The intimate devotees and associates of the Lord, however, continue to consider the Lord to be their friend or son, and thus, in one sense, it is difficult for them to understand the true position of the Lord, because of their intimate friendship with Him.

Anuccheda 172, Text 2

May Each different abode of the Lord has its own specific feature, and specific pastimes are enjoyed in each abode. There is no overlapping of pastimes, where the pastimes of one abode are performed in another. However, even in the Lord's manifest pastimes within the material world, the Lord's abode manifests very wonderful features. For example, although the inner part of Dvaraka city is only 12 yojanas (96 miles) in diameter, within that relatively small place there are millions of palaces 2 krosas (4 miles) across, as well as many gardens, lakes and so on, all very large. Another example is the valley Govardhana Hill, which although very small in size, contains the infinitely large spiritual realm of Gokula.

Sri Brihad-Bhagavatamirta, The Nectar of the Supreme Personality of Godhead by Srila Sanatana Goswami

Text 7

May Glory to Govardhana Hill, the king of mountains, the hill the gopis declared was the best servant of Lord Hari, the hill personally worshipped by Lord Krsna when He stopped the indra-yajna, the hill that for seven days rested on Lord Krsna's lotus hand.

Text 87

May In the land of Vraja, in Vrndavana forest, or on Govardhana Hill, places where there is no danger of their being killed or stolen, the cows, buffaloes, and other animals go in the morning, eat grass and drink water to their heart's content, and then voluntarily return to their homes in the evening.

Sri Vraja-vilasa-stava: Prayers Glorifying the Lord's Pastimes in Vraja by Srila Raghunatha dasa Gosvami

Text 51

May Full of love for the residents of Vraja, and eager to protect Him, Lord Krsna respectfully lifted Govardhana Hill for seven days with His graceful hand. The caves of Govardhana Hill are splendidly decorated with kunkuma particles left when Sri Sri Radha-Krsna enjoyed transcendental pastimes. May Govardhana Hill, which is studded with many beautiful jewels, protect you all.

Text 53

May The delightful forest of Vrndavana, beautiful Govardhana Hill and the nectarean area of the rasa dance, what to speak of other places are not equal to even a single particle of Radha-kunda and Syama-kunda. Let me take shelter of these two lakes, which are more dear to Lord Krsna than His own life's breath.

Text 64

May The Manasa-ganga River flows so swiftly on the side of Govardhana Hill that it's waves push the splendid rocks lining its shores. I pray the Manasa-ganga River, where Sri Sri Gandharvika-Muravimardana (Sri Sri Radha-Krsna) enjoy jubilant boating pastimes, may give me shelter.

Text 75

May When Vraja's king offered a great quantity of foodstuff to Govardhana Hill, Krsna, the enemy of Aghasura, assumed a gigantic form, proclaimed that He was actually Govardhana Hill, invited everyone to ask boons from Him, and, fooling even Srimati Radharani, ate all the offered food. Let me take shelter of the anna-kuta festival, when Lord Krsna enjoyed these pastimes.

Text 76

Charming and handsome Lord Krsna enjoys transcendental pastimes on the summit of Govardhana Hill, the king of mountains. There He splendidly manifest, eternally enjoying the pleasures of a transcendental king. With great love and devotion I worship Govardhana Hill, where Lord Krsna enjoys transcendental pastimes.

Text 79

May Sri-sarovara, Brahma-sarovara, Kadambakhanda-sarovara, Sumanah-sarovara, Rudra-sarovara, Apsarah-sarovara, Gaurika-sarovara, Jyotsnamoksana-sarovara, Malyahara-sarovara, Vibudhari-sarovara, Indradhvaja-sarovara, and many other beautiful lakes are splendidly manifested as so many beautiful jewels in a circle around divine Govardhana Hill. Let me glorify these transcendental lakes.

Text 103

May When, aimlessly wandering around Govardhana Hill, madly calling out "O Radha! O Krsna!" again and again, and stumbling as I walk, will I sprinkle the places of the Lord's pastimes with tears from my eyes?


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