Sri Narasimhadeva - Part 6


Ugra-stambha (pillar of Hiranyakasipu´s palace, where Sri Nrsimha appeared)
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Nov 10, MARYLAND, USA (SUN) — From the book, "Sri Narasimhadeva", a work-in-progress by Payonidhi dasa.

Chapter Two

Sri Narasimha Palana Prarthana

This chapter deals with a small book by His Grace Kusakratha Prabhu. While visiting Vrindavan in 2005 around Janmastami I also visited Kusakratha Prabhu, who was there at MVT preparing to leave this mortal body. We talked for a little while as he had a hard time talking. He was very thin like a Goswami, but very peaceful.

I also told him about this Lord Narasimhadeva book I'm working on, and he reminded me of the translations of various Narasimha prayers, mantras and 1000 names of Narasimhadeva I had previously given to him, already translated. I had collected these and 1000 names I had obtained from a Godbrother, Kaliya Krsna Prabhu, in 1986 when I started to worship Ugra Narasimha Salagram Sila. I later asked Satya Narayana Prabhu to kindly translate and had given him some daksina for his kind help.

I had asked Kusakratha sometime in the early 1990's to make a book out of these, with no interest for myself as I simply wanted to see these in book form. I asked for permission to include them in my Narasimha book, and he was very happy to give his consent and told me I could use any of his books. I also got his blessings to include his little book, Sri Narasimha Palana Prarthana and to include any of his translations for this or future projects.( he even wrote this on a piece of paper).

Known to most devotees, Kusakratha Prabhu left this world not long after and went to join the eternal pastimes of Sri Sri Radha Krsna in their Bhauma lilas. Sriman Kusakratha Prabhu was a very dear Goduncle and kind friend, and it is simply to glorify his devotional service to Lord Narasimhadeva this little book, Sri Narasimha Palana Prarthana, will be presented to all and thus not be lost in time. It is my desire that devotees kindly read it and share it with many friends in Krsna consciousness, and forward it to millions of pious souls fit to hear the glories of Lord Narasimhadeva. These small prayers are Kusakratha Prabhu's own prayers.

The book consists of 108 verses. (They are part of a later chapter in the book, but due to some technical problems I am presenting this now.)

Sri Narasimha Palana Prarthana


Sri Sri Nrsimhadevesa
palana prarthana stavam
gurave Prabhupadaya
Gauravenarpayamy aham

To my spiritual master, His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, this Sri Nrsimha Palana Prarthana is respectfully dedicated

Text 1
Koti koti vadanah prapalakam
Koti koti vadanah khalantakam
koti koti vadanah Nrsimhakam
koti koti vadanas to santu tam

Millions and millions of obeisances to the protector of the devotees. Millions and millions of obeisances to the killer of the demons! Millions and millions of obeisances to the Supreme Personality of Godhead! Millions and millions of obeisances to Lord Narasimha!

Text 2
Jayati Narahari-nakha kamala dalakah
jayati Narahari mukha sasi vara ganah
jayati Narahari-rava vara kala paro
jayati Narahari karuna rasa varidhih

Glory to the lotus petals of Lord Nrsimha's claws! Glory to the moons of Lord Nrsimha's face! Glory to the music of Lord Nrsimha's roar! Glory to the nectar ocean of Lord Nrsimha's mercy

Text 3
Jayati jayati jayati jayati jayati
jayati jayati jayati jayati jayati
jayati jayati jayati jayati jayati
jayati jayati jayati jayati Nrharih

Glory, glory, glory, glory, glory, glory, glory , glory, glory, glory, glory, glory, glory, glory, glory, glory, glory glory, glory to Lord Nrsimha

Text 4
Pradya puspam Narasimha paduke
pranamaya murdhna Narasimha paduke
prapathya stotram Narasimha paduke
prayami raksam Narasimha paduke

Offering a flower, bowing my head, and reciting prayers, I take shelter of Lord Nrsimha's lotus feet.

Text 5
Nrsimha he he Narasimha pahi mam
Nrsimha Prahlada prapala pahi mam
itiva rodimi muhur muhur muhuh
Nrsimhadevam saranam prayamy aham

"Nrsimha, Nrisimha! Save me! Nrsimha! O protector of Prahlada! Save me! Crying out again and again and again, I take shelter of Lord Nrsimha"

Text 6
Sad dhiranyakasipucca mandire
daitya rakta sarid ali vahanam
agrakam krtavate krudha pura
narakesarina anamamy aham

I offer my respectful obeisances to Lord Nrsimha who angrily created a flowing river of demon's blood in Hiranyakasipu's beautiful palace

Text 7
Sri Nrkesarinam ugra damstrakam
tiksna dristim iha krodha silanam
hani kara nakharam prapalakam
bhakta parsva sthitam ananto smy aham

I offer my respectful obeisances to Lord Nrsimha, the protector who with sharp eyes, terrible fangs, and angry nature, and dangerous claws, stands by His devotees side

Text 8
Ditija pati ranam vara
smarana parama karanam
vrajapati suta madhura
smita kamalam iah numah

Let us glorify the charming lotus smile that appeared on Lord Krsna's face when He remembered His battle with Hiranyakasipu

[Note: In Padyavali, a book by Srila Rupa Goswami, there is a pastime mentioned where mother Yasoda tells Krsna the pastime of Lord Narasimhadeva ripping Hiranyakasipu's intestines out, and remembering this pastime child Krsna smiles, and Rupa Goswami prays that may this Sri Krsna smiling thus remembering His own pastime as Lord Narasimha bless us. (Kusakratha Prabhu also translated this wonderful book.)]

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Sri Varaha Narasimha appeared to Sri Prahlada Maharaja when he was thrown off the cliff in an effort to kill him. The Lord appeared to him in this form of half-Varaha and half-Narasimha to assure Prahlada Maharaja that just as He had killed Hiranyaksa in His form of Lord Varaha, He would surely also kill Hiranyakasipu. This has been told in the Sthala Puranas of Simhacalam temple (see previous text in which I showed pictures of that Deity covered by sandalwood). Later, after Hiranyakasipu was killed, the Lord appeared in a self-manifested form in the same place where Prahlada had previously been thrown off the cliff, thus that place became known as Simhacalam, the "Hill of the Lion". In Ahovalam one of the many temples is also dedicated to Sri Varaha Narasimha.


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