Phad Gita Govinda, Part 10


Krsna praises Radha, comparing the beauty of Her face to the five arrows of Kamadeva

Oct 05, 2011 — CANADA (SUN) — Reprise of a 2005 month-long series on Gita-Govinda.

Our Gita-Govinda series concludes with the long-awaited reunion of Sri Krsna and Radha, whose loving pastimes in the groves of Vrindavan have been so exquisitely sung by the poet Jayadev.

The Mukerjee Phad scroll we've been exploring in the second half of this series presents a most delightful and intimate view into the transcendental activities of Sri Sri Radha-Krsna and their sakhi associates. Sriman Mukerjee has used color, texture and composition to the upmost in this scroll, which is filled to overflowing with illustrations of the complete Gita-Govinda, all on a single canvas. We are aware of no other artist who has endeavored such an artistic accomplishment.

In this final series installment, we see the ecstatic coming together of Radha and Krsna, who have manifested every conceivable symptom of the anxiety of love in separation. The poet Jayadev concludes his song by extolling the glorious loving pastimes of the divine couple of Vraja.

Krsna is enflamed with passion

Dancing in the moonlight

Krsna pulls the scarf of Radha

Radha and Krsna in a loving embrace

Radha and Krsna exchange glances

Radha asks Krsna to dress Her with jewelled garments and lovely clothes

Radha dances while Krsna plays on His flute


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