Sri Camatkara Chandrika (A Moonbeam of Sheer Astonishment)


Sneaking Off in a Gale to Meet Krsna

Oct 24, CANADA (SUN) — Part three of a four-part presentation of 'Sri Camatkara Chandrika' by Srila Visvanatha Cakravarti Thakura.

(Meeting in the Disguise of a Female Doctor)

Jatila, becoming aware of Sri Radhika’s loving affection for Sri Krishna by so many obvious symptoms, becomes very disturbed with great anxiety and calls for her own daughter, Kutila.

Taking Kutila to a secluded place, she says, “Hey Putri! My dear daughter! I am simply unable to protect my daughter-in-law from that Krishna anymore! Alas, alas! What should I do---what should I do? Vatsa! Kutila! I have decided on a remedy; will it be possible for you to assist me? There must be some way to prevent Radharani from going outside the house. She Who is bitten by the eager glances of that snake-like son of Nanda must be protected by being kept indoors at all times---there is no other remedy.

Therefore you should always be alert to keep Her carefully here. Don’t let Her go to Pavan Sarovar or to the Yamuna River to bathe. Prevent Her from going out to Surya-kund for performing Her usual daily worship of the Sun-god. Thus, there will be no possibility whatsoever of Her meeting with that debaucher. From now on, you will have to see that She bathes and worships the Sun-god here at home. And now that we are keeping Radhika here, that rascal debaucher may try to come into our home somehow or other, at any time of day or night. For this reason, I will personally keep vigil 24 hours a day by the outer gate with a big stick in my hand.”

Hearing all these instructions from her mother, Kutila replies, “Mata! It won’t be possible to confine your daughter-in-law at all; and it won’t be possible to protect Her from the hand of Krishna either----for Vrajesvari Yasoda arranges every day to bring Radhika to Nandagram in order to have Her cook the morning meal for Krishna.”

Hearing this, Jatila says, “Hey Putri! You just go to see Yasoda right now, and inform her that from now on my daughter-in-law will not leave the house to go anywhere else; Yasoda should simply engage Rohini to cook for her Son.”

Kutila replies, “Mata! If I tell her that, then Yasoda will surely say to me, ‘But Durvasa Muni has given an indescribably wonderful benediction to Radhika whereby any foodstuff cooked by Her own hand increases longevity, stimulates growth and destroys all obstacles; this topic is indeed famous all throughout Vrajapur. My only Son, Sri Krishna-candra, has become freed from many difficulties caused by wicked demons only on the strength of eating the food cooked by Sri Radharani; thus, He is now alive and well. Therefore please don’t harm us all by causing this impediment to His regular taking of the grains cooked by Radharani’s hand.’

When Yasoda pleads with me like this, then how should I reply?”

Jatila advises, “Hey Putri! When Vrajesvari says all that to you, then you just tell her, “Hey Vrajesvari! Durvasa certainly gave Sri Radha this wonderful boon; therefore, whoever She touches lives a long life. Oh Niti- vijna! Oh knower of all the rules of proper social conduct! By that very boon, do you call Sri Radha to your house every day just to have Her touch your own son? And furthermore, it is contrary to the proper rules of etiquette for chaste daughters to cook in another’s home on a daily basis. Such a black spot against a chaste daughter is certainly talked about throughout all the land. Therefore, we cannot tolerate any more of this. Just as you have love and affection for your son, do you think that we don’t have similar love and affection for our daughter-in-law?’

"Tell Yasoda all these things, but if she is still desirous of feeding her son on Radharani’s cooking on a daily basis, then Dhanistha will be sent 3 times a day, every day, and will thus bring sweet balls and other tasty preparations made by Sri Radha. And if Vrajesvari becomes angry at this arrangement, then we will simply leave her town and move elsewhere just to protect our daughter-in-law from Her son.

After consulting together in this way, Jatila sends Kutila to inform Vrajesvari of the new decision. Thus, the old woman succeeded in confining Sri Radhika to the house. Being restricted in this way, the resultant burning suffering which is felt by Sri Sri Radha-Krishna due to being unable to see each other is so intense, that it could not possibly be described even by the Goddess of speech, Sri Sarasvati herself.

In an effort to cool down the blazingly feverish body of Sri Radha, which is burning furiously in the agonizing fire of separation from Sri Krishna, Her girlfriends make a bed of cool lotus leaves smeared with sandalwood pulp and camphor; but the very instant that Her smoldering love-sick body touches that cooling bed, the bed itself becomes as hot as burning embers.

All this is just indicative of Her unique loving moods of ecstasy, which are such that She considers even an eye-blink to be the cause of separation from seeing Krishna; cursing the Creator, who made such blinking eyes, this Sri Radhika then wishes to be reborn as a fish with no eyelashes. Indeed, without seeing Nanda-nandana 24 hours a day, how would it be possible for such a Sri Radhika to pass the time?

Thus falling down senseless upon the flower bed, burning by the fever of Sri Krishna’s intense separation, Radharani becomes completely unaware of Her surroundings; if anyone tries to address Her, the words do not even enter Her ear, and She just lies there with Her dazed eyes completely motionless and blind.

Dhanistha then arrives, being sent by mother Yasoda from Nandagram, and sees this pitiful condition of Sri Radha. Becoming very sorry, Dhanistha says to Sri Lalita Devi,

“Hey Lalite! Since Vrindavanesvari Sri Radharani didn’t come to Nandagram for cooking today, Sri Rohini had to cook this morning. Sri Krishna ate those grains anyway and then went to the forest to tend His cows. However, Sri Yasoda was so upset that He did not eat the food as it was usually cooked by Srimati Radharani on other days; thus, she sent me here to see that Sri Radha makes some sweet balls, which I will then bring for Sri Krishna. After helping Her to make the sweets, I will take them so that Sri Krishna can eat them tonight at dusk, in the later evening, and tomorrow morning before He goes to the pasture with the cows. But Sri Radhika has now fallen unconscious.... alas!! How will the sweet balls ever be made?? What should I do now??”

Lamenting in this way again and again, Dhanistha then goes close to Sri Radhika’s bedside. Seeing no other alternative, she bends down by Radharani’s ear and calls out in a loud voice,

“Hey Radhe!! Your Beloved Sri Krishna is now standing right in front of You!! Just open Your eyes and look!!"

Instantly upon hearing this, the lotus-petal-eyed Sri Radha suddenly regains consciousness, and Dhanistha quickly announces, “Sri Radhe! Krishna is not able to eat properly unless He takes the food-grain's which are cooked by You; for this reason, Vrajesvari has sent me to You. Please make some sweet balls with Your own hand.”

The lotus-eyed Sri Radha, although burning horribly in the agonizing fire of separation, immediately becomes enthused with great energy upon hearing these words.

Calling Sri Rupa Manjari close, She says, “Rupa Manjari! Quickly prepare the stove, light the fire and bring the cooking pot! Following the order of Vrajesvari, I will now prepare and send eatables for Sri Krishna. Hey Sakhi! Rather than the usual quantity of sweet balls that I make every day, today I will make four times that amount. Don’t you worry at all about my ill-health.”

Saying thus, Sri Radha spontaneously mounts a divine platform just in front of the stove.

A most astonishing phenomena is... this very same the touch of Whose body the cooling lotus-leaf bed began smoldering just a few minutes felt that She was being cooled off by the red-hot fire used to cook sweets for Her Beloved.

Within the loftiest type of prema, an inconceivable power of amazing wonder is present; it is wonderful because one is burned by cooling camphor, and one is cooled by scorching fire! Consequently, is it possible at any time for anyone to understand such prema? What to speak of understanding the activities of a person who is surrendered to such prema?

Then, Sri Lalita says to Dhanistha, “Hey Dhanistha! Will profuse rain fall from the cloud combined with lightning? namely will there be no more arising of the fresh. new Krishna-raincloud inlaid with the creeper of Radha-lightning? The intense drought due to lack of rasa being sprinkled by these cloud is causing the crop of the sakhis’ bliss to whither and dry up into complete ruination!!!

Dhanistha replies, “Lalite! You have spoken so true, so true----just as we are all miserable, in the same way Sri Krishna and all His cowherd boyfriends feel completely lost. What more can I say than this?-----even all of Sri Vrindavana’s parrots, peacocks, bees and deer have become greatly troubled by this same agonizing misery.

Later, after finishing the preparation of the sweets, Sri Radha entrusts them into the hands of Dhanistha.

Then Sri Radha whispers some secrets into the ears of Lalita and the other sakhis. Dhanistha takes the sweets and returns back home to Nandagram.

Later on, in the early evening time, Visakha suddenly rushes before Jatila and starts rolling and rolling upon the ground, loudly crying out while weeping false tears. Seeing all this, Jatila is surprised and asks, “Hey Visakhe! Why are you crying?”

Visakha: “Unseen by others, a snake has bitten Sri Radhika!”

Jatila: “Where and how was She bitten?”

Visakha: “The snake was hiding at the base of a plum tree in the garden! Radharani saw the jewel on it’s hood glittering through the leaves, and She extended Her hand to take it----and the snake suddenly bit Her!”

Jatila “ALAS!!! ALAS!!! Has a thunderbolt struck me on the head?!?!?”

Crying out like this again and again, Jatila rushes to Sri Radha’s quarters and beholds Her sprawled out on the ground, trembling and gasping for air. Seeing this, Jatila begins to beat her own breast with both hands while crying and sobbing in a loud voice.

Then, calling Kutila, Jatila frantically tells her, “Daughter! Go quickly to the cowshed and bring your brother Abhimanyu! After sending him here, please go and fetch the snake-bite doctors! By the chanting of their mantras, my Daughter-in-law will be freed from the effects of the poison!”

After instructing Kutila thus, Jatila questions Srimati Radharani, “Dearest daughter-in-law! How do you feel now?”

Radharani replies, “Oh respected superior! By the fire of the poison, My whole body feels as if I am burning alive. This is all I know. I am not able to say anything more. But, you should know that if any male doctor were to set his hand on as much as My toe, then I will give up My body that very instant. I am a chaste daughter; therefore My strict vow stands firm.”

Jatila then pleads, “Oh my daughter-in-law! Why do You speak so at a time like this? Under these circumstances, even virtuous persons would eat something which is ordinarily inedible, or touch something untouchable; for this reason, due to such an emergency as this, there is no fault with the mantra remedy. This is the judgement of the wise who know the sruti and smrti sastras.”

Sri Radha replies, “Then I will give up My life right now before your very eyes, just you watch, but I am not able to follow your order at all!”

Hearing this statement, the old woman Jatila becomes most perplexed with intense anxiety. Just then one lady, a neighbor, advises Jatila, “Arya! There is someone here in Vraja Who has chastised many powerful snakes in the past like Kaliya, Agha and others. When all the cows had died from drinking the poisoned waters of the Yamuna at Kaliya- hrad, He enthused them all with new life again merely by His glance. This is Sri Hari; just bring Him here. Simply by His glance, He will release your Daughter-in-law from the deadly poison.”

Hearing this suggestion, Sri Radha says, “He whose tortuous controversial association is far worse for Me than the snake-poison----if anyone were to bring this Krishna here to see Me, then that person is as good as My lifelong enemy.”

Jatila says, “Look, my daughter-in-Law! Then I will take Kutila with me and quickly go the see Paurnamasi, she is very learned in powerful snake-mantras, tantra and agama sastras. When Paurnamasi comes, then she will certainly make You well. Other than this, there seems to be no other alternative.”

Visakha says, “Arya! Good plan, so don’t delay any longer, go quickly to see Paurnamasi. I will use a string to make a tourniquet above Radharani’s wound in order to check the spread of the snake-poison. By this, the deadly effect will be postponed for about an hour and a half, but, after that the poison will rise to Her brain and the effect will become incurable.”

Then Jatila rushes towards Nandagram’s border to see Paurnamasi. After offering obeisances to her, she informs Paurnamasi of everything that had taken place. Then, Paurnamasi inquires of Gargi, the daughter of Garga Muni, “Hey Vatsa Gargi! Did you learn snake mantras from your father?”

Gargi answers, “No, I haven’t learned them, but my little sister has.”

Paurnamasi inquires, “Where does she live, and what is her name? Where can she be found now?”

Gargi replies, “She has come from her mother-in-law’s house in Kasi, and is now residing at her father’s house in Mathura. From there, she has come to see me just yesterday. Her name is VIDYAVALI, and she is in my house right now.”

Hearing this, the old woman Jatila becomes incredibly anxious and totally desperate within her heart; with a tear-soaked face, she exclaims to Gargi, “Oh Gargi! I have fallen down at your feet! Please, please come along with your little sister to my house and purchase both me and my son with the nectarean blessing of your causeless mercy!”

Paurnamasi then tells Gargi, “Gargi! Please take Jatila and Kutila to your home; satisfying Vidyavali with your requests, bring her to Yavat and for certain she will make Radhika free from the deadly snake- poison.”

Just prior to all this, Gargi had already dressed up Sri Krishna in the disguise of a young girl, following the instructions of Dhanistha, and situated Him within her own house. The whole scam being nicely pre- arranged, Gargi leads Jatila and Kutila home, and brings them before the disguised Nagara-raja Sri Krishna. Gargi then addresses Him,

“Hey little sister! Vidyavali! You have certainly heard the name of Sri Vrisabhanu-nandini, the greatly famous girl Who is endowed with all good qualities within Vraja. Today, She has undergone a great calamity----some jewel-decorated snake has bitten Her. Right now the snake’s deadly poison is spread throughout Her body; for this reason, Her mother-in-law has now come to see you along with her daughter. You should go at once to their house.”

Vidyavali says, “Hey Bhagini! My dear older sister Gargi! You are indeed very learned, yet you now speak just like an ignorant person. Alas, alas!!! First of all, I am a pure chaste girl; secondly, being the daughter of a vipra, I have become a doctor specializing in treatment of poisons. No one on the surface of the earth is unaware of my glorious family lineage in Yadupura Mathura, or my famous in-laws’ family lineage in Kasi. Still, you want to throw the mud of such scandalous, unchaste infamy all over my two pure dynasties. Whatever kind of loving action it is that you think you are doing----I am not able to understand that at all.”

Old Jatila says, “Hey Gunavati! You Who are endowed with all good qualities! I have fallen down at your two lotus feet! Reviving my daughter-in-law Radhika, just purchase me wholesale with the dust of your feet----what more can I say?”

Vidyavali says, “Oh old lady of Vraja! You are not aware of the elevated rules of conduct practiced by our pure brahmana family. The learned, chaste daughters of the vipra caste never ever wander from house to house like the simple cowherd girls do. Don’t you know this already? By going to anyone and everyone’s house, the superior aristocracy of the vipra daughters is completely destroyed.”

Gargi says, “Sister Vidyavali! Although you are aware of all the prescriptions and prohibitions of the sruti and smrti sastras, how do you manifest your so-called aristocracy by disrespecting the great souls who are residents of Vraja? This shows that you actually don’t have any spiritual vision at all. You have no idea of the spiritual position, the divine nobility or the Visnu-bhakti of the Vrajabasis. All the gopis are each endowed with glorious achievements of great renown, and the gopas are each as effulgently brilliant as Maharaja Vrisabhanu. The brahmanas of Kasi are all averse to Lord Visnu; I know all about your husband’s relatives there. By living there in Kasi and associating with such atheistic relatives, you have really become so hard-hearted.”

Vidyavali replies, “Oh most noble, educated sister! I am always surrendered to you; please don’t be angry with me. Be peaceful. I will certainly do as you say, but I have just one terrible fear----and for this reason, I was at first unable to appreciate your request of me. When we were living in Mathura or Kasi, we have heard so many rumors of the bold, powerful son of Nanda, Who wanders about freely according to His own fanciful whims. He is an extremely perverted debaucher, and He has no fear of the brahmana caste at all. If I am traveling on the footpath and He looks at me the same way He looks at all the Vraja-gopis, with that greedy, wanton stare, then I will instantly give up my life----I will never ever bring such a scandalous disgrace upon my two pure dynasties.”

Gargi assures her, “Hey little sister! You don’t have to worry about this at all----I am personally going along just to accompany you.”

At that, Vidyavali finally consents to go, and leaves the house in the company of the others to walk on the path towards Yavat.

On the way, Vidyavali says to Jatila, “Hey Jarati! Old lady! Poison is destroyed by mantra and medicine combined. The mantra is in my throat, and the medicine I will administer is simply my chewed betel leaves which have been sanctified by the mantra. Hey Arya! Do you think your daughter-in-law will be able to chew that?”

Jatila replies, “My daughter-in-law is very well-behaved, and She has natural devotion for the brahmana caste----but it seems rather strange that She should have to chew the remnants of your betel-leaf.”

Gargi cuts in, “When it comes to medicine, there is no consideration for that which is fit or unfit for eating----even a king would honor the remnants of the brahmana caste. Therefore, the vaisyas and other castes certainly follow suite.”

Arriving at Yavat, the Vidyavali-disguised Sri Krishna enters into the palace. Jatila and her daughter Kutila then wash the feet of Vidyavali. Taking that water, they sprinkle it over Sri Radhika’s head, eyes, mouth and breast, saying, “Hey Daughter-in-law! By great fortune, the daughter of Garga has just arrived. She is a great soul, and is very learned in the science of snakes. She will touch all of Your limbs while chanting mantras, thereby freeing You from the disease caused by the snake-poison. She will also chant a mantra and chew on betel leaves, which she will then place into Your mouth. For my sake, please don’t object to any of these treatments.”

Saying this to Radharani, the old Jatila then takes Vidyavali within the room. Vidyavali, seeing Sri Radhika’s body completely covered by Her sari, tells Jatila, “Hey old lady! Your daughter-in-law is covered from head to toe with cloth----before treatment, you will have to open all that up. Chanting my snake-mantra, I will move my hands slowly from the soles of Her feet right on up Her body. Thus, whichever part of Her body has the poison, I will trace by the placement of my hands; then I will chant the mantra in order to free each limb from the poison.”

Hearing this, Jatila and Kutila remove the cloth that was covering Sri Radha’s body. Then Vidyavali begins to chant the mantra and apply her hands to Sri Radha’s various limbs. Vidyavali’s hands move upwards gradually from the divine lotus feet of Radharani to Her breasts----and somehow or other can not go any higher.

Saying, “The poison has risen to Her breast”, Vidyavali repeatedly chants the Garuda mantras more intensely and begins to massage Sri Radhika’s breasts.

Then Vidyavali exclaims to Jatila, “Hey old lady! What has happened? There seems to be no way I can check to spread of the poison! What should I do now?” Old Jatila replies, “Oh Vidyavali! Feed Her that medicine that you told us about----then the poison will surely be reduced!”

Vidyavali says, “Hey old lady! Again and again I chant the mantra and sprinkle the medicine into your daughter-in-law’s mouth, but She still simply turns colors and trembles while exhaling very heavy sighs; this shows that the treatment didn’t work at all. Under these circumstances, I’ll have to try another type of treatment. Now all of you immediately go out of the room; locking the door from the inside, I will chant a special snake-mantra. Within three hours, that very snake which bit your Daughter-in-law will be brought here, and I will indeed speak with him. Hey old lady! Don’t you worry at all, I am doing all this just to revive your daughter-in-law-----I will now chant the mantra with absolutely fixed attention, and I’ll show you that everything will be all right within three hours’ time.”

Thereafter, upon Gargi’s confirmation, everyone leaves and goes to another part of the house, as Vidyavali had requested. Three hours later, they return and wait outside the door of Sri Radhika’s bedroom. Then all those gopis say to each other, “Oh! Just listen to the conversation between Vidyavali and the snake taking place within Radharani’s room!”

Kala-nidhi Sri Krishna, the abode of all artistic abilities, thus made His voice imitate the sound of both Vidyavali and the snake. All of Sri Radhika’s sakhis, knowing full well of this mischievous fun, simultaneously became deeply immersed in the ocean of curious novel pranks as well as in the ocean of ecstatic bliss. Thus, their faces all began to radiate a divine, jubilant luster.

Sri Krishna, first of all making the voice of Vidyavali, spoke to the snake, “Hey King of the snakes! From where have you come?”

Snake: “From Kailasa.”

Vidyavali: “Under whose direction?”

Snake: I am carrying out the order of he who wears a crescent-moon on his head (Shiva).”

Vidyavali: “What is his order?”

Snake: “To bite the son of Jatila, Abhimanyu.”

Vidyavali: “What is the offense committed by Abhimanyu?”

Snake: “Nothing at all, but his mother Jatila has committed two grave offenses unto Durvasa, the best of the munis.”

Vidyavali: “Then why didn’t you bite the mother of Abhimanyu?”

Snake: “I didn’t bite her, for by biting her son instead, I would be able to burn her with extremely miserable suffering and lamentation on account of the loss of her only son----this would be even greater burning than the poison itself.”

Vidyavali: “Leaving Abhimanyu, why have you bitten his wife, Radharani?”

Snake: “By the power and influence of the boon of chastity given to the supremely pure Radharani by Durvasa Muni, Her husband Abhimanyu had become free from all obstacles. Thus, by biting his dear wife, he would certainly die due to lack of life; this is why I have bitten Her today----and tomorrow morning, I will bite Abhimanyu anyway. In this way, Jatila will burn miserably in her old age, lamenting bitterly over the loss of her dear son and matchless daughter-in-law; this is my purpose.”

Vidyavali: “Hey King of the snakes! What were the two offenses committed by Jatila unto Durvasa, the best of the munis?”

Snake: “Durvasa was born as a plenary portion of Lord Shiva. And Lord Shiva considers Lord Hari to be his own worshipful Lord or istha-deva. Lord Hari’s plenary portion is Sri Nanda-nandana, against Whom Jatila spoke some false, scandalous blasphemy. This was the first offense. The second offense is that Jatila confined Srimati Radharani indoors, thus placing a deliberate obstacle in the way of Sri Krishna’s taking of regular meals. Due to these two grave offenses, may Jatila perpetually cry miserably here in Vraja along with her daughter Kutila over the loss of her dear son Abhimanyu and her daughter-in-law Sri Radhika.”

Hearing all this from outside the door, the old Jatila bursts out in grievous weeping and begins to speak while sobbing and sobbing, “Oh my son! Oh my daughter-in-law, the source of my very breath! May you both live long lives! How can I hear of anything other than this?”

Saying this again and again, Jatila then addresses Vidyavali, “Hey Vidyavali! I hold onto your feet! Please, please pacify the King of the snakes somehow or other! I promise that I will never, ever place any more obstacles before Sri Radhika! I will personally see to it that She goes to Nandagram every day just to cook for Sri Krishna’s meals! And when She returns home after finishing Her cooking, then I will bow down and offer Durvasa Muni hundreds and hundreds of obeisances while praying, “Oh best of the sages! Please forgive my offense! On one side, my intelligence has become dull due to becoming senile in my old age, and on the other side, I am known to be quite crazy anyway; therefore, please don’t take my offense seriously! As for my daughter Kutila, she is really dull-brained and foolish - she continuously causes trouble and pain for my well-behaved daughter-in- law for no good reason at all.”

Hearing the statement of her mother, Kutila then falls on the ground, offering obeisances unto the snake while loudly exclaiming, “Oh King of the snakes! Please forgive us! Please be merciful! Please don’t bite my brother! I will never ever hinder Sri Radhika! I will never ever argue with Her, and from now on, I will allow Her and Her girlfriends to go anywhere and everywhere they like!”

Snake: “Oh assembled witnesses! Listen carefully to what I say--I swear by Lord Shiva that Srimati Radharani is supremely pure and chaste.”

Then, he says to Jatila, “Hey old woman Jatila! Just as I’ve sworn by Shambhu to attest for the chastity of Sri Radha, in the same way I want you to swear upon the head of your son Abhimanyu and say, ‘NOW I HAVE COMPLETE, ABSOLUTE FAITH IN SRI RADHIKA'-------then I will know that you have true conviction for my words.”

Hearing this, Jatila takes the oath and says, “Oh King of the snakes! I am absolutely convinced of all that you say! I will never, never ever disturb my daughter-in-law again. Please bestow this one benediction on me----that my son and daughter- in-law may live a long life.”

Snake: “Oh Jatila! Now I have really become fully pleased with you! Just worship Durvasa, the best of the munis, and prepare nice eatables. I will now remove all the poison from Radharani’s body and go back to Kailasa. Hey old woman! If you ever charge your daughter-in- law with any kind of false accusation again in relation to Sri Krishna and try to confine Her as you have today, then I won’t be angry with you at all-----I will simply come immediately and angrily bite both Radhika and Abhimanyu, completely destroying them simultaneously.”

Vidyavali then happily calls out to all the gopis in the next room, “Bho, bho gopikas! May all of you now achieve the topmost bliss----the King of the snakes has removed the poison from Sri Radha’s body and has disappeared; thus VRSABHANU-NANDINI IS NOW CURED!!!”

After announcing the good news, Vidyavali unlocks the door. Everyone then enters and begins to ask, “Oh Radhe! How do You fell now?”

Sri Radha Replies, “Now I feel perfectly healthy; not even a trace of pain is left.”

After hearing this, everyone present bows down at Vidyavali’s feet and begins to pray, “Hey Vidyavali! Your knowledge is glorious! And your wonderful achievement today is glorious! By thus reviving Srimati Radharani, you have certainly obtained vast pious credits, whereby your own life has become really glorious!”

After this, Kutila whispers quietly into the ear of her mother Jatila, “Oh mother! Give Vidyavali the necklace of Sri Radhika as a reward.”

Jatila replies, “Oh daughter! What are you saying? Why just Her necklace? Today, all of Sri Radhika’s ornaments should be given as a reward to Vidyavali.”

The old Jatila replies, “Dear Gargi! Dear Vidyavali! How is it that you are so hasty to return home this late at night? Oh, won’t you be pleased to rest happily tonight at my house?”

Gargi says, “Oh Jatila! We will certainly honor your words by accepting your invitation. The thought of fearful snakes and deadly poison is still fresh on our minds (in other words, although the poison from the fangs of the Krishna-snake has been warded off, there is still a chance of it coming back). Therefore it is wise to stay close by the mantric doctor Vidyavali tonight.”

Kutila and Jatila together speak, “Very good----let it be so. Hey Gargi! Vidyavali is so learned in mantras----just let her rest happily tonight together with Sri Radhika upon Her own bed under the rooftop canopy”........

ittham vilasa-rasikau rata-sindhu caru-
hillola-khelana-kalah kila tenatus tau
premabdhi-kautuka mahistha taranga-range
sadyah sukhena nanrtur na viramam apuh

“In this way, the Vilasa-rasika Radha-Krishna manifest so many expansive surging waves of beautiful artistic sports, which just billow over the ocean of pure, divine amorous love. And all Their sakhis dance within the sporting arena represented by the waves of supremely mischievous, novel pranks and fun curiosities that similarly billow over the ocean of selfless prema; indeed, there is no cessation of that dancing and dancing........

ENTITLED, VAIDYA VESE MILANA (Meeting in the Disguise of a Female Doctor)


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