Artist Portrays Krishna on Huge ‘Pattachitra’


Orissan Pattachitra of Dasavatara
(Parasurama on left, Lord Ramacandra on right)

Oct 8, BHUBANESWAR (NEW INDIA PRESS) — For 31-year-old Niranjan Maharana, life’s canvas is huge. And that’s how he expresses himself - larger than life. For a ‘Pattachitra’ artist, who has more than 5000 paintings to his credit, his latest creation could well be in a race for record books.

The latest offering is a massive ‘Pattachitra,’ 16 feet in length and six feet in width, is put up at Ekamra Haat here. Claimed to be the largest ‘Pattachitra’ to be ever made, it is priced at Rs 4 lakh.

The painting took Maharana nearly a year and a half and depicts life of Lord Krishna in all hues and colours through 16 major events such as ‘Kaliya Dalana’ and ‘Kansa Vadh’.

The colours applied are natural. Through use of leaves, tamarind and flowers Maharana has made use of colours and texture which go well with the characters and make the ‘pattachitra’ attractive.

Maximum precaution, he says, has been taken to maintain uniformity of the colours.

‘‘Concentrating on one painting for so long a period is very difficult. But, I had to focus hard,’’ he said. The efforts reflect in the exquisite work.

A Class IX pass-out, Maharana hails from Birapratappur village under Chandanpur block of Puri district. His father Nrusingha is a veteran ‘pattachitra’ artist himself.

Aarohi, an NGO involved in popularising traditional handicraft, is trying to market Maharana’s painting.

‘‘We’ve checked all available records on the size of ‘pattachitras’ and this one is the longest,’’ a spokesman said. Hotels and corporate houses have also been approached.

However, Maharana is not sitting on his creation. It is over for him and he is now getting ready for another big one - about 10 feet in length. It will be about ‘Mathura Vijaya’ by Lord Krishna.


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