Middle Kingdoms of India, Part 88


Map of the Deccan South, c. 1588

Sep 19, 2015 — CANADA (SUN) — The last in a serial presentation of India's great history, religious movements and temple architecture.

The Middle Kingdom Dynasties - Conclusion

Today we conclude our lengthy series on the Middle Kingdoms of ancient India. We will no doubt refer back to this series often in the future, as a point of reference for other historical events or eras being discussed. In fact, that was the primary purpose of this series -- to provide an historical context, on what is a very long timeline, for the many important Vedic and Vaisnava points of interest regularly discussed here.

Our content throughout the series is footnoted back to original content from previous Sun Features, references in Wikipedia and in many other books on Vedic history and Indology.

We leave the reader with a visual timeline of the empires and dynasties covered in the Middle Kingdom series. The timeline was done in three segments, according to the three main areas of content presented: Northwestern India, Northeastern India, and the Deccan Plateau and South India. The following image is a display of the first section, the Northwest, showing the timespan over which each of the Middle Kingdom empires in that region were in power. Some originated earlier, or endured longer than our timeline, but we've focused only on the highlighted years marking the Middle Kingdoms period, from the early 3rd Century B.C. to the 13th Century A.D.

The entire timeline presentation, in Excel, can be downloaded here. Please note there are three workbook tabs, one for each region of the Indian subcontinent.


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