Phad Gita Govinda, Part 3


Jayadev Praises Lord Krsna

Sep 28, 2011 — CANADA (SUN) — Reprise of a 2005 month-long series on Gita-Govinda.

In today's Gita-Govinda serial, we continue our exploration of the Mukherjee Phad scroll of Jayadev's transcendental poem. Having offered his obeisances to the Lord and his incarnations, Jayadev now proceeds to unfold the story of Radha and Krsna's loving pastimes in Vrindavan.

The story begins with each of the divine personalities thinking about and fondly considering their beloved's many attractive qualities. While Krsna is sometimes alone pondering his love for Radha, he is also found in the company of the gopis. Radha, meanwhile, is generally found talking confidentially to one of her sakhis or sitting alone in a state of loving separation from Krsna.

The following group of images describes the Gita-Govinda's expression of increasing adoration for Krsna, beginning with Jayadev's own obeisances, which are followed by Radha's declarations of love for Krsna.

Jayadeva glorifies the Rasa-lila of Radha and Krsna

Radha confidentially discusses Krsna with her sakhi friend

Radha shares her secret desires for Krsna with a sakhi

Radha remembers Krsna's sandal tilak

She says that he embraces thousands of gopis, and illuminates darkness with his adornments of jewels

Radha worships him as the savior from the sins of Kali yuga

She remembers Krsna adorned with precious stones and his followers,
including asetics, humans, gods and demons

Radha draws worshipful images of Krsna with deer mask, riding a makra, and aiming mango blossom arrows

Radha tries to protect herself from the endless fall of Kamadev's love arrows


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