Sri Caitanya-candrodaya:
The Rising of the Moon of Sri Caitanya


Sep 24, CANADA (SUN) — Act Five, Advaita-pura-vilasah - Pastimes at Advaita's Home.

1. (Sri Krsna Caitanya enters, followed by Lord Nityananda).

Sri Caitanya: "I will cross over the insurmountable ocean of nescience by being firmly fixed in the service of the lotus feet of Krsna. This was approved by the previous acaryas, who were fixed in firm devotion to the Lord, Paramatma, the Supreme Personality of Godhead."*
(He stumbles)
Note: This is a verse from Srimad-Bhagavatam.

2 Nityananda: (aside) Ah! Wonderful! The fire of renunciation makes Him melt with the nectar of love for Krsna. His limbs are contracted into a ball. His heart is wounded with love.

3 Now I am alone. What will I do? Let Me think. (He looks again) Ah! Wonderful! He splashes in waves of dancing. He thunders with shouts of joy. He is decorated with glistening jewels of perspiration, becoming stunned, and other symptoms of ecstasy. An agitated ocean of bliss rocks His heart. What kind of person is this, who can become so overwhelmed with ecstatic love of Krsna?

4 He walks as a cloud of kesara-flower pollen carried by a strong wind. Even if I run I cannot keep up with Him. Ignoring the objects of the senses, He wanders here and there, not noticing where He passes through towns or crosses rivers.

5 His eyes do not see whether He walks on the path, away from the path, over hills, across valleys, across rivers, or through forests. He walks like an intoxicated wild elephant who does not see ahead, behind, or even His own self.

6 Somehow or other the impersonalists give up all sense-engagement. The devotees full of love plunge into the handsomeness of the Lord's form. If the Supreme Lord and the devotees are both full of bliss, what is the difference between them? Ah! I understand. The Lord is the independent source of His own bliss, but the individual living entity is dependent on the Lord for his bliss.

7 What will I do now? (He pauses for a moment). For three days He has not eaten. He has not drunk water or done anything else. Dressed only in a kaupina and an outer garment, He is overcome with bliss. Day and night the Lord walks, He does not know where He is going. What will I do? O Lord Gauranga, O ocean of mercy, I am suffering. Please be kind. Please be merciful to Me.

8 (He pauses for a moment and then feels relief within His mind) Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu is now overcome with bliss. I will now give the medicine to revive Him. He does not know where He is going. I will lead Him to Lord Advaita's home.

9 (From behind the scenes tumultuous sounds of "haribol haribol".

10 Nityananda: (looking ahead) Ah! This is wonderful! As they see the Lord, these cowherd boys, with great eagerness, reverence, devotion, faith, bliss and wonder, loudly call out: "haribol! haribol!"

11 Bhagavan: (By hearing the sound "Hari", He is partly awakened from His trance of transcendental bliss. He opens His two lotus-eyes and looks to the direction from which the sounds of "Hari" came.)

12 Nityananda: (looking) These cowherd boys have helped. As a great mantra revives someone bitten by a snake, so their calling out "Hari!" awakened the Lord from His trance of bliss.

13 Bhagavan: (approaching) Speak, O speak the word "Hari". (They repeat the word again and again).

14 (The cowherd boys enter, offer dandavat obeisances to the Lord, and clapping their hands, chant the name of Hari. Eagerly listening to them, the Lord stops walking).

15 Nityananda: (blissful) The Lord's madness of bliss has many forms. Sometimes He is restless, sometimes stunned, sometimes both restless and stunned, and sometimes He seems possessed by a ghost.

16 Now the Lord's madness of bliss makes Him like an old man. He opens His eyes, but cannot see what is before Him. Half-deaf, He can hear a little, but cannot understand the meaning of the words.

17 (He touches their heads with His lotus hand) Ah! You have very expertly sung the glories of the Lord's holy name. Now My life is a success. You know the way to Vrndavana. What path goes there?

18 Nityananda: (jubilant) This is My opportunity. (selecting one boy from the group) Child, tell Him: "This is the path to Vrndavana."

19 A boy: As You order, my Lord. (approaching) O Lord, this is the path to Vrndavana. (He points in the direction shown by Lord Nityananda).

20 Bhagavan: (with great bliss He begins to walk on that path.)

21 The Boys: (They bow down to offer respects, and then exit)

22 Nityananda: I am saved. Now My desire is fulfilled. With this path it will be possible to take Him to Advaita's home. (He walks a little on the path, and then reflects) Why does the Lord not notice Me? He acts as if there were another companion by His side. I will look after Him. (He approaches the Lord).

23 Bhagavan: "I will cross over the insurmountable ocean of nescience by being firmly fixed in the service of the lotus feet of Krsna. This was approved by the previous acaryas, who were fixed in firm devotion to the Lord, Paramatma, the Supreme Personality of Godhead."* Ah! The sannyasi spoke well. "I will cross over the ocean of nescience by being firmly fixed in the service of Krsna." I will not cross over nescience by meditating on the all-pervading Supersoul. I will not meditate on that form of the Lord. I will go to Vrndavana and serve Lord Krsna with all My heart. (He looks at the sky) Ah! How far is it to Vrndavana?

24 Nityananda: (approaching) Lord, in one day we can enter Vrndavana.

25 Bhagavan: (Half-awake and half-in-trance, He is suddenly filled with wonder). Ah! Are You Sripada Nityananda?

26 Nityananda: O Lord, I am He. (Halfway through His words his throat becomes choked with tears).

27 Bhagavan: Sripada, tell Me: Why have You come?

28 Nityananda: I heard the Lord desired to travel to Vrndavana. I also wish to see Vrndavana, so I am travelling there with You.

29 Bhagavan: Good! Good! Come! We will go together. (Blissfully walks).

30 Nityananda: This way Lord. (He brings Him a certain distance) O Lord, the transcendental Yamuna River is not far from here. We should bathe in her waters.

31 Bhagavan: Ah! Today I will see the Yamuna?

32 Nityananda: Yes.

33 Bhagavan: (jubilant) Sripada, where is it? Where is it?

34 Nityananda: This way. This way. (He brings Him a certain distance. They reach the Ganga). Lord, this is the Yamuna.

35 Bhagavan: (jubilantly bowing down, He speaks the following prayer:) O River Yamuna, you are the blissful spiritual water that gives love to the son of Nanda Maharaja. You are the same as the water of the spiritual world, for you can vanquish all our offenses and the sinful reactions incurred in life. You are the creator of all auspicious things for the world. O daughter of the sun-god, kindly purify us by you pious activities.*

36 Nityananda: Lord: now You should bathe in the Yamuna.

37 Bhagavan: As it pleases You. (He bathes).

38 Nityananda: (aside) Now I am happy. The maddened jungle elephant is controlled by a powerful mantra. Now I will bring these activities to an auspicious conclusion. (He looks in all directions, and then calls out to someone).

39 (A man enters and bows down to offer respects).

40 Nityananda: (approaching the man) Ah! Not very far, just on the opposite shore of the Ganga is Lord Advaita's home. Please quickly go there and say: "To see you, Nityananda is coming with another sannyasi. Please hurry to meet Him."

41 The Man: I will do it. (He quickly exits).

42 Nityananda: (aside) Ah,, for three days I have not touched water. Now I will bathe. (He does that).

43 A Voice From Behind the Scenes: Although tortured by separation from Him, ,our life-breath cannot depart, for it is tightly bound by the doubly strong ropes of hope. Now these ropes have fulfilled our desire. Now they show us His face. These ropes are both our enemy and our friend.

44 Nityananda: (listening from a distance) ah! This is Advaita Acarya. He speaks prayers more eloquent than the words of Lord Brahma. I will lighten the burden of His suffering. (He sees Lord Advaita). Ah! How much You have suffered!

45 Modestly clothed in a kaupina, water streaming down His golden-complexioned body, and His head covered with red lotus petals, the Lord rises from His bath. Now I see Him.

46 I see there is some delay in Advaita's coming here. (He looks ahead).

47 (Accompanied by countless associates, Advaita eagerly enters).

48 Advaita: (looking ahead) From a distance His shaved head and saffron garment make Him look like another person. Still, His great love of Krsna, His bodily lustre, and His great handsomeness, reveal Him to us.

49 Look! the Lord's form, as yellow as gold, and dressed in a saffron garment, is like a beautiful, ripe very sweet, red and yellow fruit from the great tree of perfect renunciation. (He runs up to the Lord, whose eyes are closed in meditation. Standing before the Lord, Advaita cries without restraint).

50 Bhagavan: (quickly opening His eyes) Is this Lord Advaita Acarya?

51 Nityananda; Lord, it is He.

52 Bhagavan: (firmly embracing Him) Tell me: How did You know I was here? How did You follow Me to Vrndavana? Am I dreaming?

53 Advaita: (with tears, aside) ah, the Lord believes this is Vrndavana. (openly) Lord, You are not dreaming. I am the fallen sinner Advaita. (He falls down to offer obeisances).

54 Deva: (Shedding tears, He embraces Advaita with both arms lifts Him up) Advaita, because Lord Krsna constantly touches You with His lotus feet, You are Yourself the land of Vrndavana. Tell Me this: Where am I now?

55 Advaita: This is the sacred Ganga. My home is on the other shore.

56 Bhagavan: (Returning to external consciousness) Sripada, You told Me this was the Yamuna!

57 Nityananda: This is not the Yamuna. The Lord should know this.

58 Bhagavan: I have become an actor in a drama directed by Sripada Nityananda.

59 Advaita: Although tortured by separation from Him, our life-breath cannot depart, for its is tightly bound by the double strong ropes of hope. Now these ropes have fulfilled our desire. Now they show us His face. These ropes are both our enemy and our friend.

60 Nityananda: Advaita, I have suffered greatly since He has take sannyasa. The Lord is perfectly satisfied by eating only the food of His transcendental bliss, but I suffer from not eating anything for three days. Is there a need for so much talking?

61 Advaita: (Taking a fresh kaupina and outer garment from an associate's hand, He bathes the Lord again, gives Him the new garments, and then says in a pitiful voice:) It used to be that You would dress with the opulence of a demigod. Now I give You the garments of a sannyasi. Even though You have the same handsome form and the same gentle, kind face, the sight of You are a sannyasi brings pain to My eyes. O Lord, My home is not very far away. Please decorate it with Your feet.

62 Bhagavan: For this Sripada Nityananda tricked Me.

63 Advaita: Lord, no one can trick You. Although You are the Supreme Personality of Godhead, the illusory potency maya makes You seem like a distressed living entity. Although You are perfectly independent, maya makes You seem like a crystal-stone that reflects whatever is nearby. I say that for You, the Supreme Lord, these activities are like the playing of a child.

64 For both these reasons no one has to trick You. Because Lord Nityananda is known as Sripada, He is not at fault for taking You here. "Sripada" means "Lord Krsna, who protects the goddess of fortune", and "ada" means "he who takes". Because Nityananda is known as "sripada", it is right that He takes You, who are Lord Krsna, with Him, and places You before us. Lord, please accept Your first alms at My home.

65 Bhagavan: As it pleases You. She Me the way.

66 Advaita: This way. (He places Him on a boat).

67 Nityananda: (aside) Advaita, someone should be sent to Navadvipa.

68 Advaita: Why? Everyone has almost arrived.

69 Bhagavan: Advaita: I have never gone to Your home before.

70 Advaita: What is My good fortune in comparison to that of Srivasa? Every day the Lord would enjoy pastimes at his home.

71 Nityananda: Advaita, a great crowd will come. News of the Lord will spread. Everyone will know He is going to Mathura. When the Lord, who is a nectar ocean of mercy, graces Your home, all the local people young and old, will come to see Him. Don't tell anyone about Him. Let us enter Your home unobserved.

72 Advaita: So be it. (He walks a few steps) Lord, this is My home. Please enter.

73 (everyone enters).

74 A Voice From Behind the Scenes: Visvambhara cheated His mother and dressed as a sannyasi. He was very eager to go to Mathura. Nityananda brought Him to Santipura by a trick Go! Go see Him!

75 Nityananda: (listening and observing) Advaita, listen! Look! Thousands of people have come. Soon a hundred thousand well-wishers will be here! Post guards at the door!

76 (Advaita posts guards at each door. Following the Lord, He enters with Nityananda. In this way They exit from the stage.)

77 (Many people, eager to see the Lord, enter).

78 Some people: He is not the same, as when we saw Him in Navadvipa. He is different, and this agitates our hearts. Still, we yearn to see Him. Ah! Ah! Whether in His natural position, or this strange new feature, He still brings us the sweetest transcendental bliss. Where is the Lord now?

79 (They walk about).

80 (From another direction) Other people: The Lord's sweetness in His previous asrama never became the guest of our eyes. If we cannot see Him now, then our birth in this world is worthless! Our bodies are worthless! Our lives are worthless! Our eyes are worthless!

81 Others: Come here! We have heard that the Lord has entered Advaita's house. Let us go there. (They eagerly approach) These guards turn everyone away. Let us pacify them with a bribe. (They approach).

82 (Enter guards. They hold clubs in their hands and stand at the doorway).

83 Guard: People! Stop for a moment! From the time He took sannyasa until now the Lord has not eaten anything. Now He will receive alms of a meal. Please do not make an uproar. He will enter the house, and stay for some time. After He has taken His meal you may see Him.

84 A Voice From Behind the Scenes: Lord, this way. This way.

85 Guard: I will look. (Climbing to a higher place and craning his neck, he looks). Ah! The Lord has taken His meal.

86 Glory to Him, His body anointed with sandalwood paste and clothed in saffron garments, His chest glorious with a garland of white flowers, and His golden splendour like moonlight on the Ganga's waves or like the jewel summit of Mount Sumeru!

87 Why do people intently look in that direction? (He looks again) Advaitadeva has brought the Lord onto a balcony overlooking the crowd of devotees. They happily gaze on Him, and He addresses them by name and blesses them. Everyone eagerly calls out: "Haribol!"

88 (As described, the Lord enters the balcony. Advaita and the other devotees also enter).

89 Advaita: What kind of pastimes are You doing? You have accepted the sannnyasa-asrama, which is so dear to the advaitavadis (impersonalists).

90 Bhagavan: (laughing) Advaita, do You think I am not an advaitavadi? After all, You and I are different from the Supreme only in the sense that We are different persons with different forms and qualities.

91 Advaita: What is the use of debating with the master of words?

92 Bhagavan: Please understand this. Without renouncing everything it is not possible to worship and serve He who is the Lord of My life. For this reason I have accepted sannyasa. What use do I have with the theories of the advaitavadis? I have taken this sannyasi's danda only to threaten the fickle animal of My mind.

93 Advaita: All this is a trick. You have accepted sannyasa to fulfil the Visnu-sahasra-nama's prediction: "sannyasa-krc chamah santo nistha-santi-parayanah (The Supreme Personality of Godhead will appear as a peaceful devotee-sannyasi)."

94 A Guard: (looking at all the people) Wonderful! The high and low crowded together, millions of joyful people on the other shore gaze at the Lord to their heart's content, and the Lord also glances on them with great mercy.

95 The people are not silent. They each describe their great good fortune by saying: "Now we have crossed the ocean of repeated birth and death. The gate to Yama's kingdom is now closed for us. Now we have attained the ripened fruit of this human birth. Now we have attained the results of all penances and austerities. We have attained all this by seeing the sweet, merciful, sidelong glance of the Lord."

96 (Tumultuous sounds from behind the scenes).

97 People: Now the people from the Lord's birthplace have come. There will be a very great crowd. Let us leave. (Everyone exits).

98 (All the residents of Navadvipa enter). The residents of Navadvipa: Our eyes had become blind, but now all directions are clear and bright for us. The vines of our desire to live had withered away, but now they are bursting with new shoots. Our hearts had died, but now the life is again placed within them. This has happened because the moon of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu has risen before us. (They eagerly approach).

99 Advaita: (looking) The Lord's mother, followed by Srivasa Pandita, friends, and many others both young and old, has come. What more need I say. This is the right time and place.

100 Bhagavan: (He quickly descends from the balcony).

101 (The Guards respectfully allow them to enter).

102 (Bhagavan bows down to offer respectful obeisances to His mother).

103 Mother Saci: (She is simultaneously anxious, devoted, filled with motherly love, and pleased. Her bodily hairs stand up. She sheds tears, and says in a choked voice, in Sanskrit) Have You renounced the world? Do You now see the Supersoul everywhere? Have You become the personified mellows of transcendental devotional service? I still see You as my small child. Now I have attained You. I will never again let You go. (She earnestly embraces Him).

104 Sri Caitanya: O mother of the world, O noble mother, no fruit is greater than the fruit of patient forgiveness borne by the vine of Your motherly love. You are famous in this world as the most sincerely affectionate mother. The Supreme Personality of Godhead has defied you as the goddess of patient forgiveness. (He again bows down before her).

105 (Mother Saci again embraces Him).

106 (The Lord bows down).

107 Advaita: (Making Mother Saci stand up, He leads her inside the house. In this way He exits).

108 (The Lord greets everyone, pleasing them with appropriate embraces, touches, glances, questions, and other actions).

109 Advaita: (again hastily enters) Who, who is here? There must be residences, food, drink, and other necessities to please all the young, old and even candalas who have come here.

110 One man: (Tossing aside the curtain, he hastily enters). I will take care of it. (He exits).

111 Advaita: (approaching the Lord) That way I was before, the way You were before, the way You devotees were, the love they felt for You, and Your mercy towards them, all these are the only source of our happiness. any changes in these things will bring us pain.

112 Bhagavan: Advaita, Advaita, don't talk like this. My body has fallen into a dark nectar-river, and is now violently tossed by that river's waves. Whether that river places Me in an auspicious or inauspicious condition, it always overwhelms Me with love for Krsna. Come, let us all go to a secluded place, and there we may associate together for a long time.

(Everyone exits).


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