Enlighten™ the World's Religions


Sep 18, USA (SUN) — A game designed to expand awareness and educate players on world religious traditions.

Enlighten™ is a new board game that was designed to educate players about the world's major religious. Players learn how the various religions differ from one another, and how they have impacted the world across history.

Similar to the popular board game, Trivial Pursuit, Enlighten™ engages players in recalling detailed historical information, sharing knowledge and debating on world religions in an interesting game format. For those who are interested in new ways to improve their preaching skills, Enlighten™ provides a 'lite', relaxing way to get absorbed in general information about world religions. With a broad world view of the basics in mind, devotees can then expand their knowledge by applying the philosophical principles that truly differentiate sanatana dharma and Krsna Consciousness from other traditions.

Enlighten™ players travel around the globe, learning about faith traditions and cultures. The game's designers hope that it will ease tensions, expand awareness and educate the masses about world religious traditions, thereby fostering spiritual diversity and awareness. We're pleased to note that a Hare Krishna devotee is pictured prominently on the game board and box cover.

Christa Reynolds, the game’s creator, says "Without devaluing your beliefs - or anyone else’s - you expand your religious/spiritual perspective.” Enlighten™ is thoroughly non-denominational, including facts and rituals from: Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Sikhism, Taoism, and Native American traditions. The Greek, Roman, Norse and Egyptian gods also get brief mention, as do shamanism and some of the new religios movements.

The game has been getting high marks from organizati ons focused on promoting inter-faith dialogue. “People are waking up to the impact of faith tra We're pleased to note that a Hare Krishna devotee is pictured prominently on the game board and box cover. ditions on politics, economics and world peace - we simply need to know more,” says Reynolds. “It’s like Garrison Keillor’s story about being raised Lutheran and wondering what the Catholics were up to - only today he might be curious about the Sikhs next door.”

The game's creator spent two years researching religious information, developing game strategy, and developing the 550 questions used in Enlighten™. She was assisted in the game's development by Charles Flores, a Ph.D. candidate in East-West Psychology.

To learn more about Enlighten™, visit their website at www.enlightengamesinc.com.


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