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Sep 7, MISSISSIPPI (SUN) — Hare Krsna! Please accept my sincere respects and well-wishes. The tragic killer hurricane that devastated the Mississippi and Louisiana coastlines also left its mark on New Talavan and its cow Protection program.

Although the cow herd survived the storm, the future is questionable. Downed fences are the biggest problem. Because so many trees were blown over, naturally many fell on fences and houses. Consequently, our fence system suffered much damage.

The second-biggest problem is roof damage. We lost the roofs on the Gurukula school, four residences, the temple Ratha-yatra cart, Tulasi greenhouse and equipment storage barn. Other buildings suffered severe roof damage. Devotees living in the neighborhood unfortunately had similar damage to their houses.

Third was the greatest show of natural power: the complete demolition of our workshop. Situated between the school and our old storage barn, it was just flattened, leaving a huge mess for us to disentangle and clean up.

Finally, there was minor damage to the temple, storage barn, hay barn and temple residences. We are grateful that our water pump has an alternative LP gas power source, since no electric lines were left standing. We are also able to cook with LP gas. However, the cost of LP gas is high, and our usual source of income-book distribution and donations from local congregation members-is smashed. Consequently we are making an appeal to all who receive this message.

Please send a contribution to ISKCON New Talavan for either: 1) Cow Protection, 2) Temple reconstruction, or 3) Temple operations.

The greatest difficulty presented by such a devastating storm is the aftermath. The economic and social structure of our South Mississippi community is dismantled for weeks and months. There are no utilities. No fuel for transportation, heating and cooling. We have to purchase and haul our gasoline and diesel fuel from as far as Memphis. Stores are closed. No commerce for food or other supplies.

It is only by the mercy of devotees in other locations that we have food and supplies to live. Their grace has been so benevolent that we are inspired with a mission to feed other, less fortunate victims of the storm with Krsna’s prasadam. Thus in the aftermath of the storm, giving Hare krsna Food for Life meals to others has become our primary devotional service.

A list of these great souls is as follows:

    * Mr. Bharat Patel
    * Dina Syama Prabhu (Gaura-Govinda Tape Ministries)
    * ISKCON Atlanta
    * ISKCON Dallas, specifically Daruka Prabhu
    * Devotees from ISKCON Alachua
    * Food for Life International (Priyavrata Prabhu)
    * ISKCON New Vrndavana
    * Ananda Prabhu (Sterling Art)
    * Shuddhajivan Prabhu
    * His Holiness Bir Krsna Gosvami (New Talavan GBC)
    * Resurrection Life of Picayune

Please, if at this time it is economically feasible for you, extend your heart and make a sacrifice for Lord Krsna’s devotional service. Offer the fruits of your work to Lord Krsna, as He advises in the Bhagavad-gita. Help His New Talavan project in its greatest hour of need. Put a check in the mail today, or go to our web site and donate securely with a credit card to our PayPal account.

Your investment will manifest unlimitedly in the future. That I can assure you. Krsna never forgets His devotees. Other causes cannot make such emphatic statements. All glories to the wonderful devotional service of Guru and Krsna!

Yogindra Vandana das Adhikari
Temple President
ISKCON New Talavan Community


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