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Aug 01, 2013 — CANADA (SUN) — A nectarian description of the pastimes of Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu and His transcendental associates by Srila Vidhubhusana Bhattacharya, in two parts.

Kazi Listens to the Report on Malini

The Kazi became very astonished to hear these reports on Malini. He sent his armed men to bring the gardeners to his as prisoners. That person who led the team of armed men went to the house of the gardener, "You all should go at once with us as it is the order of His Highness Kazi Sahib. If you show any reluctance, then we shall take you binding with ropes. So don't make delay and go with me."

The gardeners became very frightened at this and became at a loss what to do. The man harshly asked them what they would do. Otherwise they would be taken as prisoners. Then the head gardener asked them in a trembling voice, "Mahasay, the order of Kazi Sahib is all to us but please explain the real charge against us." That man replied loudly that he did not know anything about the charge. If they made delay anymore, they would be taken as prisoners. Saying so, he started walking and the gardeners began to follow him without any word. After some time they reached to the Kazi's place. The gardeners bowed before the Kazi in trembling bodies and politely submitted to him. Kazi asked them whether they had got any golden box full of precious stones, jewels and ornaments which they had kept hidden in the houses. They replied submissively that his charge was correct but that box was wooden and not golden and it did not have any precious thing what he had been asking.

The Kaxi became furious and ordered his men to blind them by chains. Out of anger he ordered them to speak the truth. Otherwise he would behead them. Then the gardeners tried to establish their truth and began to describe what they had found in it. So they described the episode of Malini and from her auspicious appearance, all their miseries had gone. After a long time of listening to the story, the mind of the Kazi became soft and his heart became full of devotion. He at once released the gardeners and told them politely that he had become ashamed of his misbehaviour. Now he requested then to bring that goddess lady before him. He is very eager to meet her. The gardeners told him, "This cannot be possible because you are a Muslim. How can you accept a Hindu goddess whom we used to worship. We cannot do this by any means." "Apart from this, if you take her as an ordinary Hindu woman and feel and infatuation for her, then mind that you will be perished with your family. So leave that desire. We can show you that box only."

The Kazi became very sorry to hear this and told them, "I have become very sorry to hear this and told them, "I have become very much eager to see the goddess because hearing about her episode my mind has become full of devotion. I want to gratify myself by seeing her. I am a sinner as I have possessed so many misconceptions about her. Please bring her to me and I shall look after her as my own daughter. God never thinks of caste discrimination. I am sure when she will hear all these, she will be agreed to see me."

The gardeners became very happy and took to their heels to report everything to Malini. Malini had already understood the mind of Kazi and told them that God had appeared in this earth in a human form to distribute divine love to all whether they belonged to high or low castes. She also told, "As I have appeared as the power of Abhirama, then I cannot ignore the prayer of the Kazi who has become a devotee. But one of you first go to him and tell him about certain rules which he should take into mind. I won't take any other things to eat except sweets and won't live anywhere except in the room where cows used to live."

One gardener went to the Kazi and informed him about the conditions of Malini. He directed the Kazi to clean the room of the cows by his own hand. The Kazi became very glad and accepted all the conditions. That person returned to Malini in singing the glory of the Kazi. He reported her about the devotional qualities of the Kazi and told her that they all had understood that it was all her grace that had made the Kazi to behave like that.

Malini Went to the House of the Kazi

So Malini agreed to go the house of the Kazi. The gardener father went with her. The wife of the gardener began to cry in grief. Malini consoled her and blessed them all. She assured them that from time to time she would meet them.

While Malini had been going to the house of the Kazi, the whole circumference used to be glittering by the brightness of her body. A huge crowd used to assemble on both sides of the road to observe her going. The women of the village used to throw their pranamas, shower flowers on her and blow the conch. The whole of Kajipura became full of joyful sounds.

So long Kaxi had been waiting eagerly for her. When he heard that she was advancing to his house, his heart leaped in joy. He at once advanced forwarded with a beautiful chariot to welcome her. He saw in the way that a huge crowd was coming with her. He almost ran to her and fell on her feet. The big crowd was coming with her. He almost ran to her and fell on her feet. The big crowd began to make sounds of ovation. Malini lifted the Kazi very affectionately be holding his arms. The Kazi with his knee folding told her, "I am very fortunate as today I have your darsana. Be merciful to a sinner like me." Malini devi became very pleased and told him, "Criticising or torturing the saintly persons is a terrible sin because the saints have come on this earth to do good to mankind. Those who try to oppress them become very unpleasing to God. Now with the feeling of devotion in you, you have become free of all guilts. Now for your misbehaviour to the wise gardener, you must ask for his mercy."

The Kazi at once held the feet of the gardener by his hands and asked for his mercy. Everyone present there began to praise the Kazi. The gardener also felt very awkward at this.

Then Kazi requested Malini devi to forgive him for all his sins and cast a favorable look at him. Malini Devi got on the chariot but there was so big a crowd in the road that the chariot could not advance a step forward. Then due tot he transcendental power of Malini Devi, the chariot climbed up in the sky. Everyone became started at this when the chariot vanished in the sky, all of them began to shout in sorrow. The condition of the Kazi became out of any saying. He began to behave like a mad man. When he tried to cut his own head by his sword, suddenly the chariot came down and Malini appeared before him. Observing her lightening like beauty, he fell on the ground in a trance. All the people began to sing loudly the glory of the Devi.

Devi hurriedly got down of the chariot and lifted the Kazi from the ground and put him into the chariot. She began toc hant the name of Krsna and gradually the Kazi came back to his sense. He saw as if a goddess mother had been sitting by his side singing the name of Krsna which had began to shower necter into his ears. He became ecstatic and his eyes began to shed tears. After a long time he controlled himself and began to sing the eulogy of Malini Devi.

The chariot reached the gate of the Kazi's house. He took her to the dwelling place of the cows. The gardener and others also accompanied them. Kazi welcomed them properly and offered seats. Kazi sent somebody to call the sellers of sweets. But he meet the sweetsmakers in the way who had been coming to the Kazi's house with many buckets of sweets. The sweetmakers came to the Kaxi and told him, "Oh lord, why have you sent a person to us? We have already heard about the coming of a devi in your house and for her we have brought so may sweets." Kazi told them, "Today my life has become successful. You should bring sweets everyday in my house for her eating. I will reward you." They told him, "Today we won't take any price for these sweets because they are for the devi. From tomorrow, do as you please." Saying so they all bowed to the feet of devi. Devi blessed them and asked them to take their seats. Then the gardener father offered the sweets of Malini for eating. After her eating they all took the prasada. In this way Malini Devi very happily began to spend her days in the house of the Kazi. The villagers used to stay there by giving up their eating and drinking. The whole of Kazipura became full of bliss.

Abhirama Came to Virbhuma and Manifested His Transcendental Powers

After leaving Vrndavana, Abhirama alone advanced towards Bengal and at last reached the western frontier of Bengal (i.e. in Virbhuma). He saw there all the people in irreligious activities. They were practising all sorts of illegal ways of life. Observing all these tortures toward the eternal Hindu religion, the soft heart of Abhirama began to ache. A strong desire to correct these ill directed people arose in his mind. He became determined to use his supernatural powers for the sake of attracting the devotion of the people. Because he realised that this would be the suitable way to fulfill his desires. Being guided by this of judgement, Abhirama, a highly powerful man began to visit all the Deities of Virbhuma. But all the idols began to crack by his single glance. He explained to the overwhelmed people that all these idols had become powerless. So there was no use of worshiping these idols. The ordinary people took him as a superman and a deity. They lost every faith on those idols. On the contrary they became very devotional minded towards Abhirama. They began to ask questions to Abhirama on religion. So the desire of Abhirama became fulfilled. He started sowing seeds of devotion in their minds. Their devotionless hearts began to be soaked in nectar like Krsna nama.

Abhirama began to teach religion indiscriminating high and low castes. He did not bother about caste or creed. The untouchable class was all along hated by the high caste people. No one had ever tried to correct them and bring back into a devotional life. Now finding Abhirama as a superman, they began to worship him as a God and became fully devoted to him. The transcendental activities of Abhirama Gosvami might not be accepted by the modern people but as Sri Caitanya Deva, an incarnation of Krsna, needed the help of Abhirama in completing his sport, then Abhirama can not be an ordinary person. It is also to be noted that the Hindu devotees would be very much shocked to deny the supernatural powers of Abhirama who was a friend of Krsna in Vrajalila and who could live 3/4 thousands years at a stretch.

Abhirama Visits Village Kendulilva, the Birthplace of the Vaisnava Poet Jayadeva

Due to Abhirama's efforts, the neglected casts of the Hindu society began to feel gratified by Abhirama and the hatred of the high caste towards the low caste began to vanish from the country. The principle of fraternity again was established in the country. The people began to worship Abhirama as god and Abhirama also began to spend his days very gladly in doing nama sankirtana with them. People from various parts of the country began to come and observe Abhirama in crowd.

One day, some Vaisnava from Kenduvilva village came to see Abhirama and began to sing sweet songs from Gita Govinda. Hearing those beautiful songs based on the love of Radha Krsna, Abhirama became ecstatic and went to faint again and again. He began to think as if he had been with his dear friend Sri Krsna and he had been sending Suvala to Sri Radha to inform her about grievous condition of Shyama caused by her separation. As if hearing the news of the condition of her lord, she took to her heels and jumped into the love ocean of her lover.

On hearing Gita Govinda, Abhirama in an ecstatic mood began to visualise the divine Radha Krsna lila. He also began to visulaise the rasa lila in his mind. He was observing that all the trees and creepers had been undulating in soft spring breeze. The trees had been burdened by fully blossomed flowers and the cuckoos had been cooing being covered by the flowers. Their cooing had created a nectar like atmosphere there. In this beautiful weather, Rasabehari Krsna had been engaged in his rasa sport. On seeing Krsna sporting with other sakhis, Radha became very much hurt and had entered into a flower grove to show her huff. Her moon like face had become wet in tears and her soft body had been shivering in the fire of separation. While thinking about her Shyama, she sometimes fainted and sometimes began to laugh hysterically. Sometimes she used to wear the dresses of Krsna and thought of herself as Krsan. Again she used to fall unconscious.

The lover of His devotees, Rajraj Krsna understood everything and by leaving the gopies, he had been searching Sri Radha earnestly. Then coming to Radha, Krsna began to say, "Oh my beloved, please give up your meaningless huff on me and look at my face by lifting your moonlike face. Your beautiful white teeth can destroy the darkness of my mind. My love, you are my ornament, you are my life." Radhavallava saw that his so many words failed to break the ice like huff of Srimati. Then he used to take the feet of Radha in his hands and put them on his head. Observing this, Abhirama cried out saying, "You are great Srimati. Your devotion like love is uncomparable in this world." "And you, the God Himself, what am I to say to you? It is quite impossible for an ordinary man like me. Insulation, rebuking, negligence of a devotee are more desirable to you than the eulogies of Vedas." Devotee and you are same and so also you and Sri Radha."

Then Abhirama addressed the singers of Gita Govinda by saying, "Oh the great devotee Vaisnavas, I am very glad to hear your songs. Now please disclose to me the life history of that great devotee Jayadeva." The singers very humbly began to describe that Jayadeva, the writer of the Gita Govinda was born in Kenduvilva village in a brahmana family. In his boyhood, this poor son of a brahmana took an ascetic life and went to Purusottama (Puri) Kshetra without a penny and began to live under a tree. God Jagannatha also became very favorable on him. One day a brahmana offered his daughter to Jagannatha for he had to fulfill his vow of doing so to Jagannatha. Jagannatha ordered the brahmana to dedicate her daughter to his great devotee Jayadeva. So did the brahmana and told his daughter that from now on due to the order of Jagannatha Deva, he (Jayadeva) was her husband. So after leaving her there, the brahmana went away. The beautiful girl Padmavati remained sitting there in front of Jayadeva. When Jayadeva ordered her to go away, her lotus like eyes became full of water. She told him, "Oh my prabhu, my father has left me here due to the order of Jagannatha and offered me in your hands. Now you are my husband. You may leave me but I cannot even for my life's sake." So helpless Jayadeva married her and began to live in a cottage. He employed his wife in the worship of his Radha Madhava. At that time Jayadeva had written his beautiful book Gita Govinda on the love of Radha Krsna. The love poetry is uncomparable in this world. Jayadeva once began to hesitate to write a pada when he reached that part of the episode where Krsna had been holding the feet of Radha on His head. So he left the duty of writing and went for a bath. In the meantime Sri Krsna in the form of Jayadeva finished the unfinished line of the verse that is "dehi padapallavamudram" and disappeared. After some time Jayadeva came back from his bathing. His wife Padmavati astonishingly told him, "You have just come to home to complete e of your book. How do you come back from your bathing in such a short time?" Being very astonished on hearing her, Jayadva hurriedly opened his book and what he saw was enough to make him mad in the love for Krsna. He began to cry ecstatically and by holding the feet of Padmavati said, "You are great Padmavati, your life is precious because in a short while ago whom you have seen in my form was Krsna Himself. He is your real husband. He is the husband of the world."

So Abhirama took Jayadeva as a great devotee and wanted to visit his place. The Kenduvilva dwellers gladly became the guide of Abhirama in his visit to Kenduvilva. Abhirama, whose Krsna is the life, became overwhelmed to observe the beautiful feature of Jayadeva. He sang the glory of Jayadeva in various ways and paid his homage to Jayadeva regarding him as his master. Formerly the idols of the deities used to be cracked by the bowing of Abhirama, but now the idol of Radha Madhava of Jayadeva became very bright by the bowing of Abhirama. That idol became alive and all the people witnessing the sight fell to the ground in devotion. The nectar like Radha Krsna nama began to be uttered in millions of mouths filling the atmosphere in sublime bliss.

Visit to Visnupura and Darsana of Deity Madana Mohana

From Virbhuma, Abhirama came to Bankura. The people of this place became overwhelmed to observe the devotion and supernatural power of Abhirama and became very devotional in their minds. The king of Visnupura heartily welcomed Abhirama and requested him to impart religious lessons to his subject.

One day Abhirama with some of his devotees started Krsnanama sankirtana and advanced towards the temple of Madana Mohana. Before entering into the temple, his whole body began to tremble in ecstasy. He with his devotees started going round the temple in singing sankirtana. When he bowed his head on the door of the temple, the whole temple began to tremble as if an earthquake had been started.

Abhirama with a thrilling heart entered into the temple. He began to feel a divine joy to see the deity as a dear friend as a dear friend always used to feel like when he met his dear friend after a long time. He wanted to see to the people whether there was any power in the deity or not. So by his first bow the deity remained as usual but by his see and bow the deity in the pretext of return bow, mimicked a little bit. Everyone became startled to see it and bowed to the feet of Abhirama Gosvami.

Abhirama told everybody, "To deliver the man king of Kaliyuga, Sri Krsna has appeared in Navadvipa. In this life he will be a great example of Krsna devotee and will show this to the whole world. Due to his wish, I have also come here in Bengal. To show you that the idols of Krsna are not only lifeless. I am doing all these miraculous activities. All of you become devotees of Krsna, sink into the depth of love of Krsna, all your miseries and agonies will be gone. Your lives will be full of bliss and you will be able to obtain the favor of Krsna.

Darsana of Krsna Raya of Vagadi (Vaguda)

By living in Visnupura for some days Abhirama maddened the people of that place in love of Krsna. Then he went to Vagadi to see the deity of Krsna Raya. Abhirama began to sing the glory of Krsna Raya by standing before the beautiful idol. The whole body of Krsna Raya became sweaty. Then Abhirama told everybody in shouting, "look, my dear friend's beautiful body has become sweaty. He is smiling sweetly. It seems my friend has become very tired after grazing his cattle and is now standing under a tree in his usual three fold posture. As if my friend is calling me helplessly. Please give me a fan and I shall fan my friend to take away his tiredness." The devotees hastily gave him a fan. Abhirama was then in complete trance and in that condition he began to fan his friend. The devotees observing this beautiful scene began to sing Harinama loudly. Everyone came to know that Abhirama was truly a friend of Sri Krsna.

Visit to Bayada

Then Abhirama Gosvami came to Bayada. At that time Bayada had been ruled by a powerful sakta King Ranajit Raya. He used to dig a big lake. King Ranjit tried to build a huge "Maljat" (a pillar made of iron) in the middle of the lake. Many strong persons were employed to do this job but they could not even pick it up by their strength.

Endowed by supernatural power, Abhirama in the meantime had been passing by that place. He became queer to know what had been going on there and so he halted for sometime on the bank of the lake. When he saw that those strong persons could not even pick up that pillar, Abhirama wished to do the job by himself. When Abhirama expressed his desire to the king, the latter agreed to his proposal. Then the friend of Govardhana lifter Krsna, Abhirama very easily lifted the pillar and threw it into the lake. Everyone began to appreciate his strength. King Ranjit became so happy that he began to pat on the back of Abhirama.

Abhirama became very much annoyed at this and looked at the king angrily. Though his glance even had pierced the stone idols of different deities, yet this time the king could bear his look and this very much astonished Abhirama. Then through deep meditation, he came to know of the supernatural power of the king. He now realised that the king was a great sakta and some supernatural power was always protecting him. He also realised that being over powerful the king had become an upstart. So kind hearted man Abhirama for the good of the earth, decided to correct the king by exacting all his powers.

The king had been able to establish a vast kingdom due to the grace of Devi Sakti. Being an ordinary Hindu Zamindar, he was able to defeat the Nawab's armies and became a well known hero in Bengal. None of the then kings were a match to him. All these powers and fame had made him a very proud person. He just forgot the grace of the supernatural power by which he had become so powerful a king and was about to misuse that power. He became indulged in material pleasure like an ordinary human being. For this reason God decided to curb his person and sent Abhirama to carry out His plan. A great powerful man Abhirama without doing any harm to Ranjit only had exacted his supernatural power. Then Abhirama left Bayada and advanced towards Krsnanagara. On the way all persons being impressed by his simplicity, kindness and love and transcendental powers became his great admirers and devotees.

Abhirama Meets Malini

Abhirama reached the outskirts of Kajipura village near Krsnanagara. One day in the morning he had been in morning walk on the bank of the river and saw that Malini Devi was bathing with her companions on the other bank of the river. Abhirama became very glad to see his life like lady love Malini and being overwhelmed he addressed her. Malini devi also saw him and at once jumped into the river and swam across it to come to him. All the female companions of Malini devi became stunned to see her swimming across the river and stood like wooden dolls. They could not even speak a word.

Malini devi reaching to him, fell flat on the feet of her love. The great lover Abhirama lifted her by holding her hands and then they began to walk elsewhere in talking to each other. When the companions saw that she had gone with an unknown saintly man they rushed to the home and reported everything to the Kaji.

After hearing all the incidents, the Kaji became very angry. He at once called his armies and went across the river to search her. He reached the village named Villoka and after searching for some time, he got her sitting with a saintly man on the bank of the river. This scene broke his patience and he burst into anger. The sword in his hand began to dazzle. With a view to beheading the saint, he advanced towards them. But as soon as he looked at the dazzling eyes of the saint, all his powers seemed to be destroyed. His body began to lose its balance and his head began to reel. He became very afraid. He then put his sword in its case and advanced towards them slowly. He told the saint in a scolding tone "You are a sannyasi, you have given up all material pleasures, then why do you want the company of a woman? If you are not satisfied even then enter into family life again and marry. Don't spoil the sanctity of asceticism by accepting an unknown woman."

With an awed heart, the Kaji went on scolding Abhirama but the latter kept on sitting like a dumb. In the meantime the villagers came to speculate the incident. They all began to criticise the sannyasi. They decided to oust the sannyasi from their village. While everyone began to criticise Abhirama the latter began to think of demonstrating the transcendental power of Malini before them. While thinking in this way, he saw a huge piece of wood fallen on the bank of the river. He knew that all the persons gathered there, could not lift the wood. Abhirama at once went to the river bank and lifted the wood and he addressed all of them to lift it by their hands. The people in wondered gaze had been observing his strength. They began to think that this sannyasi must be a very powerful person whose strength had been God gifted. They all surrendered to Abhirama. The Abhiramam addressed Malini to do the job. Malini devi understood Abhirama and walked up to him slowly and lifted the piece of wood at ease. Everyone became startled to observe her strength and thought that this woman was not an ordinary human being.

Abhirama understood the pulse of the people and easily transformed the huge piece of wood into a small flute. Then he with Malini sat under a tree and began to sing Radha Krsna nama with the flute. The people became so astonished that they began to listen to the nama forgetting everything and in a short time they became ecstatic in emotion. They also began to sin Harinama kirtana and at last fell to the feet of Abhirama and Malini devi. They repeatedly asked for their mercy for thinking otherwise about them.

The Kaji also in folded knees before Malini Devi began to ask for her mercy and favor. Malini Devi told him that he was fortunate enough that she had come to his house. Now he had been fully purified and eligible to lead a life of a devotee. She assured him that from now on her powers would always protect him from any kind of misfortune and miseries. This Kajipura would be known as Khanakula. The Kaji became very glad but he asked Malini Devi why she had changed the name of the village. Then Malini Devi smilingly explained the incident by saying, "Among the food which you used to offer me, I sometimes used to reject some kinds regarding them as impure and used to dig them on the bank of the river. As "Khana" (means food) used to be dug in the ground on the "Kula" (bank) of the river, so the name became "Khanakula." Now go to your home."

Then Kaji leaving Malini Devi there returned to his house with a disheartened mind. But since then he became a completely changed man. He gave up all Muslim rituals and became a Vaisnava. He used to be absorbed in Radha Krsna nama all the time. Peace now began to overrule his heart by filling it with nectar like devotion.

The translation of this text appears to be incomplete, and stops at Chapter Sixteen, "Keeping Malini in a Hidden Place at Khanakula, Abhirama Gosvami Came to Navadvipa and Met Caitanya".


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