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Aug 28, USA (SUN) One of the numerous workshops offered at the Saranagati festival for Lord Balarama this month was entitled "Twelve Principles and Values of a Krsna Conscious Marriage". The seminar was presented by Parta dasa and his wife Uttama devi, active members of the North American Grihasta Vision Team.

The workshop was designed to explore the concept of negative paradigms, which are conditioned thought and resulting behavioral patterns that effect our life choices. Participants collaborated on listing unhealthy paradigms that fall into a host of categories, including family life, spiritual practice, money, preaching, marriage, raising children, etc. Once recorded, the list read like a 'who's who' of the negative themes we tend to come into contact with throughout the devotee community.

Participants were then challenged to identify their own primary negative paradigms, working with a partner to write and talk about a plan of action for addressing and improving the pattern.

Uttama and Partha, our facilitators, were well informed and familiar with the material they presented, and gave us an expert overview of how the paradigm concept can be viewed as a life skills tool. The couple have been participating for some time with the Grhasta Vision Team, whose members present courses in devotee communities across North America.

One of the key standards used by the Grhasta Vision Team is a list entitled "Twelve Principles and Values of a Krsna Conscious Marriage". These include:

    • Alignment with Srila Prabhupada
    • Spiritual Growth and Progress
    • Spiritual Equality/Material Difference
    • Positive and Realistic Vision
    • Mutual Respect and Appreciation
    • Commitment and Dedication
    • Open and Honest Communication
    • Personal and Social Responsibility
    • Economic Development and Prosperity
    • Focus on Children's Welfare
    • Family Love and Affection
    • Regulated, Balanced & Exemplary Lifestyle

By understanding and following these 12 value standards, based on the teachings of Srila Prabhupada, devotees can increase the quality and potency of their relationship experience and strengthen the family's ability to work cooperatively together in a Krsna Conscious mood, by eliminating some of the barriers that material conditioning place before us.

A great deal of information about the purpose and work of the North American Grhastha Vision Team can be found on the Vaishnava Family Resources website, which includes a list of available mentors and the scheduled training sessions they hold around the U.S. and Canada.

Numerous articles are available on the site about developing a successful marriage and family life, dealing with conflicts and difficulties, and building a full expression of Krsna Consciousness through the grhasta asrama. The archive includes articles on family therapy, mental health in the Vaisnava community, dealing with anger, divorce, and various life passages. Case studies are provided to explain how the twelve value standards can be applied to dealing with the challenges faced by grhasta devotees.

For more information, please visit their website at:
www. .


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