Live from Saranagati (3)


Saranagati Sweat Lodge

Aug 19, USA (SUN) — The Thursday evening program at Saranagati’s Balarama Festival featured an excellent slide presentation by Drutakarma dasa (Michael Cremo), who shared slides illustrating a presentation he recently gave to a conclave of science and archaeology professionals in London.

The thesis being advanced by Drutakarma dasa to this scientific body was, in essence, that the western world has a flawed understanding of India’s historical participation in the field of archaeology. This premise was thoroughly supported by an overview of the many incidents of transcendental archaeology performed by elevated Vaisnavas who, throughout history, have successfully researched, located and recovered numerous holy shrines, Deity forms, and other sacred items.

Prior to Drutakarma’s presentation, the devotees were hosted at Bala Krsna’s asrama, where a sumptuous array of prasadam was prepared. Kirtans were sweet and lively The children decorated honey pots for Lord Balarama’s honey.

Mangal arotik was led by Dhananjaya dasa, visiting from the Hillsboro temple. Another morning kirtan and darshan is being held at Yamuna devi’s mandir, after which the final preparations will begin for Lord Balarama’s Appearance Day festival. A decorated altar and raft are being prepared at the wharf, so that Sri Sri Krsna Balarama may be accompanied on a moonlight ride across Lake Saranagati.

The weather is beautiful here, and the devotees are thoroughly enjoying the association of all the Vaisnavas.


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