The Holy Places of Jaiva Dharma: Simantadvipa


The Deliverance of Chand Kazi

Jul 10, 2014 — CANADA (SUN) — A serial presentation of the holy places mentioned in the Jaiva Dharma of Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakur - Part 143.

Among the pastimes most famously associated with Simantadvipa are those involving the Chand Kazi. The Kazi's Samadhi is on the border of Antardvipa, while the rest of the Kazi nagar is within the bounds of Simanta dvipa. In Navadvipa-dhama-mahatmya, Parikrama-khanda, there is a detailed narrative of Sri Nityananda Prabhu's illumination on the glories of Simantadvipa, saying "Know this to be Simantadvipa":

    "After saying this, Nityananda Prabhu took Jiva and quickly entered the Chand Kazi's village, where He said, "O Jiva, hear My words. The Chand Kazi's village is none other than Mathura. After performing kirtana, Gauranga gave love of God to the Kazi and liberated him. Mathura's King Kamsa of Krishna-lila became Chand Kazi in gaura-lila. For that reason Gauranga addressed the Kazi as His maternal uncle, and out of fear the Kazi took shelter of Gauranga's lotus feet.

    Under orders from Hussain Shah, who was the king of the Bengal empire and Jarasandha in krishna-lila, the Kazi caused disturbance during kirtana performance by breaking the mridangas. The Lord, appearing in the form of Nrisimha, put fear in the Kazi's heart. Like Kamsa, the Kazi cowered in fear. Sri Caitanya, however, gave him prema and thus made the Kazi a great devotee. The very fortunate hear this story of the Kazi's liberation.

    Just see the difference between Vraja-tattva and Navadvipa-tattva. Those who offend Krishna are liberated by merging into the Lord's effulgence, whereas in Navadvipa the offenders receive the treasure of love of God. Therefore, Lord Gauranga's pastimes are considered the highest. Gauranga's abode, name, form, and qualities do not consider offense; rather, they expertly deliver one from any offense. If the devotee has some offense in his heart, then Krishna's name and abode will deliver him only after a long time. But Gauranga's name and abode immediately bestow prema on the devotee, for offenses create no obstacle and are easily overcome. O Jiva, see the Kazi's samadhi. By seeing this samadhi the living entities' old age and disease are vanquished."

    Overwhelmed with love, Nityananda then quickly moved on to Sankhavanik-nagara, where He spoke to Jiva, "Sarasanga is a wonderful sight. Even the name is most enchanting. Jagannatha resides here with the sabaras. When the demon Raktabahu created disturbances, the Lord came here with His dayita (beloved). Know for certain that this place is nondifferent from Jagannatha Puri, for Lord Jagannatha is eternally situated here."

    Going past Tantuvaya-grama, they saw the cottage of Kolaveca Sridhara. The Lord said, "After performing kirtana, Gaurahari blessed His devotee by taking rest here. For that reason it is called Visrama-sthana (place of resting). Now you may take rest here at Sridhara's house."

    When Sridhara heard the Lord coming, he came out and offered full obeisances and worship to the Lord. Sridhara said, "O Lord, You are very merciful to this servant. I beg You to take rest here."

    Nityananda said, "You are very fortunate, for the Lord showed His mercy on you. Today we will take rest here."

    Hearing this, Sridhara's desire was fulfilled. With great attention he gathered suitable items and had some devotee brahmanas cook. After Nityananda and Srivasa finished their meal, Sri Jiva took the remnants with great bliss. Sridhara then made Nityananda Prabhu lie down on a cot, and, along with his family, he began massaging the Lord's lotus feet.

    In the afternoon, Srivasa took Jiva to see Shashthi-tirtha. Srivasa said, "Listen, Jiva. Previously, when the demigods heard that Mahaprabhu would descend at Navadvipa, Visvakarma came to Nadia town. He saw that it would be hard to get water on the roads where the Lord would do kirtana in the future. In one night he dug out sixty (shashthi) wide ponds, the last at the Kazi's village. See one of those ponds near Sridhara's beautiful banana patch. Mahaprabhu would sometimes play in the water here and then take Sridhara's bananas. Even now Sridhara takes his banana flowers and banana stem vegetables to Saci with great happiness. "Nearby this place is Mayamari. Listen to the story from the Puranas. When Baladeva was on pilgrimage, He came to Navadvipa to take rest. The brahmanas there told Him about the Mayasura demon. Hearing about the disturbance that the demon was causing, Baladeva quickly came running to meet the demon in the field. A great battle ensued between Balarama and the demon, and at last the demon was killed. Since then the place has been called Mayamari. This is a very old story I am telling you. In Vrindavana, this tirtha is called Talavana, and it is visible to those who are fortunate."

    That night they all stayed there, and the next day, with cries of, "Hari! Hari!" they continued their pilgrimage.

    Aspiring only to attain the shade of the lotus feet of Jahnava and Nityananda, this servant reveals the glorification of Nadia."

    Chand Kazi's Samadhi in Simanta


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