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Lord Indra on Airavata

Jul 23, CANADA (SUN) — Prayers to Lord Indra from Rgveda, Book 1, Hymn 32.

"I shall declare the heroic deeds of Indra. The first he achieved, the vajra-wielder: he slew the dragon, freed the waters, cleft the stomach of the mountains. Like cattle lowing for their calves, the waters rushed downwards to the sea. With the strength of a bull he took soma, as it lay pressed in three full beakers; Powerful, he took thunder for his weapon and slew the first-born of dragons.

O Indra, when you killed the first-born of dragons, and outmagicked the magic of the magicians then, creating the sun, and heaven and dawn, you found no-one who could stand against you. (The dragon) lying in that way like a broken reed; the waters, having a mind to rise up, flow over (the dragon's corpse). Vritra, the dragon, now lies at the feet of the waters which, with his power, he had (once) enclosed Vritra's body rolled without rest in the midst of never-ceasing currents The waters bear off Vritra's nameless body: the foe of Indra sank into deep darkness.

(Thrashing about) like a horse's tail you were, O Indra, god without a second, when you struck back with your bolt You won back the cattle, won soma, and released the flow of the seven rivers. Indra is king over all that moves and all that stands still, of creatures tamed and horned, the Thunder[vajra]-wielder. Over all the people he rules as emperor, encircling all, like the felly of a wheel contains the spokes."

Rigveda - Book 6, Hymn 40

"Drink, Indra, the juice shed to make you joyful; loose your bay-coloured steeds and give your friends their freedom. Begin the song, seated in our assembly. Give strength for sacrifice to him who sings. Drink of this whereof at birth, O Indra, you drank, O Mighty One, for power and rapture. Men, pressing-stones, cows, and the waters have made this soma ready for your drinking. The fire is kindled, soma pressed, O Indra: let your best horses, draw you hither. With mind devoted, Indra, I invoke you. Come, for our great prosperity approach us. Indra, come hither: always you came through our great strong desire to drink the soma. Listen, hear the prayers which now we offer, and let this sacrifice increase your power. May you, O Indra, on the day of trial, present or absent, wherever you are, Thence, with your team following with the Maruts, O Song-lover, guard our sacrifice, to help us.

Rigveda - Book 9, Hymn 4

Soma yajna

O flowing Soma, win and conquer high fame;
And make us better than we are.
Win the light, win heaven, and, Soma, all good things;
And make us better than we are.
Win skilful strength and mental power. O Soma, drive away our foes;
And make us better than we are.
Filterers- purify soma for Indra, for his drink:
And make us better than we are.
Give us our portion in the Sun through your own mental power and aids;
And make us better than we are.
Through your own mental power and aid long may we look upon the Sun;
And make us better than we are.
Well-weaponed Soma, pour to us stream of riches doubly great;
And make us better than we are.
As one victorious unsubdued in battle pour forth wealth to us;
And make us better than we are.
By worship, O flowing Soma, men have augmented you for support:
And make us better than we are.
O Indu ['soma drop']], bring us wealth in steeds, manifold, all-reaching;
And make us better than we are.


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