Middle Kingdoms of India, Part 39


Prithvi Raj Chauhan at Ajmer

Jun 07, 2015 — CANADA (SUN) — A serial presentation of India's great history, religious movements and temple architecture.

The Chauhans

'The Chauhan dynasty flourished from the 8th to 12th Centuries A.D. It was one of the four main Rajput dynasties of that era, the others being the Pratiharas, Paramaras and Chalukyas.

Chauhan dynasties established themselves in several places in North India and in the state of Gujarat in Western India. They were also prominent at Sirohi in the southwest of Rajputana, and at Bundi and Kota in the east. Inscriptions also associate them with Sambhar, the salt lake area in the Amber (later Jaipur) district.

The Sakhambari branch remained near lake Sambhar and married into the Gurjara–Pratihara, who then ruled an empire in Northern India.

The Chauhans adopted a political policy that saw them indulge largely in campaigns against the Chalukyas and the invading Muslim hordes. In the 11th Century they founded the city of Ajayameru (Ajmer) in the southern part of their kingdom, and in the 12th Century they captured Dhilika (the ancient name of Delhi) from the Tomaras and annexed some of their territory along the Yamuna River.

The Chauhan Kingdom became the leading state in northern India under King Prithviraj III (1165–1192 A.D.). Also known as Prithvi Raj Chauhan or Rai Pithora, Prithviraj III has become famous in folk tales and historical literature as the Chauhan king of Delhi who resisted and repelled the invasion by Mohammed of Ghor at the first Battle of Tarain in 1191. Armies from other Rajput kingdoms, including Mewar, assisted him.

The Chauhan kingdom collapsed after Prithviraj and his armies fled the battle ground [54-55] against Mohammed of Ghor in 1192 at the Second Battle of Tarain.'


[54] Medieval India: From Sultanat to the Mughals (1206-1526) - I By Satish Chandra
[55] A History of India by August Friedrich Rudolf Hoernle, Herbert Alick Stark


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