The Holy Places of Jaiva Dharma: Koladvipa


Mahaprabhu Bari, Vishnu Priya's Worshippable Deity

May 09, 2014 — CANADA (SUN) — A serial presentation of the holy places mentioned in the Jaiva Dharma of Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakur - Part 81.

For our final segment on Koladvipa, we these passages from the Audarya Dhama chapter on Koladvipa.

"The following story is narrated in the Caitanya Bhagavata:

One day Caitanya Mahaprabhu was wandering through the streets of Kuliya (present Navadvipa town) with Srivasa Pandit. They wandered into the area where the drunkards lived. When Caitanya Mahaprabhu smelt the alcohol, He suddenly started developing the mood of Balarama and informed Srivasa Pandit, "Yes, I'm going in. Let us go in!"

Srivasa Pandit fell and begged Him, "If you go in, so many people will criticise and will become sinful and go to hell. You have appeared to liberate everyone; You have appeared to distribute love of God." In this way Srivasa begged Caitanya Mahaprabhu not to go in.

Caitanya Mahaprabhu decided to subdue the mood of Balarama and carried on with Srivasa. After a short distance, they came across Devananda Pandit. Caitanya Mahaprabhu went up to Devananda Pandit very angrily and started shouting at him, "You call yourself a Pandit, learned, and you teach the Srimad Bhagavatam, but what do you know of Srimad Bhagavatam? Previously Srivasa Pandit went to your lecture. Srivasa Pandit is so pure that even the Ganga longs for his touch, but simply because he started to cry during your discourse, your students picked him up and threw him out and you took no notice of this action. Thus you can never understand the essence of Srimad Bhagavatam."

In this way Caitanya Mahaprabhu chastised Devananda Pandit and went on his way with Srivasa Pandit. Even though there was no way Devananda Pandit could be forgiven for his great offense against the most holy of all Vaisnavas, Srivasa Pandit, who was an incarnation of Narada Muni, still somehow or other by the grace of Vakreswara Pandit, who was invited to his house one day to accept meals, he was informed of the true essence of Caitanya Mahaprabhu. Devananda's intelligence developed and he fell at the feet of Srivasa Pandit and begged forgiveness.

At this place Caitanya Mahaprabhu finally forgave Devananda Pandit. This is the special mercy of Govardhana Hill in Navadvipa that He forgives all offences.

Giri Govardhana ki jai

Praurdh Maya

In this place is situated the Praurdha Maya Deity, the personality of Yoga Maya. In Vrindavan, she is called Paurnamasi. By her grace, one can see through the thin curtain of illusion which is covering the Dhama and thus see the eternal pastimes of Lord Caitanya. Also situated here is a Deity of Lord Siva, known as Vrida Siva.

Praurdha Maya and Vrida Siva had been in Mayapur between ISKCON and Yogapitha, but due to the Ganga's shifting the residents of Kuliya brought them here (In the main bazaar under a banyan tree).

Mahaprabhu Bari

There is a Deity of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu here which was previously worshipped by Vishnu Priya after the Lord took sannyasa.

The following story is narrated in the Caitanya Bhagavata: One day Caitanya Mahaprabhu called Nityananda Prabhu aside and said, "You must tell this secret to only five persons. On the Sankranti day (14th Jan.), I will take sannyasa from Kesava Bharati in Indrani, close to Katwa (now the present town of Katwa). Only tell My mother, Sri Gadadhara Pandit, Brahmananda, Candrasekhara and Mukunda."

On the day of Sankranti, Lord Gauranga spent the day as usual with the Vaishnavas performing Sankirtan, and in the evening they all went to the Ganga for darshan. They went to the Ganga and sat down on the shore. They all sat for some time and then returned home. In His home, Caitanya Mahaprabhu was seated surrounded by His servitors. None of them knew that He would be leaving in the morning. Many Vaishnavas came to give gifts of sandalwood and garlands. So many devotees came that even Lord Brahma and the demigods could not count them. Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu requested them all to engage in Kirtan.

Kolavecha Sridhara brought a pumpkin for Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu. Caitanya Mahaprabhu thought to Himself, "Maybe never again will I be able to taste the fruits and vegetables of Sridhara", and He requested His mother to make a preparation of milk and pumpkin. After this, Caitanya Mahaprabhu requested them all to go home. Then Caitanya Mahaprabhu went to take rest.

Sacimata, knowing that Caitanya Mahaprabhu would be leaving that night, could not go to sleep and she was bursting into tears at every moment. She went and sat by the gate, so Mahaprabhu could not leave without seeing her. One and a half hours before the sun rose, Caitanya Mahaprabhu rose to leave. Sri Gadadhara and Haridas Prabhu, who were resting in the same room as the Lord, also rose. Gadadhara Pandit told the Lord, 'We will also come with You". The Lord told him, "I have no company in this matter."

When Caitanya Mahaprabhu saw Sacimata sitting at the gate, He touched her feet and sat down next to her and started to gently explain to her, "You have brought Me up very nicely and sacrificed everything for Me, and I can never repay the debt which I owe you. But now, please let Me go, for the sake of all the living entities."

After saying this, Caitanya Mahaprabhu rose and, taking the dust of her lotus feet, circumambulated her three times and then left.

When the sun came up, all the devotees came to visit Caitanya Mahaprabhu. When they arrived, they saw that Mother Saci was sitting outside the house. The great Srivasa Pandit enquired, "O Mother, why are you sitting outside?" Sacimata replied, "What can I say? Everything here belongs to you all and I am simply your servant." When the devotees came to understand that Caitanya Mahaprabhu had left, they all broke down and started crying. The scene was non-different from when Lord Krsna had left Vrindavan.

Caitanya Mahaprabhu went to Katwa and there accepted sannyasa from Kesava Bharati Maharaj. Kesava Bharati was considered non-different from Sandipani Muni.

Yamuna Prasada

Here the Ganga and Yamuna flow as one river. Its left bank is considered the Ganga and its right bank the Yamuna. This secret is only understood by the devotees. Where the Yamuna touches Koladvipa is nondifferent to Vansivat and Yamuna pulin in Vrindavan.


The following story is narrated in the Navadvipa-dhama Mahatmya: When Bhima was travelling far and wide collecting taxes so that his brother, Yudhisthira, could perform the Rajasuya sacrifice, he arrived at this place, which was then ruled by Samudra Sena. When the king saw Bhima coming, he thought to himself: "Bhima is coming here to collect taxes, but if I refuse to pay and instead fight with him, and if I somehow manage to put him into great difficulty, then Krsna who is very affectionate towards Bhima, will come to defend him, Thus I will obtain Lord Krsna's darshan."

When Bhima requested tax from the king the king refused and brought his army out. In the battle the king put Bhima into great difficulty with his heroic fighting. At that time Lord Krsna appeared on the battlefield. At that time also, the king saw the pastimes of Radha-Krsna and beheld the forest of Kumudavan, where he saw Lord Krsna and His friends performing their pastimes. But suddenly these pastimes disappeared, and he saw the form of Lord Gauranga along with His huge Kirtan. Lord Gauranga's complexion was as brilliant as gold. In this way, the desire of the king was being fulfilled and he offered his prayers to the lotus feet of the Lord, then suddenly the Lord disappeared.

Bhima was unable to see any of this and thought that the king had suddenly become afraid. He was surprised when he saw the king suddenly give up fighting and thereupon requested him to pay tax.

This place is considered to be nondifferent from Kumudavan in Vrindavan and also Gangasagara and Dvaraka. Once the ocean came here to offer his respects to the Ganga. Therefore this place is known as Samudraghara (Home of the ocean).

Gangadevi told the ocean, "Ocean, very soon Lord Gauranga will stay in a forest on your shores."

"My dear goddess, Gangadevi", replied the ocean, "The son of Saci will never leave Sri Navadvipa. Although imperceivable to contaminated material vision, holy Navadvipa is His eternal transcendental abode. All the Vedas sing of His manifested and unmanifested pastimes here, O Ganga. I will stay here under your shelter and serve the lotus feet of Lord Gauranga, the Lord of Navadvipa."

The ocean stays here in Sri Navadvipa, meditating incessantly upon the eternal pastimes of Lord Caitanya


Fortunate Jayadeva! Fortunate Padmavati! Gita Govinda, Krsnarati; be merciful to me, give me one drop of the ocean of prema that Jayadeva enjoyed.

The following description is to be found in the Navadvipa-Dhama Mahatmya: Jayadeva and Padmavati stayed at this place. While living here, Jayadeva wrote 'Gita Govinda'.

One day Lord Caitanya manifested Himself before Jayadeva. The Lord told him, "Very soon I shall take birth in Nadia, in the womb of Sacimata. Along with the devotees of all the avataras, I shall distribute Love of Godhead through Sankirtan. After the first twenty-four years, I shall take sannyasa and live in Jagannatha Puri. There in the association of devotees overwhelmed with prema, I shall taste the poetry of your 'Gita-Govinda'. I shall hear it continuously because it is very dear to Me. You will return to this Navadvipa after death; this I say for certain. Therefore, you and your wife go to Jagannatha Puri, worship Lord Jagannatha and obtain love of God."

The Sripat of Dvija Vaninatha is situated here. In a temple there are Deities of Sri Sri Gaura-Nitai. Once a brahmana used to dwell here and collect Campa flowers for his Deity worship. Pleased by his regular worship and devotion, Krsna appeared before him in His blackish form, then in His golden form, shining like a Champa flower. The Lord told him that He would appear as the son of Jagannatha Mishra, and that he, the brahmana, would appear as the Lord's associate, Dvija Vaninatha, here at Champahatti.

This place is nondifferent from Khadiravan of Vrindavan. Campakalata, one of the eight Sakhis, comes here daily to pick flowers for making garlands for Radha Krsna.

Manasi Ganga river used to flow here, separating Koladvipa from Ritudvipa. Unfortunately now it cannot be seen but, that day will come when this and all the other rivers of Navadvipa will flow again. In Vraja, Manasi Ganga is seen as a large lake in the middle of Govardhana and here she is seen as a river."

To the worshipers of the demigods and those who have attained impersonal realization as well as animal-like persons, engrossed in sense gratification, by its own inconceivable powers Koladvipa gives the rare and secret nectar of love for Radha-Madhava.
(Navadvipa-Sataka 41)


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