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May 08, 2014 — CANADA (SUN) — A serial presentation of the holy places mentioned in the Jaiva Dharma of Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakur - Part 80.

There are at least two notable narratives which mention the Lord's manifestation in His Boar form at Koladvipa. One is from Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakur's Sri Sri Navadvip Bhava Taranga, and the other in Srila Narahari Dasa Thakur's Sri Bhakti Ratnakara.

First is the passage from Sri Sri Navadvip Bhava Taranga:

    "Across the Ganga from Pancaveni, is Koladvipa where the Lord in the form of a boar appeared to His devotees. In the scriptures this place is called Baraha-Ksetra. It is a spiritual realm rarely attained by the demigods. Known as Kuliya Pahora, it is the topmost place of Gaura-lila. Sri Caitanya after taking sannyas, attempted a journey to Vrndavan, but was tricked, and came to this town instead. Here is the school of Vidyavacaspati, the brother of Sarvabhauma Bhattacarya. By the power of his pure devotion, he attracted the Lord by taking bath in the Ganga. When will I stand on this bank of the Ganga and by the mercy of Vidyavacaspati view the opulences of the spiritual kingdom?

    When will the Lord, king of the sannyasis, be visible at the top of the palace? Seeing the efful-gence of that sannyasi, I will fall to the earth in great separation. Just as the gopis, seeing Krishna in Dvaraka dressed as the king, began to weep, remembering His pastimes on the bank of the Yamuna, So I will long to take the Lord back to Mayapur, where in the dress of a young boy with hair long and curled, dhoti folded thrice, He performed pastimes with His young friends in Isody-ana. But still, this sannyasi is also my Lord, and I am His servant. These different appearances that the Lord assumes are but some of His unlimited pastimes. But, oh, my heart desires to take the Lord back to the bank of Prthu Kunda, to the temple of Srivasa Prabhu!

    Further on from here lies Samudragara, purifier of the whole universe, where formerly king Samudra Sen fought with Bhima, and received darsan of the Lord, who acknowledge His pure devotee. Here also the ocean, taking shelter of the Ganga, overcome with divine love, came to see the pastimes of Navadvip Dhama. In this way, witnessed by the demigods and demons, Ganga Sagara resides in Navadvipa.

    The fortunate living entities can see Bahulavan within Koladvipa. Gauranga and his associates, absorbed in kirtan, came and danced there many times. O Koladvipa be merciful to this worthless person, give me the right to live in Navadvipa among the Devotees, and give me the right to the wealth of the pastimes of Gauranga, who is my Lord in life and death.

    In the north part of Koladvipa is Campahatta, a great tirtha where Jayadeva worshipped Gau-ranga, and where Baninath had his house. In that house the Lord performed a great festival of nama-sankirtan, and showed the great extent of His prema. At this village is also a campaka for-est, from which the gopi Campalata gathers flowers for garlands for Radha and Krishna. This is non-different from Khadiravana of Vraja, where Krishna and Balarama take rest."

First is the narration found in chapter twelve of Sri Bhakti Ratnakara:

    Koladwipa or Kulia Paharpura

    "Sri Ishana with Srinivasa entered the village named Kulia Paharapura. He said to Srinivasa that this place had been formerly known as Koladwipa. A brahmin devotee of Sri Koladeva had started his worship for Sri Koladwipa here. That brahmin had been singin the praise of the character of Sri Koladeva with tears in his eyes. He prayed to Koladeva to appear before him only once. His sincere prayer and tears attracted the mind of the devotee loving Prabhu Gaurahari who took the form of Kola whose superb beauty, well shaped hands, legs, nose, eyes and heigh as high as a mountain went beyond description. The brahmin became overwhelmed to observe the beauty of Varahadeva and fell at the feet of Prabhu delightfully. Devotee loving Koladeva told the brahmin sweetly that his wishes would be fulfilled and he could observe the sport of Prabhu in Nadia. Then he disappeared. Though the brahmin became very disappointed yet he controlled his emotion and began to think about the form of incarnation which Prabhu would take in Navadvipa. (372-388)

    The brahmin took the help of the Vedas and other scriptures to find out the details of the appearance of Prabhu and his nature of incarnation. He found that Prabhu would appeare with Gaura complexion in a brahmin family of the Navadvipa in this Kaliyuga. He would establish the glory of sankirtana and distribute his doctrine of love and devotion among the poor and wretched mankind. He would taste the juice of Vraja love and would accept the life of an ascetic in an auspicious moment. Observing the supernatural land he began to lament in this way. Even the scriptures have mentioned the name of Sri Navadvipa dharma which will be the sporting place of Prabhu but I am so unfortunate that I know nothing of it. I doubt whether I will be favored by Sri Navadvipa to take my birth in Navadvipa at the time of Prabhu's appearance. Then he began to weep in despair. In the meantime he got an oracle from the sky saying, "You will be born at that time." The brahmin became very glad and was absorbed into the nama of Prabhu. Ishana told Srinivasa that he had heard from an old expert that due to the favor of Koladeva to the brahmin, this place came to be known as Koladvipa. The sight of this place could destroy all kinds of ill beings and could grant pure devotion to mankind by fulfilling their desires to the fullest extent. In this way they kept on travelling the places of sport of Prabhu." (389-402)

In Audarya Dhama, there is a nice passage on the Lord's Boar pastime in Koladvipa, which refers to the same from Navadvipa Dhama Mahatmya:

    Kuliya (Aparadha Bhanjanera pata)

    "'O Kesava, O Lord of the universe, O Lord Hari, You have assumed the form of a Boar. All glories to You! The Earth which became submerged in the Garbhodaka ocean at the bottom of the universe is fixed upon the tip of Your tusks like a spot upon the moon.'
    (Gita Govinda)

    The present town of Navadvipa is the same as Kuliya. In a previous kalpa, Lord Varaha appeared at this place. The following story is narrated in the Navadvipa Dhama Mahatmya:

    Once a brahmana named Vasudeva was engaged in worshipping Lord Varaha. He prayed to the Lord, 'Please give me mercy and show Your self. Thus my eyes and life will be successful. If You do not show Your self then my life will be worthless." The merciful Lord showed Himself to Vasudeva in the form of a Boar. His body was decorated with ornaments; His feet, face, nostrils, neck, eyes were all very attractive, and He was towering high as a mountain. The brahmana fell on the ground to pay his respects. Seeing his devotion, Varaha spoke gently to him, "O Vasudeva, as you are My devotee, I am satisfied with your worship. When Kaliyuga comes, I will display My pastimes here. In the three worlds there is no comparison to Navadvipa, it is My very dear abode. All of the tirthas reside here, that is the verdict of the scriptures. In answer to Lord Brahma's prayers, I appeared and killed Hiranyaksa with My tusks. The place where I appeared is present right here. By living in Navadvipa all the effects of living else where are obtained.

    When Gauranga comes, you will be born here again. You will see the Maha-sankirtan and the astounding form of Lord Gauranga.

    This place is non-different from Govardhana Hill in Vrindavana."


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