The New Future of Community Philanthropy


May 08, USA (SUN) — A new series of reports is being developed for community foundations interested in taking advantage of philanthropic resources. The first of that series, "Future Matters" has just been released by Blueprint Research & Design, Inc. and the Monitor Institute, with continuing support from the Ford and C.S. Mott foundations. The series articles will discuss ongoing and emerging issues and trends expected to impact the future of community philanthropy.

In their press release on the series, project staff write: "The new piece, "Keeping Your Community Foundation Ahead of the Technology Curve: How the Latest Technology Trends Could Help You Serve Your Community Better," explores emerging technologies that may be important to communities in the decade to come, and examines their potential to change the ways that community philanthropy organizations share information and knowledge, build community, and mobilize resources and collective action to address local issues. We believe that community-based funders now have an opportunity to get in early and use the new technologies to leverage what they already do and what they already know about their communities."

The first report in the series is intended to give community-based organizations a starting point for considering how changing technologies are likely to affect your organization and the local community. Devotee groups interested in accessing philanthropic dollars for community outreach programs like Food For Life, educational or shelter programs, and those interested in deploying resources already in hand, will find the "Future Matters" report helpful.

As the report describes, "New types of technological tools, loosely termed “social software,” now allow communities to collaborate in ways that may have important implications for community foundations and their work. Many of these technologies are still in the early stages of development. But at a time when nearly two-thirds of all American adults use the Internet on a typical day, much of the new software is beginning to demonstrate very real potential for enhancing the ways in which people and organizations are able to connect, share information, and work together."

The full report (PDF) is available for download here.


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