Holy Lake of the Acts of Lord Rama, Part 25


The Marriage of Sita and Rama
Pune, c. 1805

Apr 11, 2012 — CANADA (SUN) — A serial presentation of Tulasi das's 'Ramacaritamanasa'.

'The Lord was very pleased with the royal pair's request, gentle, humble and full of devotion. The treasure-house of grace who loves his votaries, the Blessed Lord who dwells in the whole universe was manifest.

[Doha 146] 'Myriads of Loves were put to shame when they saw the beauty of his body, dark as the dark-blue lotus or the sapphire or the dark rain-burdened cloud; [Caupi 147] his face matchless in beauty as the autumn moon; lovely cheeks and chin and neck marked like the conch; ruddy lips and charming teeth and nose, and a smile brighter than the moonbeam; eyes perfect in loveliness like newly-opened lotus buds; a fascinating glance to enchant the soul; curved eyebrows outrivalling in charm Love's bow; a sect-mark gleaming on his forehead; fish-shaped earrings in his ears and on his head a glorious crown; curly hair like a swarm of bees; on his breast the Srivatsa and a charming woodland wreath, a garland of gems and jewelled ornaments; a lion-like neck and beautiful sacred thread; beautiful, too, the bracelets on his arms, strong comely arms like an elephant's trunk; at his side a quiver, and bow and arrows in his hands; [Doha 147] yellow dress more brilliant than the lightning; three fair folds on his belly, and a navel so captivating that it seemed to have stolen the beauty of Yamuna's eddies.

[Caupi 148] 'None can describe those lotus feet, haunted by the bees that are the souls of sages. On his left there matched his beauty the Primal Energy, perfect loveliness, cause of the world, she from a part of whom are born those mines of virtue, innumerable Laksmis, Umas and Brahmanis; she by the play of whose eyebrows the world comes into being stood on Rama's left, Sita herself. When they beheld the boundless beauty of Hari's form, Manu and Satarupa gazed fixedly upon them with wide-open eyes. Reverently they looked on their matchless loveliness nor could be satisfied. They lost all consciousness in an excess of rapture; they fell prostrate and clasped his feet with their hands. The Lord of compassion touched their heads with his own lotus hands and at once raised them to their feet.

[Doha 148] 'Then said the gracious Lord, "Know that I am very pleased. Ask now whatever boon you will, believing me to be the giver of all good."

[Caupi 149] 'When the king heard the Lord's words, he folded his hands, and taking courage gently replied, "Lord, now that we have seen they lotus feet our every desire has been fulfilled. Yet there is still one boon I earnestly crave, both easy to grant and difficult; therefore it is hard to express it. Easy for thee to grant, divine master, but difficult for me to receive in my lowly estate. Just as a poor man who has found the tree of Paradise hesitates to ask for great wealth, because he does not realize its power, so I doubt in my heart; and this thou knowest who readest the hearts of all! Master, fulfil my longing!"

'"Hesitate not," said the Lord, "but ask of me, O king; for there is naught that I will not grant you."

[Doha 149] '"O greatest of givers and most gracious Lord," said Manu, "I tell thee truly, I wish to have a son like thyself. Can aught be hid from the Lord?"

[Caupi 150] 'When the Lord of compassion marked his devotion and heard his words beyond price, he said, "So be it! But where can I go to seek another like myself? I myself will come and be your son, O king!" Then, seeing Satarupa with folded hands, he said, "Lady, ask what boon you will."

'"Lord," she replied, "the boon the wise king has craved is altogether after my heart, O gracious one. But, Lord, it is a very presumptuous request, though thou art pleased to grant it because thou lovest thy votaries. For thou art the father of Brahma and the gods, master of the world, the Absolute, and thou knowest the secrets of all hearts. This I remember and doubt; yet what the Lord has said must come to pass. O Lord, that bliss which those who are thy votaries enjoy, that liberation they attain -- [Doha 150] that bliss, that liberation, that faith, that devotion to thy feet, that wisdom, that manner of life, O Lord, grant of thy grace to us!"

[Caupi 151] 'To her speech, so gentle and profound and charming and sweet, the ocean of grace replied in kindly tones, "I have granted all your heart's desire; doubt not. Mother, by my grace the spiritual wisdom that is yours shall never fail."

'Then Manu worshipped his feet and said again, "Lord, there is one more request I would proffer. May I love they feet as a father loves his son, however foolish anyone may call me. As a serpent cannot live without his jewel, or a fish out of water, so is my life dependent upon thee!" This boon he asked and stayed clasping his feet.

'"So be it," said the Lord of compassion. "Now do what I enjoin. Go and dwell in the capital of the king of heaven. [Sundarakanda or Soratha] There, my friend, enjoy luxury and delights, and when some time has passed, you will be born as the king of Avadh, and then I shall be your son. [Caupi 152] I shall fashion the body of a man, formed of my own will, and shall become manifest in your palace, my friend. I shall assume a body with all my parts and work deeds to bring happiness to my votaries, deeds which the thrice-blest will hear with reverence, and, hearing, will put off self-conceit and pride and pass over the ocean of birth and death. And this my Maya, the Primal Energy, who has brought the world into being, will also become incarnate. So shall I accomplish your desire. My promise is true, true, true!"

'With this repeated utterance the Blessed Lord of grace vanished from sight. The king and queen laid up in their hearts the vision of the Lord who grants his grace to the faithful and dwelt for some time in that hermitage. Then in due time they quitted the body without a pang and went and took up their abode in Amaravati.' [Doha 152] This very sacred story Siva related to Uma.


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