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Mar 3, VRINDAVAN (SUN) — Hare Krsna. All is quite at the moment, and we are all very happy and thankful for this. Needles to say, this is temporary. Your generous donation-fund is still going strong and although we have not met our desired goal, there is no lack at this present, quiet time. All hospice plans are still in effect and we are only waiting for a couple of details to be in complete before the next phase beings. We pray that this will take place before our next patient(s) come through. We know someone will inevitably be coming through and in the not-too-distant future. We just donít know when. Below are some current details and status, which may be of interest to you.

Our caretaker and general manager, Priya Shakhi dd Prabhu, is still due to arrive in Vrndavan as soon as she can sell her house in Spain. We are hoping this will be in the next 30 to 60 days, or sooner. Additionally, because we have had problems securing a flat for long-term rental, her very first action-item upon arrival will be to seek and secure an apartment facility for this service.

The plan to purchase the much needed hospital bed is also still in effect. However, without an apartment or house to secure it, this will just have to wait. as will the purchase of any additional medical supplies or equipment. The MVT is currently storing the supplies left over from last year.

Once the above are complete, we will again begin looking for a second person, a Registered Nurse to reside in Vrndavan and work under the kind management of Priya Shakhi dd prabhu. This new position will be a general RN first aid for the hospice and for the general care of the devotees at the Krsna Balaram Mandir and the pilgrims who visit there from all over the world year-round. Our intention is to utilize the temporary hospice facility and the manpower to serve the devotes in their health, even when there are no transitions. Both Priya Shakhi Prabhu and the future new nurse will be asked to train under the capable hands of Sangita dd Prabhu, of Vaishnavas Care, Inc.

Over the last few months, we have collected several thousand dollars, which have helped a handful of devotees in need. Among these was His Grace Kushakrata Prabhu in his last days, who passed away in the Fall of 2005. There was also, a young. Russian. visiting devotee-boy who contracting an infection and was facing amputation of his leg; he was given a small amount of the fund to help save his leg and transport him back home to his family. On the very last week of 2005 His Grace Sri Rama Prabhu passed away and your donations allowed him to have an honorable Vaishnava cremation and his ashes sent to the Holy Dhama. Our dear friend Chandi Prabhu from Los Angeles also left his body at the beginning of this year and your kind donations were there to facilitate his proper farewell. Lastly, our young sisters Goura and Chaitanya Nitai who were each heavily afflicted-Goura who had her leg crushed by a car in India, and Chaitanya who contracted the Tuberculosis virus, there as well, were both helped by your kind donations and they are now both well (still in India) and in inexplicable love with their devotee family-you. We thank all those donors who exclusively gave donations for these god brothers and sisters, and to those who gave us permission to dedicate their specific donation funds to help these individuals.

All other funds are being held in an escrow-like PayPal account ready for the next emergency, but most urgently awaiting the yearly rental of an apartment in Vrndavan and the purchase of a hospital bed and additional medical supplies, once our esteemed Priya Shakhi arrives from Spain-we are all waiting for her.

Please know that Priya Shakhi Prabhu has worked in the health care business for years with the convalescent, geriatric, and Alzheimerís patients and she has recently been studying with Vaisnavaís Care, Inc. to train as a Vaishnava hospice caregiver. We are expecting that she will do additional hands-on training with Sangita Prabhu at the next Vaishnava hospice transition, which we are able to assist.

We will keep you posted. If you have not yet pledged your $1, $5, or $12 per month towards this ever-rewarding service to the Vaishnavas, please go to www.buddhiyoga.org/Hospice and make a pledge. Full accountability and transparency is available on the web.

Hare Krsna,

All glories the Lordís Devotees; they are few and delicate, and they need our love.

Yadunandana Pada Dasa


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