Govinda on Ice at the Olympics


Feb 25, TORINO, ITALY (SUN) — Sri Krsna's sound vibration manifests at the Olympics.

The Supreme Personality of Godhead has manifest at the 2006 Olympics in Torino, benedicting the entire world through the sound vibration of the Govindam prayers. With great delight, we played the following video link provided by HG Urmila devi dasi. The Quicktime clip shows Olympic skaters Anastasia Grebenkina and Vazgen Azroyan, who skated for Armenia to the tune of "Govindam". The Govindam prayers are famous at Srila Prabhupada's ISKCON temples around the world, and it was amazing to what these Olympic skaters move across the ice to this transcendental song.

Anastasia Grebenkina was born in 1979 in Moscow, Russia, and began skating at age 5. She switched to ice dancing at age 12. Vazgen Azroyan was born in 1977 in Odessa, Ukraine. He began skating at age 4 and also switched to ice dancing at age 12. The couple began skating as a pair in 1996, winning many international competitions.

Many of Grebenkina's dance moves reminded us of Indian dance, and she wore a bindi on her forehead, indicating that the choice of Govindam, Adi Purusam, was not by chance.

Please enjoy the following video clip:

Olympic Skating Video

While it may be a slow download for some, it is certainly worth the wait. The Govindam prayers are heard at both the beginning and end of the dance sequence.


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