Limbadri Narasimha Swamy in Bheemgal


Limbadri Gutta Lakshmi-Narasimhaswamy

Jan 20, 2014 — CANADA (SUN) — Lord Nrsimhadeva's town and hill abodes.

In the town of Bheemgal, Andhra Pradesh is the abode of a very beautiful form of Lord Nrsimhadeva, known as Limbadri Narasimhaswamy. Bheemgal is 53 km. from Nizamabad city, the 10th largest city in Andhra Pradesh. The temple, also called Gutta Bheemgal, is closely associated with another famous hill temple, Nimbachalam.

Sri Limbadri Narasimhaswamy's abode, Limbadri Gutta (temple) is located in the town's old Angadi Bazaar. Sri Narasimhaswami and His utsava Deities preside here. Next to the town is a sacred hill known as Nimbachalam. There, Narasimhaswamy also resides, seated with Laksmidevi on His lap.

Several times a year, including Brahmotsavam, the utsava (processional) deities of Limbadri Narasimhaswamy are taken on palanquin from the temple in town to the temple on the hill.

Nara-Narayana, Deogarh Temple

Nimbachalam is one of the few temples where Nara-Narayana is worshipped, and here, the deities are said to be svayambhu. Because Badrinath is another place where Nara-Narayana is worshipped, Limbadri is also known as Dakshina Badrinath. Residing in the sanctum sanctorum at Nimbachalam are also Hanuman, Garuda, and a murti of Sri Madhvacarya.

Here at Limbadri, Nara-Narayana appear as Krishna and Arjuna, sitting on the left side of Sri Narasimhaswamy:

    "That Nara-Narayana Rsi, who is a partial expansion of Krsna, has now appeared in the dynasties of Yadu and Kuru, in the forms of Krsna and Arjuna respectively, to mitigate the burden of the world."
    (Srimad Bhagavatam 4.1.59)

After Sri Krsna departed from this planet, leaving Yudhistira and Arjuna in grief, Krsna is said to have appeared before Yudhistira, saying "Dharmaja! I am not disappearing from this mortal world. I along with Arjuna (with 'Amsha Bheda') in the form of Naranarayana will be at Badrinath and Nimbachalam. You go to those places and worship me".

Nimbachalam Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy

Shri Nimbachalam is one of the most famous hill temples of Laksmi-Nrsimhadeva. Situated about 5 km. from the town temple in Bheemgal, the hill temple is a cave, made visible to the town below by a golden tower.

The sthalapurana (temple record), known as Nimbachala Mahatmayam, is mentioned in Brahma Vyvarthaka Purana. The hilltop shrine is two yojanas (26 km.) south of the sacred Goutami river. Brahma Purana states that Lord Nrsimhadeva was pleased by the penance of Brahma and Prahlada, and fulfilled their desires by remaining on the sacred hill. The rocks and trees on the hill are understood to be devatas who are serving the Lord.

Limbadri Narasimhaswamy's Pallanquin

Nimbachalam was mentioned by Suta Goswami to the Shanakadi rishis (the Four Kumaras: Sanaka, Sanandana, Sanatana and Sanat Kumar). Vedavyasa mentioned it to Janamejaya, and Markandeya mentioned it to Maharaja Chandragupta. The name Nimbachalam is a combination of the Sanskrit nimba and achalam, that is, the neem tree, and one that does not move, i.e., a hill. In this case, Nimbachalam: a hill covered in neem trees.

Limbadri NarasimhaswamyUtsav Deities

The Chintamani and Viraja rivers also flow in this region. It is said that Lord Vishnu asked the goddesses embodying these two sacred rivers, Chintamani and Viraja Devis, to take the shape of lake. Chinatmani's waters reside at the foot of Nimbachalam hill, while Viraja's waters flow away from the hill shrine for a distance of 7 km, and within 2 km. of Bheemgal town. Lord Shiva's bull, Nandi performed austerities here in order to be relieved from the curse of Bhrugu Maharshi, who cured Nandi to prevent him from entering Kailasham. The banks of the river are thus known as Nandi Tataka.

Ayodhya Anjaneya

According to Nimbachala Mahatmayam, by the order of Lord Rama, Anjaneya (Hanuman) underwent tapasya here at Nimbachala. Then, by the order of Sri Laksmi-Narasimhaswamy, he settled at the foot of the hill, on the bank of Chintamani-kunda.

Steps leading up to Nimbachalam Hil
[ Photo courtesy Srinitla @ Panaramio ]



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