Guranga and Murarigupta, Part 5


Lord Caitanya's Six-armed form

Jan 08, CANADA (SUN) — The last in a five-part series from 'Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu', edited by Srimad Bhakti Vaibhav Puri Goswami Maharaj, Founder Acharya of the Sri Krishna Chaitanya Mission, Ganjam, Orissa.

Ragatmika-Bhakti is only to be found among the associates of Sri Krishna in Vraja. The devotion that follows the steps of Ragatmika Bhaktas is called Raganuga Bhakti. Intense longing and spontaneous love for the adored object of Sri Krishna is the distinctive characteristic of Ragatmika Bhakti. A spontaneous inclination of selfless Love for Sri Krishna following the wake of Vrajavasi is the characteristic feature of a Raganuga-Bhakta who does not require to pay any heed of Sastric reasonings.

There are two types of cultivation of Bhakti by the Raganuga Bhaktas, the external and internal. Externally one performs the devotional functions of hearing, chanting etc. through his physical sense organs internally, a Raganuga Bhakta realising himself to be an attendant of a Gopi, renders day and night, external loving confidential service to Sri Krishna, the Lord of the Gopis in Vrindavan. He incessantly serves Sri Krishna in four fold Rasas either as a servitor, a friend, a parent or a sweet heart. A Santa Rasa Bhakta lacks in Raga.

The principles of Bhava Bhakti are always the end of the ultimate goal of the principle of Sadhana Bhakti. The means of Bhava or the sprout of Divine Love, is awakened in the unalloyed heart of a Jiva which is softened by an intense longing for Sri Krishna. It is compared to rays of the sun of Divine Love. When the pure heart is thus softened, this Bhava or Dawn of Love being deepened and intensified by strong attachment for Sri Krishna, becomes Premas or Divine Love, the ultimate quest of all human souls. The gradual stages from Sraddha to Prema Bhakti a fortunate soul gets the seed of Sraddha from the causeless mercy of Sri Guru and Krishna. Then follows, 2. Sadhu Sanga (association with the Sadhus). afterwards comes, 3. Bhajan Kriya (honest or earnest observance of Bhajan or Sadhan). then follows, 4.Anarth-Nivriti, evils which are four in number are (a) Tattwa Bhrama or ignorance of the real nature of one's ownself and Krishna and Maya (b) Asat-Trisna or the evil propensity to enjoy or renounce the world (c) Hridaya Daurbalya, due to heart weakness hankering after wealth, woman, name and fame etc., and (d) Aparadha, offences against Vishnu and Vaishnavas, 5. Nistha or devoutness or steadfastness, 6. Ruchi or relish for hearing or hymning on Sri Krishna Name etc., 7. Asakti or strong attachment for Sri Krishna arises next. Then attachment for Sri Krishna arises next. Then sprouts of Bhava or dawn of Acme of Love, which is called Rati, 8 when this Rati or passion for Krishna is deepened, it is called Prema or the concentrated form of unalloyed Bhakti to Sri Krishna. This Prema alone is capable of conquering the unconquerable Krishna.

The devotee in whose heart sprouts the Bhava or Rati is marked by the following nine internal symptoms : 1. Kshanti, a devotee is not agitated by any earthly cause of disturbances, 2. Avyartha Kalatwam, he never wastes his time with anything that does not concern Krishna. 3. Virakti, he does not like sensual pleasures or celestial enjoyments. He is dispassionate but attached to all thing related to devotion 4. Mana Sunyata, he does not crave for honour 5. Asabandha, He has a full hope to receive the grace of Sri Krishna. 6. Samutkantha, he possesses feverish earning for Krishna's Grace, 7. Nama gane sada ruchi- he cherishes a constant longing for singing of the glories of Sri Krishna 8. Asaktitad-guna-Khyane, he always loves to read and relate the qualities and deeds of Sri Krishna. 9. Priti, tadvasati- sthale, he always loves to reside in places consecrated by the Lilas of Sri Krishna Praying. "O Lotus eyed! When shall I perform an ecstatic dance on the bank of the Yamuna with tears in my eyes and the chantings of the Holy Names on my tongue and lips?"

Even the wise fail to comprehend the speeches, acts and gestures of a prema-bhakta whose heart is full of love for Krishna. He realises Divine Love for Sri Krishna by chanting His Holy Names and with a heart saturated with intense longing for His Darsan. Sometimes he laughs aloud, weeps, laments for separation in Love for Him, sings and dances like a mad, without caring for what the people will say. As love develop it takes successive sweeter forms of Sneha, Mana Pranaya, Raga, Anuraga, Bhava and Mahabhava.

The permanent emotions of Bhava mingled with four fold ingredients mature in the form of Krishna Prema-Rasa. The four fold ingredients of Rasa are Vibhava, Anubhav, Sattvika and Sanchari, Vibhava is of two kinds, Alambana and Uddipana, which are enkindled by the notes of His Flute. Alambana is of two kinds, Vishaya and Asraya. Anubhava is stimulated by smile, dance and song. Sanchari is of 33 kinds. In Santarasa, Rati advances up to the stage of Prema, in Dasya up to Raga, in Sakhya and Vatsalya up to Anuraga.

Nanda Nandana Krishna is the chief of Lovers, while Radhika is at the head of His consorts. Countless are the qualities of Sri Krishna every one of which, when heard, can soothe the ears of a Bhakta. Endless are also Sri Radha's qualities of which twenty five are the chief ones which have captured Sri Krishna's heart Who has His sixty four principal Divine qualities. The love for Sri Krishna and His consort Radhika is the theme of Madhura Rasa, the Vishaya being Sri Krishna and Asraya, Srimati Radhika, Similarly in the Dasya Rasa, the Asraya is a servant, in the Sakhya Rasa, a friend, in the Vatsalya Rasa, the parents, and in the Madhura Rasa, the milk-maids or Vraja of whom Radhika is the foremost, but in all these Rasas, Sri Krishna is the only Vishaya. The Rasa is tasted only by the devotees of Sri Krishna but not the devotees of His other manifestations. Sri Chaitanya taught Sri Sanatana all about Yukta Vairagya which consists in the proper use and enjoyment of all things, sentient and insentient belonging to Sri Krishna, in the spirit of non-attachment and condemned pseudo asceticism. He, in the course of His teaching; rejected the stories of (A) Mausala Leela (B) Kesavatar, (C) Abduction of the queen consorts of Dvaraka, as they delude men of demonic characters. He then explained the 'Atmaramascha' sloka of Srimad Bhagavatam in sixty one diverse ways, which astounded Sri Sanatana. While explaining the sloka He extolled the beneficial, effects of satsanga and narrated the story of a fowler who gave up his sinful profession and became a true devotee of Krishna by the grace of the Holy saint Sri Narada Goswami. Thus Sanatana was taught all about Sambandha Jnana by Sri Chaitanya during His two month's stay at Varanasi.

While at Varanasi Sri Chaitanya accepted the invitation of a Maharastra Brahmin to his house where He met Prakasananda Sarasvati one of the exponents in India of Monistic School. The beautiful smiling face of Sri Chaitanya, His calm and serene look and symmetrical build up of body, the sparkling intelligence beaming forth all about His personality and above all, the sweet and constant soul, enchanting Names of Sri Krishna coming out of His Holy lips, attracted the attention of all assembled there. In reply to the query of Prakasananda as to why He had neglected the study of the Vedanta, the duty of a Sanyasi, He said that He had neither the capacity nor intelligence to read and understand the same with His limited empiric knowledge. He further added that the absolute Truth reveals itself to a sincere seeker on his unconditional submission to the bonafide spiritual Preceptor. Who alone wields the Divine Power to enable him to realise the Absolute. Assured by this method of Revelation, he had sought the shelter at the Lotus feet of His Divine Master, (Acharya) Who out of His causeless infinite mercy, had initiated him with the Holy Name (spiritual formula of invocation) of Sri Krishna. Then the incessant chanting of the Holy Name not only convinced him as to the oneness of the Name, form, attributes, entourage and amorous deeds of Krishna with Krishna Himself but also fully intoxicated him with Divine Love.

Compared to this eternal Nectarine ocean of Krishna Prema not only the fourfold objects of human pursuits sought by the elevationists and the salvationists are as worthless as dirt, but also Brahmananda, which is but a drop of Premananda Sindhu. Chanting Sri Krishna Name is both the means as well as the end of all genuine spiritual endeavours. The Vedanta sutras are the transcendental words of Sri Krishna and therefore they are free from the four fold defects such as error, blunder, inadequacy of senses and spirit of deception. They speak of the eternally personality of the Absolute who is All Being, All Intelligence and All Bliss. He is endowed with His plenary potency which manifests itself in three fold forms.

Marginally situated the Jiva soul possesses an alternative choice between the selfless service to Sri Krishna and sensuous enjoying aptitude like Karmis or Jnanis merging themselves in Abstract Brahman of exclusive Monism. But the Jivas are the eternal servants of Sri Krishna in their unfettered state. The forgetfulness of this eternal function of. the soul turns the Jivas into either Karmis, Jnanis or Yogis etc. making them enslaved by the triple qualities of Maya. Both the Jivas spiritual and Mundane entities are simultaneously distinct and non-distinct from Sri Krishna. They exist in Krishna like the rays of the sun, They are not separate from Sri Krishna who exists in each of them. At the same time they are not identical with Him who is omnipotent and omniscient. This is known as the Doctrine of Acintya Bhedabheda, It is Acintya because it is inconceivable and limited to human understanding. The Vedanta is full of this doctrine. Srimad Bhagavatam is the unstained authoritative commentary of the Aphorisms of the Vedanta. Sri Krishna- Dwaipayana Vedavyasa is the compiler of the Brahma Sutras and the author of Srimad Bhagavatam.

The simple and clear expositions of the Aphorisms of the Vedanta given by Sri Chaitanya make an indelible impression on the minds of His audience, who distinctly understood the ulterior motive of the monistic commentary of the Sankar Vedanta School. They welcome the pure Bhakti cult, the eternal function of the Jiva soul and joined the congregational chant of the Holy Name of Krishna, promulgated by the Lord, with the conversion of Prakasananda Sarasvati. All people of Varanasi accepted the Bhagavat-cult of Naimisharanya school.

Sri Chaitanya sent Sanatana to Vrindavan with the following mission: 1. Establishment of Sambandha Tattwa- The principle of relationship of Krishna with Jiva and Maya 2. Writing a treatise on Vaishnava Smriti-rules of conduct for Vaishnavas. 3. Reclamation of the extinct Holy places of Sri Krishna's pastimes in Vrajamandala 4. Installation of Sri Murties in those places.

The pandits of Varanasi excommunicated Subudhi Roy, a Zamindar of Bengal Desh for having drunk secreted water from the hand of non-Hindu. They also prescribed for him the fatal penance of committing suicide by swallowing hot ghee Fortunately he met Sri Chaitanya who instructed him that the Holy Name, if once uttered, would wash away all his sins and offences and a second repetition of the Holy Name would gain him, Sri Krishna's Lotus feet and a third repetition of the same would establish him as the eternal servitor of Krishna in Vraja. Then He sent Subudhi Roy to Vrindavan where he led an ascetic life feeding the Vaishnavas with rice and curd and massaging their legs at the time of their taking rest. Thus the holy Varanasi which was polluted by the Advaitins, was inundated with the Holy stream of Divine Love from Sri Krishna Chaitanya. He then returned to Puri by the same forest route of Jharikhanda.

Raghunath Das was born to Govardhan Mazumdar a rich zamindar in a village, Sri Krishnapur, near Saptagram, in Hoogly district West Bengal. Raghunath was indifferent to the world from his very boyhood. He used to hear Krishna Name from Thakur Haridas a great Devotee, When Sri Chaitanya came to Santipur after accepting Sanyasa, Raghunath fell prostrate at His feet, Sri Chaitanya touched him with His toe. After a seven days stay he was sent home on the eve of Sri Chaitanya's departure for Puri, Maddened with Love for the Lord, Raghunath, repeatedly tried to run away from his house to Puri. His father kept him bound and engaged eleven persons to guard him day and night. So he was spending the days in deep sorrow deeply meditating to see Sri Chaitanya. At last having heard of His arrival at Santipur, Raghunath went there. During his seven day's stay, Sri Chaitanya said to Raghunath. "Be patient, go home, don't turn mad, It is only by degrees men reach the shore of the world ocean, don't make a show of ape asceticism. Accept the sense objects in a spirit of renunciation. Cherish stead fast attachment for the Lord in your heart, while outwardly discharging your worldly affairs and soon Sri Krishna will deliver you. Meet me at Puri under some pretext. "Reaching home Raghunath spent some years following Yukta-Vairagya, rejecting Phalgu Vairagya as taught by Sri Chaitanya when Nityananda Prabhu came to Panihati with His followers, Raghunath performed Chida Dahi Mahotsav, offered them gold coins and received benedictions from them and returned home. Raghunath, one day, escaped from the watchful custody of his guards, reached Puri by walking for twelve days when he fell prostrate at the Lotus Feet of Sri Chaitanya. He said, "Sri Krishna's Mercy is stronger than the strongest which has delivered you from the foul sink of worldliness." With this Sri Chaitanya entrusted Raghunath to Sri Damodar Svarupa. Since then, he was known as Svarupa's Raghu. Raghunath lived a life of severe asceticism.

Sri Chaitanya said, "He should always chant the Holy Name and live upon begging. He ceases to be a devotee who becomes a slave to his sense of taste and passions. he should subsist on green vegetables and fruits offered to the Lord. He should never indulge in idle gossips, and crave for rich dishes and luxury. An ascetic, who hankers after delicious food, is a slave to gluttony and sexual affinity. He should always chant the Holy Name giving due honour to all without coveting any for himself and should worship Sri Radha Krishna in Vraja in his unalloyed existence." After a lapse of two years the devotees of Bengal, under the guidance of Sri Sivananda Sen, started for Puri to meet Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. A dog belonging to Sivananda, followed the retinue of devotees. One night his servant forgot to feed the dog. Next morning leaving the party, the dog went directly alone to Puri. After reaching Puri, the party members were surprised to see the dog seated before Sri Chaitanya chanting Hari Nama. Soon after it, the dog disappeared.

One day, Bhagavan Acharya a devotee of Sri Chaitanya, requested his friend Damodar Svarupa to hear Vedanta commentary from his younger brother Gopala, who returned from Varanasi, completing his studies.

Svarupa warned Bhagavan to give up the company of Gopala and said. "A Vaishnava who hears Sariraka Bhasya of illusory theory which declares Jiva's oneness with Abstract Brahman as the highest end, and all else including the Jiva and the world as illusion. According to them a Jiva is God illusioned and when disillusioned, he becomes Brahman. To hear all this nonsense is to kill himself." Immediately Bhagavan Acharya gave up the company of his brother Gopala.

Bhagavan Acharya invited Sri Chaitanya for lunch in his house. During the lunch, Sri Chaitanya enquired about the fine rice served to Him. Bhagavan said, that it was collected by Haridas from Madhavi Devi, sister of Sikhi Mahanti, an old female devotee of higher order. Sri Chaitanya returning to His lodge asked Govinda, His all time attendant, to close the door against Junior Haridas. When asked by devotees why Junior Haridas was debarred from His Darsan, Sri Chaitanya with an air of seriousness said, „My heart is reluctant to see a pseudo ascetic who consorts with a woman. The formidable senses are prone to enjoy sense objects. Foolish persons in the garb of a Vairagi are up to gratifying their sinful appetites with those of opposite sex. My mind is beyond my control and is repugnant to accept a Pseudoascetic." Haridas passed one year with great grief in expectation of Sri Chaitanya's mercy but He was not favoured. Haridas in utter despair went to Prayag and committed suicide in front of the Vancha Vata to serve Him.

Sanatana being instructed by Sri Chaitanya left Vrindavan and reached Puri through the Jharikhanda forest route. On the way he had an attack of itching eruption. He stayed with Thakur Haridas, his close friend residing at Siddha-Vakul whom Sri Chaitanya used to meet every day. At one time, Sri Chaitanya welcomed Sanatana and strongly embraced him with great affection though he was keeping back lest his running eruption might defile the sacred body of Sri Chaitanya. As Sri Chaitanya was often embracing his unclean body, Sanatana intended putting an end to himself by throwing under the wheel of Sri Jagannath's Chariot. But the omniscient Sri Chaitanya warned him not to commit suicide but to remember that his consecrated body did not belong to him as it was Krishna's property, which should not be claimed as his own.

Therefore, he should abandon all ideas of egotism, but hear and chant the Holy name of Sri Krishna. Neither birth nor wealth nor learning is a criterion of Krishna Prema. A high caste Brahmin is disqualified if he is non-devotional, while a low caste untouchable is qualified if he is of devotional aptitude. It is true, that a lover of Krishna who is unable to bear prema unites him with Krishna and saves him. Sri Chaitanya told Sri Sanatana not to put an end to his life, so valuable property with which he had to perform so many good things for the eternal benefit of the world. Sanatana gave up his mad project of killing himself.

Haridas Thakur embracing Sanatana said, "The height of thy fortune has reached its acme. Thy body is deemed by Sri Chaitanya as His own. Thou art the most fortunate. What He desires to do in Mathura will be fulfilled by thee. I understand that the establishment of the transcendental principles of devotional practices and of Vaishnava rules of life by the publication of a Vaishnava code will be done by thee. Among the associates of the Lord, thou art most fortunate. You possess unfathomable qualities" to this said Sanatana "O Chaitanya, Thou has appeared on earth to propagate His Name and Love all over the world and thou hast done the same through goodself. Thou hast glorified and established the Supremacy of the Holy Name. Some devotees practise, some preach but Thou doeth both the functions regarding the Holy Name. Thou art the world teacher and spiritual guide."

One day Santana was asked by Sri Chaitanya to call on Him at Yameswar Thota. On that hot summer midday noon, Sanatana, to meet Him had to walk on the hot sandy path. No pain did he feel from the blisters on the sole of his feet. Sri Chaitanya praised Sanatana for the propriety of his conduct of bearing such physical torture and praised him thus, "You are the world sanctifier. You can sanctify even the gods and sages.

Sanatana was suffering from eruptions. In spite of Chaitanya was embracing him often and against his will. So Sanatana asked pandit Jagadanada how he would avoid Sri Chaitanya's embracing his body with its running eruptions. Pandit advised him to return to Vrindavan without further delay. Sri Chaitanya heard this and He warned Jagadananda for trespassing his limits of propriety in advising Sanatana to go to Vrindavan as if he were far superior to him in all respects. To this Sri Chaitanya said, being a novice boy, Jagadananda violated the rules of conduct by advising a senior scholar like Sanatana He was not praising a stranger who spent one year in the happy company of Sri Chaitanya and then returned to Vrindavana. But Santana with all humility said to Sri Chaitanya that Jagadanada was more fortunate in drinking the mellow sweetness of His hiding of close relationship than he himself whom He caused to drink the bitter Nama-rasa of glorious praise.

Pradyumna Misra once expressed his desire to hear about the Supreme Lord Krishna. Sri Chaitanya sent him to Ramananda to have his desire fulfilled. But Misra returned, as if disappointed, because he mistook him for a worldly man as he was mixing freely with Devadasis Sri Chaitanya convinced him saying, though a house holder Ramananda was a Paramahamsa who was quite unintelligible to ordinary human perspective: His heart was deeply absorbed in Krishna Prema. While teaching the devadasis the art of dancing and singing, his mind remained unconcerned and unaltered at the touch of those beautiful damsels. It is therefore, a conclusive proof that his body was purely spiritual. Having thus been enlightened Pradyumna again approached Ramananda with submissive spirit and listened to the sermons which threw both into a rapture of Divine Love.

Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu is the Absolute redeemer of the Kali Yuga, People in this age of wrangle, discord, self insufficiency and jealousy are liable to fall a victim to the five fold trap of Kali, such, as, 1. Gambling 2. Indulging in all sorts of intoxicants, 3. Consorting with women„ 4. Animal killing, and 5. Wasting money in vain pursuits. Sri Chaitanya as the Acharya or the world teacher saves and redeems the worldly people from the terrible grip of Kali Hence he is named as Kali Yuga pavanavatari & Yuga Dharma Pravartaka.

A poet from Bengal composed a drama on Sri Chaitanya (being much appreciated by His devotees) and desired to present it before Him. But no sloka or drama was acceptable to Sri Chaitanya, unless and until it had stood the acid test of devotional genuineness, i.e., the scrutiny of Sri Damodar Swarup. Hearing the drama, Damodar remarked that he committed grave errors in his book, because he did not submit himself to a genuine devotee prior to his attempt of describing the Lilas of the Lord. The pandit did as he was instructed and become one of the staunch followers of the Lord, abandoning all the vanity of empiric knowledge and mundane acquisitions.

Vallabha Bhatta, the founder of Pusti Marg came to Puri and bowed before His-feet and Sri Chaitanya embraced him. Bhatta with all humility said, "Since long I have desired to meet Three, the god in visible form, Even the very remembrance of thy person or name sanctifies a man, no wonder in it that Thy Darsan makes one blessed and swim in the ocean of Krishna Prema, "Sri Chaitanya "Replied, "Well, Bhatta, I know not what Krishna Prema or Bhakti is as I am a Mayavadi Sanyasi. The association with Advaita Acharya and Nityananda has purified my heart. From the Great learned Sarvabhauma I have learnt the philosophy of Krishna Bhakti. From Ramananda, I have learnt the Principles of prema Bhakti and Loving devotional service of Vraja. From Damodar Swarup I have learnt the transcendental knowledge of the Amorous Love of Vraja. From Thakur Haridas who chants three lakhs of Nama daily, I have learnt how to glorify the Nama. From pandit Gadadhara. Acharya Ratna, Jagadananda, Vakreswar, Vasudeva Datta, Murari, Mukunda and other devotees, I have learnt Krishna Bhakti and Krishna Prema."

Sri Chaitanya Knew Vallabha Bhatta to be very proud of his erudition and ego that he knew well the philosophy of Bhakti and could expound the Srimad Bhagavatam better than any else. Bhatta rejoined, " I have made many interpretations to the meaning of Krishna's Nama, Would you please listen to me? But Sri Chaitanya objected, saying "No I have no regard for the many meanings of Krishna Name. I only know that He is Syama Sundara and Yasodanandana. This only I know in reality while for other meanings I am not qualified; My dear Bhatta the Dharma of a faithful wife is to obey her husband's Command, Our eternal husband. Sri Krishna has commanded us to chant His Name without cessation. So we chant His Name and derive from it the fruit of Divine Love at His Holy feet. One who does not follow Swami (Sridhar Swami) is ranked among the unchaste women, You have refuted Sridhar and have written a separate commentary on the Bhagavatam. We understand Bhagavatam through Bhagavan Vedavyasa's grace. He is the world teacher. It will carry no meaning or weight, that you have written contrary to Sridhar Swami. None will accept it. Please relinquish your vanity and worship Sri Krishna with all humility and perform Krishna Kirtan. Vallabha was formerly a Bala Gopala worshipper but the company of Gadadhara Pandit turned his mind and he longed to adore adolescent Krishna and begged the Pandit to initiate him with the same mantra. Sri Chaitanya too was exceedingly pleased with his tolerant nature and asked the Pandit to initiate Bhatta.

One day Pandit Jagadanda, a follower of Sri Chaitanya invited Ramachandra a disciple of Mandhavendra Puri and served him with Mahaprasada, Puri also served the pandit profusely in return and began to slander the Pandit with the following remarks, "I heard that Sri Chaitanya's followers are voracious eaters. There is no gain saying the act, as I cannot disbelieve my own eyes. By gorging, you have done a great injustice to me, a Sanyasi." Ramachandra Puri who had committed offences at the feet of his Guru Madhavendra became notorious for his universal faultfinding and back biting habit, for which the devotees of Sri Chaitanya were terribly afraid of his company. His offences against Sri Chaitanya went so for as to disparage Him with gluttony. Such an offence as said above, against the Divine Master, makes one lose all his senses of propriety and also makes him recklessly commit the gravest offence even at the Feet of the Supreme Lord Himself.

Gopinath pattanayak, brother of Ramananda was a revenue officer in the court of King Prataparudra. He embezzled some money from the royal treasury. So the Yuvaraj intended to take his life as a penalty, whereupon some followers of Sri Chaitanya came to Him and begged His intervention in the matter. Sri Chaitanya, disliking to interfere with such worldly affairs, asked them to invoke the mercy of Lord Jagannath. But Harichandan, a devotee of Sri Chaitanya taking the initiative upon himself interceded with Prataparudra for saving Gopinath's life. Prataparudra at once ordered the release of Gopinath preventing his execution. Gopinath was afterwards honoured with dignity of Governorship with twice of his former remuneration. Sri Chaitanya warned him against defalcations of king's money. Here Sri Chaitanya has given a number of teachings to the world. 1. That an ideal dispassionate Sanyasi should not interfere and entangle himself in any worldly affairs, 2. That he should not approach worldly people for any help, either for himself or for others, 3. That house holders should depend entirely on Jagannath, the Lord of the Universe, in any kind of anxiety without appealing to human beings, 4. That one should not misappropriate the master's money and lead an extravagant life, but should live on honest earnings and lead a pure life of Hari Bhajan, 5. That one should not renounce the world out of Phalgu-Vairagya; 6. That the slightest glance of grace of the Lord is enough not only to release a man from the impending death but to shower upon Him His choicest blessings. Raghav Pandit of Panihati every year came to Puri with Bengali Devotees with many baskets full of various kinds of pure uncooked preparations, which would suffice for Sri Chaitanya, who used to accept a little quantity of it daily for one year. Sri Chaitanya did justice to those offerings of love, free from mundane merits and demerits, in as much as the qualities of things offered are judged not by the things themselves, but by the sincere love of the devotee who offers them to the Lord This basket is known by the name "Raghaver jhali".

One day Sri Chaitanya performed Sankirtan encircling the Jagannath temple with his seven groups under the leader ships of Advaita, Nityananda, Vakreswar, Achyutananda, Srivas, Satyaraj and Narahari. After sankirtan. Sri Chaitanya, accepted Mahaprasad with His followers and then repaired to Gambhira. His Lodge and stretched Himself at full length across the door. His servant, Govinda massaged Him on His left side and requested Him to move a little, so that he could enter inside and do the rest of his regular service. But Sri Chaitanya declined saying that He was too tired to move and told him (Govinda) that he might do whatever he liked. Finding no other means to enter the room Govinda placed His legs. When Sri Chaitanya awoke and asked Govinda why he had not till then accepted Mahaprasada. Govinda replied, "How could I go out as Thou hast blocked the door why? Sir." Sri Chaitanya said, "Why didn't you go out in the same manner as you entered?" Govinda spoke within himself," I must do my appointed service even if I have to commit any offence or go to hell for so doing. I do not hesitate to commit millions of offences for doing my appointed service. But for satisfying my personal need, I should fear, even the slightest things of offence."

One day Govinda went to Haridas with Mahaprasadam and found him lying on bed, chanting His Holy Name very slowly. He accepted respectfully only a particle of Mahaprasadam, Next Sri Chaitanya Himself came to him and enquired of his health. Haridas said physically he was well but not so well in mind since his chanting fell short of the fixed number to be counted daily. Sri Chaitanya said, „Thou art a Maha Bhagavata, perfect in thy Bhajans. Why art thou so eager for sadhana at this old age? Thou hast proclaimed the glories of the Holy Name to the world. Thou mayest reduce the number of chantings of the Holy Name." Haridas then expressed his unworthiness as a disciple, in the most humble terms and implored the Lord to grant him a boon long wished for. It was his heart felt desire of clasping the Lotus feet of the Lord in his bosom beholding His moon like face with his eyes and chanting the Holy Name, Sri Krishna Chaitanya on his tongue, he might breathe his last. He did not like to live on earth after the disappearance of Sri Chaitanya. To grant his earnest prayer next morning Sri Chaitanya appeared before Haridas with all His close followers and started a grand Sankirtana encircling Thakur Haridas. Haridas, then turned towards the Lord, fixed his eyes at His Lotus face, Clasped the Lotus feet of the Lord, adorned his head with feet dust of the devotees, drank the nectarine sweetness of His Lotus face with tears in his eyes and chanting the Holy Name of Sri Krishna Chaitanya and departed from this world as did Bhishma Deva of Yore. Loud chant of the Names of Hari, Krishna, Rama resounded the atmosphere which sent a thrill of joy to the Lord and He began to dance round the compound with the Holy body of Haridas on His shoulder. Haridas body was carried to the sea beach amidst loud Sankirtana and bathed in the sea. Sri Chaitanya said, "From this day onwards, the sea has become a great Holy Shrine."

Sri Chaitanya performed the funeral ceremony of Haridas and entombed his body with His own hands. Sri Chaitanya then begged for the sweet Prasada sold in the Ananda Bazar inside the Jagannath temple for performing the disappearance ceremony of Haridas. Sri Chaitanya expressed great sorrow at the sad bereavement of Haridas, His constant companion, He said, 'By Krishna's mercy I was blessed with his sweet amiable company, and by His sweet will, I have been deprived of that blessing. Haridas was a crest jewel of the Mother earth. She is now sorry for being devoid of that priceless gem."

The devotees of Gauda went to Puri every year to see Sri Chaitanya, Sivananda Sena acted as their guide and caretaker on the way. He was favoured in one of these journeys with loving kick from Nityananda Prabhu in a fit of Loving rage owing to his delay in arranging adequate boarding and lodging for him and his followers. Greatly mortified at this, Srikanta Sen, Sivananda's nephew hastened to Puri in advance, met the Lord and bowed down before Him with his overcoat on. When prostrated with the overcoat, he was objected to by Govinda. The Lord told Govinda to let Srikanta have his own way, as he had come with a wounded heart. By the grace of Nityananda, Sen Sivananda with his whole family was blessed with the remains of the Lord's plate so long as he remained at Puri.

After the Caturmasya (four months) had been spent at Puri, the Lord permitted the Gaudiya pilgrims to return to Bengal and on that occasion He spoke thus lovingly to them. "You are coming every year to me, undergoing all sorts of privations, troubles and tribulations on the way. I, therefore, dislike your coming here every year, but your amiable and loving company attracts my heart. I have instructed Nityananda to stay in Bengal and redeem the fallen souls but he has come in defiance of my order. As per the hoary headed Advaita Acharya himself he too undertakes a long and tedious journey to see me How can I repay the debt of your love for me? I am a poor Sanyasi. My only property is my body and this I entirely have given to you." The Lord's pathetic speech melted the hearts of His devotees and tears of love rolled down their necks and bathed them in tears. He again asked them to stay there for one more week. After this period he consoled them and gave permission to depart. None can repay the debt to His boundless love and affection for His devotees.

Pandit Jagadanada, Sri Chaitanya's intimate companion, went to Nadia to see mother Sachidevi and other devotees of Gauda and returned to Puri with a pot of scented sandal oil. He then gave that oil pot to Govinda and asked him to massage the oil on the head of the Lord to cure Him of excessive bile and gastric wind. When Govinda bent upon applying the oil, Sri Chaitanya refused to accept it saying, „A Sanyasi is forbidden to use scented oil. So it may be offered to Lord Jagannath’s Temple for lighting lamps. Jagadananda's labour will be fully rewarded by doing so." Hearing this the Pandit, in a fit of loving anger replied, "Who has told Thee this piece of false hood? I did not bring any oil from Bengal." So saying the Pandit brought the oil pot from the room, broke it on the floor in the presence of the Lord, went inside his room, bolted the door from within and kept himself fasting. On the third day Sri Chaitanya went to his door and said, "Pundit, you prepare food, after Jagannath Darsan. I shall come back at noon to take prasadam here."

So saying He left his door. Jagadananda cooked varieties of eatables for Him. At noon when He arrived and saw the dishes placed before Him. He was exceedingly delighted. While partaking of them He remarked "Oh How nice and delicious is the vegetable soup you cooked! I see, when one cooks! in anger, It tastes very sweet. This is the proof of Sri Krishna's grace upon you. Pandit, you are the most fortunate devotee. Krishna, being anxious to eat your preparations, has created anger in you and has accepted this nectarine food you have offered to Him. "The Pandit served the Lord with such earnestness that He ate double His usual food in fear, lest the Pandit should fly into a rage again and start fasting. Out of love for Govinda Sri Chaitanya asked him, "Is it unwise to break your fast for My sake." Then the Pandit with other devotees, respected the remains of the Lord's plate. The austerities of Sri Chaitanya were so severe that His devotees could not bear. Pandit Jagadananda prepared a soft and costly pillow and asked Govinda and Damodar Swarup to see that the Lord would accept it. But Sri Chaitanya refused saying, "I am a Sanyasi, I should sleep on the ground. Jagadananda, out of love for Me wants Me to enjoy the world." Then Damodar Svarupa made another pair of pillows with dry banana leaves torn into small pieces. Sri Chaitanya, hesitatingly accepted them only to please him.

Pandit Jagadananda had a long desire to visit Vrindavan. In spite of his repeated requests Sri Chaitanya refused him permission. When he appealed through Svarupa Damodar, the Lord granted him permission (but warned him) with the following instructions to be followed. "You may proceed freely up to Varanasi. Thence take the assistance of the Kshatriyas in your journey. Otherwise the dacoits will rob you of all your belongings. At Mathura keep constant company with Sanatana. Do not climb up the Govardhana Hill to see Gopala. Return to Puri as soon as possible. Tell Sanatana to arrange for me a place in Vrindavan, as I shall soon go there." Jagadananda, bowing to the Lord and his devotees set out on his long journey through the forest route. At Varanasi he met Chandrasekhara and Tapana Misra, reached Mathura and after that Gokula where he met Sanatana. The Pandit used to cook his own food, while Sanatana continued his usual way of living on Madhukari food collected from door to door every day in Gokula.

One day Sanatana appeared before the Pandit with a red turban on his head which was given to him by Mukunda Sarasvati of impersonalist school. Jagadananda, hearing this, flew into a rage and was about to hit Sanatana with the rice pot. Seeing the anger of Jagadananda, Sanatana changed his attitude and disposed of that red turban to a non-vaishnava as Vaishnavas should not use red clothes. Then they embraced each other respectfully, accepted Mahaprasadam and spent their days in discourses about the Lord's Activities. Jagadananda informed Sri Sanatana of the Lord's intended visit to Vrindavan and he took the permission of Sri Sanatana and departed. Sanatana supplied him with the dust of 'Rasasthali' Govardhana Sila, ripe pilu fruit and Gunja Mala. Returning to Puri he adored His Lotus feet with the gifts from Sanatana. At Vrindavan Sanatana arranged a shrine for the Lord on the Hills of Dwadasaditya according to His order.

While going to Yameswar garden, Sri Chaitanya heard some one singing melodiously the lyrical songs of Jayadeva. "The Gita Govinda." Hearing the songs He was rushing forward to embrace the singer, through the fences careless of the thorns which pricked into His feet. Govinda ran after Him and clasped Him with His arms saying that it was a woman, who was singing, Sri Chaitanya started to hear the name of a woman, regained His consciousness and retraced His steps saying, "Govinda, thou hast saved My life today. It would have been death for Me had I touched a woman. I cannot repay this debt to thee," By this Sri Chaitanya as a world teacher, teaches us that an Acharya must always refrain from a woman not to speak of consorting or mixing with her.

Raghunath Bhatta Goswami, son of Tapan Mishra, left Varanasi to meet Sri Chaitanya at Puri. On his way, he met a Rama Bhakta, who volunteered to carry his baggage throughout the journey. Sri Chaitanya embraced Raghunath and kept him for eight months with Him. Raghunath was adept in the art of cooking. Whatever he cooked was nectarine and Sri Chaitanya tested it with great relish. Though the Rama Bhakta was with Sri Chaitanya, he was not favourable to Him since he was a salvationist at heart. After a period of eight months Sri Chaitanya permitted Raghunath to return to Varanasi with the following instructions, "Raghunath, do not marry. Serve your parents who are true Vaishnavas. Be taught Bhagavat by a genuine devotee with submission. Meet Me again after the demise of your parents." So saying, He gave His own garland. Raghunath reached Varanasi and acted accordingly. Again after the demise of his parents he came to Puri and stayed there for eight more months, when the Lord sent him to Vrindavan asking him to chant the Holy Nama, to keep constant company of Sri Rupa and Sanatana and to read Bhagavatam under their guidance. Raghunath followed all the instructions of Sri Chaitanya and acted accordingly. At Vrindavan, he surrendered himself whole-heartedly to the Lotus feet of Sri Govinda Deva, for whom he had a temple built by his disciple. He spent the whole day and night in Krishna Bhajana. He never heard slanders of Vaishnavas. Thus Raghunath was absorbed in Krishna Prema, meditation on Sri Govinda Deva with the Divine gift, the garland He encircled it round his neck with devotion.

Once due to heavy rush of pilgrims inside the Jagannath temple an woman being unable to see Lord Jagannath climbed the Garuda Stambha and rested one of her feet on the shoulder of Sri Chaitanya who was then standing close to the Garuda Pilar. Govinda saw this and hurried to push her down away. But Sri Chaitanya prohibited him saying, "Don't disturb her, Govinda. Let her have the Darsan of Sri Jagannath to her heart's content. Jagannath is not generous enough as to inspire me as He has inspired this woman's passionate longing for seeing Him. Her mind and soul were so absorbed in Sri Jagannath that she did not notice that she had placed her foot on a devotee's or a stranger's shoulder. Oh, How blessed she is! Let me adore her feet so that I too may have as much intensity of devotion as she has." The woman, however, got down in a hurry. On seeing the Lord she fell down at His feet. Sri Chaitanya said, "I saw in Jagannath the veritable Madan Mohan, the Lord of Vraja with flute in His lips, but now I see at this incident, Jagannath, Subhadra and Baladeva. My mind is in Kurukshetra beholding My beloved Sri Krishna, My beloved Lord of Vrindavan. I have lost my treasure. Who has taken away My Krishna? Where have I came to?" When the Lord was saying these words tears streamed from His eyes and blinded His vision. In His trance, He was overwhelmed with ecstasy and having regained consciousness, He felt that He had lost His treasure and so began to sing and dance like a madman.

Kalidas, the uncle of Raghunath, was a simple hearted Vaishnava, who often lived upon the remains of dishes of the devotees. One day he went to Jhadu Thakur, born of a sweeper class and offered him some sweet mangoes. They spent some delightful hours having discourses on Lord Krishna. Jhadu Thakur, being born in a low caste did not offer him the prasad cooked by him. So he requested Kalidas to accept the food prepared in a Brahmin's house that he would arrange. But Kalidas showing his reluctance for food, requested him not to bother about him but to have only mercy on him by giving his feet dust. Kalidas then took leave of him Jhadu Thakur followed him a little way to see him off and returned home. When Jhadu Thakur went away then Kalidas took the feet dust from his foot prints and smeared his own body. He then hid himself with a view of securing his orts.

Jhadu Thakur offered those mangoes mentally to Sri Krishna and consuming the juice with his wife, threw off the remnants into a ditch. Kalidas went to the same pit unnoticed by Jhadu Thakur and sucked the leavings of those mangoes with joy Thus he respected the orts of all the Gaudiya Vaishnavas. When he went to Neelachala, he was blessed with Sri Chaitanya's unprecedented mercy by allowing him to take three palms full of feet wash of the Lord at the Simhadwar of Sri Jagannath temple. Once Sri Chaitanya was thrilled with joy on tasting the orts or prasad of Jagannath. Symptoms of horripilation, ceaseless flow of tears etc. began to manifest. He thought within Himself. "Whence are these delicious taste sweet scents, and nice flavours? Surely they must have been the ambrosia of Sri Krishna. A particle of these orts is attainable only by accumulated Sukriti (devotional deeds) which begets Krishna 's grace. This ort which defied even nectar is hardly obtainable by Brahma.

His distributed the Pheela, the leavings of Sri Krishna's plate, to all His devotees, who respectfully accepted it. He then made a distinction between spiritual and mundane offerings. The former is enjoyed by Sri Krishna, the enjoyer, when offered by His true devotees. While the latter is enjoyed by the fallen souls who ruin themselves for their enjoying food. The spiritual nature of Sri Krishna's orts, even their scent, not to speak of their taste makes me remember Sri Krishna. Such are the Supernatural attributes of taste and smell of Sri Krishna's orts.

Sri Krishna's orts are called Maha prasadam while those of His devotees are known as Maha-Maha-Prasadam. The following three things are the indispensable desires of a Sadhaka (novice in spiritual practices) to help him in his spiritual uplift that is: (1) feet dust of true devotees, (2) their feet wash and (3) their orts. Sastras declare that the faithful service to these triple prime factors of devotion begets Krishna Prema.

That year Sivananda came to Puri with his wife and children. He bowed down before the Lord Chaitanya and asked his son also to do so uttering Krishna Nama, but the boy did not do so. Sri Chaitanya said in astonishment. "I have made the whole world both the sentient and even the insentient, to chant the Holy Name of Sri Krishna, but this boy has baffled My attempt." Thereupon Sri Damodar Swarup rejoined. "Thou hast initiated the boy with Krishna Mantra which should not be heard by others, but should be muttered in mind only. So this young boy is muttering Krishna Nama in his mind."

On some other occasion when the Lord felt slightly indisposed owing to a rich dish offered by Sen Sivananda at Puri, his eldest son Chaitanya Das welcomed the Lord with a congenial meal composed of fine rice mixed with curd, raw lemon and ginger at which the Lord exclaimed, "How can this little chap know My heart? His dietary prescription is really wonderful. It is giving Me a good deal of delight." Late in life, Sri Chaitanya Das became the famous Annotator of Sri Krishna Karnamrita of Bilvamangal. Sri Chaitanya considered Himself as Sri Radha and felt the separation from Krishna just as Sri Radha did after Krishna has left Vrindavana for Mathura: One night He dreamed of Sri Krishna, in Rasa Dance, with yellow garment and flower garland, playing on His flute and dancing gracefully with Radhika in the centre, while the Gopis were dancing in the circle joining their hands together. This sight inspired Sri Chaitanya with the same mood of Srimati Radhika. Sri Chaitanya felt that He was at Vrindavan agonising with separation in love for Sri Krishna. The eight fold forms of spiritual ecstasy overwhelmed Him day and night, never giving Him rest for a while. At this time, Roy Ramananda and Damodar Svarupa consoled Sri Chaitanya singing songs of Sri Krishna Leela from Jagannatha Vallabha Natak and by reciting verses of Vidyapathi, Chandidas and Gita Govinda.

One midnight Sri Damodar laid Sri Chaitanya in bed in the inner apartment and Ramananda went to his house while Govinda and Svarupa slept at the door. It was the habit of Sri Chaitanya to be wakeful all night chanting aloud Krishna Name. Noticing the silence in the room Sri Damodar Svarupa pushed the door open and found Sri Chaitanya absent in the room, the other three doors being closed from within. Greatly alarmed, they went out in search of Him. They found Him lying on the open space a little off the Jagannath’s lion's gate. His body had become five or six cubits long. He was unconscious. His breathing ceased. His hands, feet, neck and waist were disjoined from the trunk and the places at the joints were covered with the bare skin. He was foaming at the mouth and His eyes were fixed in deadly stare. Then Svarupa loudly chanted Hari Nama into His ears and He was brought back to consciousness. He rose up shouting Hari, Hari, his limbs rejoining to His body as before.

One day, Sri Chaitanya, on His way to the sea, suddenly looked at the Chatak Hillock and taking it for the Govardhana Hill, ran towards it in rapture, and recited a sloka from the Bhagavatam This Govardhana Hill being the foremost of the Vaishnavas, because, overwhelmed with delight at the touch of the Lotus feet of Krishna and Balarama, renders service to Sri Radha Krishna the Gopalas, Cowherds and cows with drinking water and food such as grass, eatable nuts and with caves and narrow vallies as cowpens. "Sri Chaitanya running fastly, became stiff on the way and way unable to move further. Every pore of His skin swelled like a boil. His hair stood on end, like the Kadamba flower. Blood ran out from His pores like sweat. His throat made gurgling noise. His voice choked and tears ran down His cheeks unceasingly. His colour became death pale like a conchshell. Trembling like a tempest on the ocean He fell down unconsciously on the ground. Govinda sprinkled water on His Body and fanned Him with his upper cloth. Svarupa and other devotees came weeping and loudly chanted Hari Nama into ears.

He rose up uttering Hari, Hari and the devotees also shouted the same in delight. In half conscious state He addressed Damodara, "You brought Me here back from Govardhana Hill. You snatched Me away from beholding Krishna Leela with Srimati Radhika and Her hand-maids on the Govardhana Hill. Why did you bring Me thence? Only to cause Me grief?" So saying He wept and the Vaishnavas also followed suit.

Once when Sri Chaitanya was chanting the Name of Krishna till midnight in His room at Gambhira with three doors shut from inside. He suddenly heard the rapturous melody from Krishna's flute, rushed thither in transport of Love and fell down unconsciously at the south of the Lion's gate in the midst of the cows. Noticing the silence within, Govinda, who slept at the door, called Sri Chaitanya mission, They lighted the torch and went out in search of Sri Chaitanya. They found Him in the midst of cows lying unconsciously. His arms and legs went inside His body and He like a pumpkin-gourd, looked like a tortoise.

The cows surrounded His body and began to smell Him, meant not at all willing to part with Him. His body was brought back to Gambhira. After loud chanting of Krishna Nama, He regained consciousness. His arms and legs came out of His trunk and His body assumed the usual form While half-conscious, He said, "Svarupa, hearing the sound of Krishna's flute, I went to Vrindavan and saw Sri Radha and Krishna entering the bower for Love dalliance. The tinkling sound of her anklets had stolen My heart and I followed Sri Radha and Her attendants to the bower transported with delight. When Sri Krishna was engaged in His Amorous pastimes with the Gopis in their melodious songs and graceful dances sent a thrill of joy into My heart. Just then you snatched Me away from that spiritual ecstasy. Then Svarupa knowing the heart of Sri Chaitanya sang a sloka from Srimad Bhagavatam in his melodious tone.

One night Sri Chaitanya suddenly caught sight of the sea from Ai-Tota, a garden near Gundicha Mandir, The moon light silvered on the waves sparkled like the water of Yamuna. This spectacle threw Him into a rapture of Love. He rushed towards the sea and leaped into it. The waves sometimes sank Him and floated Him some times he was carried away unconsciously and was drifted towards Konark. Startled by the missing of Sri Chaitanya the devotees along with Svarupa, made a vigorous search for Him in every corner of Puri.

Overwhelmed with sorrow they concluded that He had disappeared from the world. Damodara with a party was still walking along the sea beach in search of Him Fortunately he met a fisherman coming towards them with his net on his shoulders, weeping, laughing, dancing and singing Hari Hari Svarupa asked him, "Why are you in this mood? Have you seen any one coming this side? The fisherman replied, "I have not seen any man, but a dead-body was caught in my net and I dragged it ashore, mistaking it for a big fish. The sight of the corpse frightened me. While clearing the net, I happened to touch the body. At once the spirit of the dead body entered my body causing tremor in me, choking my voice, bristling of hair and tears in my eyes. The dead body is about six or seven cubits, the arms and the legs are three feet long. It lies stiff as a corpse with a fixed gaze in the eyes, but at times it groans. I catch fish alone at nights, no evil spirit can seize me, as I remember God Nrisimha, but strange to say, this ghost holds me with double grip when I recite Nrisimha's name. Don't go there, I tell you lest this frightful devil should possess you too." Svarupa understood every thing and said, "I know how to expel spirits." With this he uttered some mantras, laid his hand on the head of the fisherman, gave him three slaps and cried out, "The ghost has left you. So fear no more. The man whom you have mistaken for a ghost is no other than Lord Sri Chaitanya in a transport of Love He jumped into the sea. You raised Him in your net His touch has thrilled you with Krishna Prema which has been mistaken for possession of ghost. Show me where you have landed Him."

The fisherman led them to the place. They saw Sri Chaitanya lying on the ground. He became pale skinned because of long immersion in water. he was coated with sand all over His body. They removed His wet loin cloth and put on dry one instead, laid Him down on a sheet of cloth after brushing away the sand from His body. Then they began to chant Krishna Nama into His ears, which brought the Lord back to His consciousness. Then He leaped up with a roar. His limbs were reinstated to their proper places. He was half conscious. Still He looked hither and thither and said. "Beholding Nandanandana sporting with Radha and other milk-maids, in the waters of the Yamuna, my heart was filled with ecstasy at this pleasant sight. Just then you caught hold of me and brought me here. Ah! Where is Yamuna?" Where is Vrindavana? Where is Sri Krishna Where is Sri Radha with her milkmaids? Damodar Svarupa then Lord to Gambhira to the great delight of all devotees of the Lord.

After receiving the enigmatic message from Advaitacharya, Sri Chaitanya plunged into deeper trance. His love-madness at the separation from Sri Krishna increased hundred fold, He raved frantically day and night identifying Himself with Sri Radha. One evening, when all of a sudden, he thought, that Sri Krishna was leaving, Vrindavana for Mathura overwhelmed Him, in the role of Sri Radha, He was seized with Lovemadness and so mourned for the separation from Sri Krishna and clasping the neck of Ramananda thus addressed Sri Damodara Svarupa as one of the sakhis of Sri Radha, "Alas! alas! friend, Sri Krishna has left for Mathura plunging me in the ocean of grief. How can I live without Him? Whither shall I go? Whither shall I find my Beloved? Sri Damodar And Ramananda consoled Him by singing love songs from Vidyapati, Chandidas, Gita Govinda and Jagannath Vallabha. But the lamentation continued till midnight. Svarupa laid Him in bed in His room and they slept outside. But the Love-in-separation from Sri Krishna was tormenting His heart. He awoke and began to chant Krishna Nama. The pangs of separation convulsed His heart and He began to rub His face against the wall. His face, cheeks and nose were all lacerated and in the vehemence of ecstasy, He Knew not the blood oozing out from Him. Svarupa hearing the groaning sound from within, lighted a lamp, entered the room and found His face bleeding profusely. In great grief, Svarupa brought Him back to His bed and soothed Him in various ways. Next morning Svarupa in anxiety consulted with other devotees and made Sankara Pandit sleep in His room and nurse His feet placing them on his breast. For fear of Sankara Sri Chaitanya could not leave His room, nor knock His face against the wall. Thence forward Sankara was known as His foot pillow.

The pangs of separation from Sri Krishna grew more and more intensified. One day Sri Chaitanya's love-Torn condition reached its climax, while Sri Krishna Sankirtana was going on in the temple compound of Tota Gopinath, He rushed in the height of His love-madness-ecstasy into the temple and merged into one with the Holy image of Lord Gopinath. When His life thus had gone out of their vision the devotees, hard hit with this shock, confined themselves into seclusion with the burning fire of the pangs of separation from the Lord, awaiting their last days of departure for reunion with Him. Immediately after the disappearance of the Lord, Sri Raghunath Goswami out of unbearable mental agony left Puri for Vrindavan with a view to end his life but was dissuaded by Sri Rupa and Sanatana. It was he who served the devotees of Vrindavan with Nectarine Bliss of the last Leela enacted in Puri. He remained there as the younger brother of Sri Rupa and Sanatana Goswamis.

One after another the devotees of Gauda Mandal, Kshetra Mandal and Vraja Mandal disappeared to the great sorrow and misfortune of the world. Thus brought the brilliant world with illuminating Leela of the Lord Sri Chaitanya to and end.

hare krsna hare krsna krsna krsna hare hare
hare rama hare rama rama rama hare hare


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