Guranga and Murarigupta, Part 3


Dhameshwar Mahaprabhu in Navadwip Mahaprabhu Mandir

Jan 06, CANADA (SUN) — A five-part series from 'Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu', edited by Srimad Bhakti Vaibhav Puri Goswami Maharaj, Founder Acharya of the Sri Krishna Chaitanya Mission, Ganjam, Orissa.

Once Sri Chaitanya met a Buddhist Monk and refuted all his fallacious arguments of his cult. This enraged all the Buddhist monks. The leader of the monks out of malice offered Sri Chaitanya a dishful of unholy food in the name of Mahaprasada. But all of a sudden a gigantic bird snatched away the dish, which fell obliquely on the head of the Buddhist Guru who forthwith fell down unconsciously. The Budhists were taken aback at this unforeseen punishment and implored the mercy of Sri Chaitanya. When the Buddhists began to chant the Name of Sri Krishna into the ears of their Guru; the monk came to his senses. He become a Vaishnava with all his followers.

Once near Madhura. Chaitanya met a devotee of Sri Rama. He was spending his days in great grief at the recollection of Ravana's abduction of Sita. Sri Chaitanya consoled him saying that Divine entities are inaccessible to mundane beings. Sita Devi is Divine. How could it be possible for Ravana, a mortal, to see or touch her Divine form? In the guise of a Sanyasi Ravana stole only Maya Sita or a shadow of the real Sita. After a few days Sri Chaitanya again came there with a leaflet of the Kurma Purana which contained the above episode and showed it to the Devotee of Rama.

There lived at Malabar, a wandering gang known as Bhattatharis who were experts in their infernal witch crafts. One day when Sri Chaitanya arrived there after visiting many a shrine of the West Coast they lured the weak-minded Kala Krishna Das the only attendant into that group. Chaitanya Himself went to their place and rescued Krishna Das from their terrible grip despite their armed resistance which brought about their own destruction.

Sri Chaitanya here teaches us that, a Jiva is endowed with free will which he can misuse or make the best use of it. By the Grace of the Sadguru, when he is in touch with the Supreme Lord Krishna, he makes the best use of his freedom by rendering devotional service to Him. But when he misuses his freedom, he forgets his relationship with Sri Krishna and the more to use it over the phenomena, the more he is distracted from Sri Krishna. The repulsing and the eclipsing forces of Maya are the root causes of his fall from the Lotus Feet of Lord Krishna.

At Sri Rangam, Sri Chaitanya saw a Brahmin deeply absorbed in reciting Gita with great rapture, heedless of all mockery from outside. Accosted by Chaitanya as to the reason there of the Brahmin replied that under the instructions of his Guru while reading the Gita, the very vision of Partha Sarathi Krishna holding the reins of the chariot and instructing Arjuna all the while transported him with much delight. As such he could not resist the temptation of reciting the book although he was ignorant of the Sanskrit or the meaning of the verses.

Thereupon Sri Chaitanya commended him with a warm embrace saying. "You are the only eligible person to read Gita as you really understand the true import of the Book. After two years Sri Chaitanya returned to Puri. He first met Nityananda, Jagadananda, Mukunda and Sarvabhauma and told them. "Many of Sadhus and Holy Shrines I visited in the South, none I saw so ardent and devout Vaishnavas like you. Ramananda afforded Me unspeakable delight by his ontological and theological discourses on the pure devotion to Sri Krishna." Sarvabhauma arranged Kasi Mishra's garden house for Sri Chaitanya's residence. Then he introduced the devotees like Pandit Kasi Mishra, Roy Bhavananda, Paramananda Puri, Govinda and Brahmananda Bharati to Sri Chaitanya. Kala Krishna Das was sent to Bengal to inform the devotees there of the safe arrival of Sri Chaitanya in Puri.

Purushottam Bhattacharya an intimate comrade of Gauranga at Navadweep, being unable to bear the sight of Gauranga's Sanyasa, renounced the world and assumed the designation of Damodar Svarupa from his Guru at Varanasi His intention was to worship Sri Krishna with confidential Love. He was a great erudite scholar in the Vedanta. He was a second Brihaspati in Sastric Lore and a Gandharva in music. He used to delight Sri Chaitanya with Divine Love songs of Vidya Pati, Chandi Das and Jayadeva's Gita Govinda. When such a devotee, at last prostrated before Him Sri Chaitanya embraced and requested him to be with Him as His constant companion in the realisation of Divine Love at Kasi Mishra's house.

The King of Orissa, Prataparudra Gajapati was anxious to meet Sri Chaitanya. But he refused to grant him an interview on the ground that a Sanyasi should not behold a Rajah or a woman. The Rajah devoutly used to perform his humble service like sweeping and sprinkling scented water on the chariot approaching path of Lord Jagannath at the time of car festival. Seeing this menial service of King, Nityananda, Ramananda, and Sarvabhauma requested Sri Chaitanya to bless Prataparudra. Whereupon Sri Chaitanya gave him a warm embrace and blessed him with his grace being Prataparudra became a staunch followers.

About two hundred Bengal devotees hastened to Puri under the guidance of Advaitacharya to meet Lord Sri Chaitanya after a long separation for two years. When the party reached Puri, Sri Chaitanya sent Damodar Swarup and Govinda with prasad and garlands of Sri Jagannath. Gajapati Prataparudra was very much delighted to see their handsome complexion with spiritual intelligence and with their sweet sankirtan accompanied of ecstatic dances. Sri Chaitanya met all the devotees of Bengal. The devotees were given Mahaprasada and were housed in their respective quarters. Haridas was given a solitary place under Sidha Bakula tree for his Nama, Bhajan, Sri Chaitanya used to meet him daily and send him Mahaprasada through Govinda, His servitor.

Sri Chaitanya was glad to embrace Vasudeva Datta, one of His favourite disciples and a great devotee who had prayed for the whole-sale redemption of all the fallen souls of this world. He wanted to take upon himself the sins and offences committed by them in various births. The Lord granted his prayer without punishment for himself. By such prayer Vasudeva Datta excelled all together altruists and philanthropists of the world by his universal sympathy for the redemption of the evils and restoration of eternal Bliss to the Jivas. The Bengal Devotees were delighted to see Sarvabhauma in their midst.

Lord Jagannath's Rathyatra, a nine-day festival takes place in the month of Ashadha. Jagannath, Subhadra and Baladeva travelling on three Chariots reach Gundica Mandir on the second day (Suddha dvitiya) and again return Nilachala Mandir on tenth day (Dasami) During His stay at Puri Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu used to perform 'The Cleansing Ceremony of Gundicha Mandir every year with all His followers on the previous day of the car festival. He has taught us the underlying principles of the Cleansing Ceremony of Gundicha Mandir The Mandir represents the heart of a devotee and if any Jiva desires to enthrone Sri Krishna in his heart, he should first of all, purify it from all foreign dirts under the guidance of Sri Chaitanya who manifests Himself in every heart as (Chaitya Guru) of indwelling guide. The seat of the Supreme Lord, Sri Krishna should be purged of all desires of enjoyment and renunciation and be washed off with the holy water of unalloyed devotion.

Next day, while Jagannath was travelling by His Car, Nandighos, from Nilachala, Sri Chaitanya having fixed his eyes on the beautiful face of his beloved Lord Jagannath began to dance in ecstasy. All his followers forming into seven groups and being deeply absorbed in Sri Krishna surcharged the three worlds with Nama Sankirtan. Sri Chaitanya manifested this Divinity by finding Himself present in each of the seven groups simultaneously and the devotees in each group opined that He was dancing in their party out of His grace. King Prataparudra was specially blessed by the Lord to have the vision of His person in all the groups simultaneously.

Sri Chaitanya with His folded palms and uplifted face prayed to Lord Jagannath. "These are my humble and numerous greetings to You. Oh, Govinda the Supreme Lord, the object of worship of the pure souled Brahmins, Oh, 'Brahmanya Deva' the protector of Brahmins and cows and the eternal benefactor of the universe."

Forgetting all else, Pandit Srivas, in absorption of Love was gazing at Sri Chaitanya's dance. He was repeatedly pushed aside by Hari Chandan, the King's minister so that the Rajah could see Sri Chaitanya's dance. At this, Srivas got enraged and slapped him on the face. While the minister was about to chide Srivas, Raja Prataparudra checked him saying, "Blessed art thou, to have been touched by the hand of Srivas, such blessing has not been to my lot." While dancing, all the eight forms of spiritual emotions manifested themselves in the Lord's body. Then (leaving the dance) He bade Svarupa to sing.

He knowing His Heart, began thus. "I have just met the Lord of my life for whose sake I have been smouldering in the fire of spiritual erotica." When Sri Chaitanya used to lag behind, Jagannath's Chariot used to halt and when He used to proceed ahead, Jagannath used to move (in His rath) slowly. Thus did the two Lords to impel each other on. In course of dancing another mood came over to Sri Chaitanya. With uplifted arms Sri Chaitanya recited aloud the following sloka from Kavya Prakash. As the milk maids of Vraja were delighted to behold their beloved Sri Krishna in Kurukshetra so was Sri Chaitanya gratified at the sight of the Lord Jagannath who was no other than his beloved Madanmohan. In the role of Srimati Radhika, Sri Chaitanya thus prays to Sri Krishna."

Thou art the same lover and I am the same consort, yet my heart represents Vrindavana, showing clearly again Thy Lotus feet at Vrindavana. Here in Kurukshetra there are crowds, loud noise of elephants, horses, chariots but there at Vrindavan only flowery towers; the bees humming and the cuckoo's cooing. Here Thou art full of pomp, grandeur and great show in Royal robes being surrounded by a retinue of warriors. There thou were dressed as an adolescent cow boy with flute in Thy lips, here I don't have even a drop of the ocean of bliss; which I used to taste to my satisfaction in Thy company at Vrindavan. So be Thou please to take me with Thee to sport again at Vrindavana." At last the chariot reached Sundarachala.

On the fifth day of the Rath Yatra, Lakshmi Devi goes to Gundica Mandir with huge procession, full of pomp and show. On that Hera Pancami day Sri Chaitanya had a philosophical discourse with His intimate associates, Damodar Swarup and Srivas Pandit on the distinctive characteristics of Lakshmi and the Gopis. Lakshmi Devi serves Her Lord Sri Narayana in Vaikuntha with reverential mood, while the Gopis or the milkmaids of Vraja render their service to Sri Krishna with confidential love. Sri Chaitanya expressed His delight to hear the Super excellent qualities of Srimati Radhika over other Gopis. Sri Chaitanya then pointed out the distinctive features of the unalloyed devotional services of Pandit Srivas and Damodar Swarup. The former represents Narada in his unalloyed service to Vasudeva in Dvaraka, as the object of divinity reverence and glory while the latter represents a pure village in Vraja who, in his pure confidential loving service to Sri Krishna, completely ignores even the tinge of lordliness or Divinity in Him.

"Do you think the ocean of transcendental bliss of Vrindavan in comparison with the vast ocean of splendour of Dvaraka or Vaikuntha, is but a drop? No. I worship that transcendental Realm known as Swetadwipa (Vrindavan) where the Gopis, as loving consorts in their pure spiritual essence, render perpetual amorous service to the Supreme Lord. Sri Krishna as their only Lover, where every tree is with a Divine purpose, where the soil is worth while like a gem, where all water is nectar, every word a song and every gait a dance, where the flute gives the favourite confident bliss, where the Supreme spiritual entities are all enjoyable and tasty, where numberless milk cows always give oceans of milk and where there is eternal existence of transcendental time. Hence nothing there is subject to decay or destruction even for half a moment. That Goloka is in the world." said Chaitanya to Srivas to convince him that Vrindavan is preferable to anything.

The gradation of devotees of the Supreme Lord is as follows according to the degree of their Love for the Lord.

The gods in heaven are superior in their Love for Sri Vishnu to the common people of the world who show some faith and regard for Him. Indra, Swarlok King is superior to them for his love for Upendra (Vamana) who protects him always from his enemies. Brahma, with a deeper love serves Padmanabha, from whose Lotus Navel he derived his origin. Sri Sambhu is superior to Brahma in his worship of Sankarsana (Ananta Deva in Vaikuntha) Sri Prahlada and Sri Ambarisa are superior to Siva for their constant meditation and all round services to their Lords. Nrisimha and Sri Krishna respectively. Sri Hanuman is superior to Prahlada and Ambarisa for his unshaken faith as a servitor of Sri Rama.

Pandavas are superior to Hanuman for their Loving friendship with Sri Krishna, who rendered His services to them as Minister, Adviser Protector, Messenger and Charioteer. The Yadus in Dvaraka are superior to the Pandavas for their constant company with Sri Krishna, their kinsman in their day-to-day worldly affairs, such as conversation, walking, sitting, playing, bathing, eating, drinking, sleeping etc. The queens of Dvaraka are superior to the other members of Yadava family for their depth of Love for Sri Krishna and Baladeva (Krishna’s elder brother) and Pradyumna (Sri Krishna's son) stand superior even to the queens for his depth of Love for Him. Sri Uddhava is superior to all other Yadavas for his fathomless, love for Sri Krishna, who Himself said that Uddhava was dearer to Him than His own self even.

The milkmaids of Vraja are superior to even Uddhava, who expressed his earnest desire to be the feet dust of the Vraja’s Gopis, whose chanting of the Holy Names of Sri Krishna purified the three worlds. Among the Gopis, Srimati Radharani, the most beloved consort of Sri Krishna stands for her every deep love for Him.

The Devotees were immersed in the ocean of ecstasy in the sweet company of their beloved Sri Chaitanya. He celebrated Nandotsava and Vijaya Dasami with his followers. He requested Nityananda and Advaita to start for Bengal on the eve of their departure from Puri and to bestow Krishna Prema on all irrespective of caste, creed or community. He gave some Mahaprasada and consecrated articles to Srivas Pandit to be given to His mother. Sri Chaitanya further wanted Nityananda, Srivas and Raghava to remind His mother Sachi Devi that He invariably remained with her on the following occasions:

    1. When Srivas performed Nama Sankirtan in his courtyard.

    2. When Nityananda performed his ecstatic dance.

    3. When mother Sachi Devi offered cooked food to Him and

    4. When Raghava performed his spotless worship of deities at home which was highly spoken of by him.

He instructed Sivananda Sena to be the care taker of the family of Vasudeva Datta who used to spend whole day's income in the service of the Lord, even to the last pie. The Lord asked Mukunda whether he was the father of Raghunandan Mukunda replied that Raghunanda was his father because it was Raghunanda who first inspired him and others in the family with Krishna Bhakti. Being glad to hear this Sri Caitanya said, "Truly he is the guru who inspires Krishna Bhakti in the minds of the seekers of Truth." Then He narrated to His devotees an incident regarding the depth of Mukunda's loves for Sri Krishna.

Mukunda was the court physician of the Nawab of Bengal. One day, while he was seated on the terrace and attending on the Nawab he saw one palace servant coming there with a peacock feathered fan. His recollection of Sri Krishna with peacock terrace and became unconscious. When he regained his consciousness the Nawab enquired of him for the cause of his swoon. Mukunda replied that it was his hysteric fit. But the Nawab could not believe his statement because he recognised in him the manifestation of the eight fold spiritual symptoms. His son Raghunandana, though a lad of seven was also an adept in Krishna Prema. He used to worship Sri Krishna with a couple of kadamba flowers that bloomed everyday throughout the year on a Jambira tree.

Once Sri Chaitanya asked Satyaraj Khan and Ramananda Basu of Kuleagram to bring Silk robes for Lord Jagannath every year. As both the Vaishnava house holders asked Sri Chaitanya regarding their duties, Sri Chaitanya said that a Vaishnava householder must always serve Sri Krishna and His devotees and incessantly chant the Holy Name of Sri Krishna. He explained that the Name, the Body, and the Self of Sri Krishna are all one and the same with Sri Krishna Himself. All the three are of the nature of Eternal Bliss. Sri Krishna's Name, if once uttered without any offence, washes off all sins and enkindles nine forms of devotional faith. The Holy Name of Sri Krishna is more compassionate than Sri Krishna Himself, as the Holy Name redeems not only an offender against the Name but also against Sri Krishna Himself.

He then gave a definition of three grades of Vaishnavas.

    1. One who chants the Name of Sri Krishna even once without offence is a good Vaishnava. He is to be honoured above all Karmis, Jnanis & Yogis.

    2. A better Vaishnava is he who chants the Name of Sri Krishna incessantly without any offence. He is to be served as a superior Vaishnava.

    3. The best Vaishnava is he whose very sight is enough to make the Name of Sri Krishna dance on the other's tongue. He is generally known as a Mahabhagavata. He should be worshipped with unconditional surrender and submissive listening. It is he who has realised the absolute person Sri Krishna and who can make others realise Him. A Vaishnava house- holder must serve these three grades of devotees. Thus Sri Chaitanya inspired His associates through His sweet words of advice and bade them farewell with a heavy heart.

At Puri, Sarvabhauma invited Sri Chaitanya to take His meal at his house. Within a short time his wife prepared all sorts of delicious food, Sri Chaitanya came to dine in time. The host couple were attentive to their Divine guest. The extraordinary loving regard with which Sri Chaitanya was entertained by Sarvabhauma was too much for their son-in-law, Amogha, the antidevotional person with malicious character, to bear. "What a voracious Sanyasi He is!" he exclaimed. This dishonour of Sri Chaitanya by Amogha made the blood of the hosts boil within them. They poured volumes of curses upon Amogha. Next morning due to the grave offence against Sri Chaitanya, Amogha was attacked with cholera and was about to breath his last. Then Sri Chaitanya saved him from imminent death. Repentant Amogha became one of the devout followers of Sri Chaitanya.

Sri Chaitanya started for Vrindavan via Bengal on Vijaya Dasami and went up to Ramakeli in the district of Maldaha. He redeemed the two brothers Davirkhas and Sakar Mallik, ministers of Hussain Shah, the Muslim King of Gauda. They have since then been known as Sri Rupa and Sri Sanatana. Sri Chaitanya instructed them to proceed to Vrindavan for reclaiming the then extinct Shrines and the sites of the pastimes of Sri Krishna. Then Sri Chaitanya retraced His steps to Santipur via Kanai Natsala as advised by Sri Sanatana and predicted by Nrisimhananda Brahmachari of Navadweep. He gave up His idea of proceeding to Vrindavan with His huge group of followers. Instructing Raghunath Das of Saptagram to put to (Yukta Vairagya) proper use of. every thing conducive to the service of Sri Krishna and to avoid (Phalgu Vairagya) pseudoasceticism Sri Chaitanya returned to Puri.

After one year He set out for Vrindavan through the forest route of Jharikhanda with a simple minded Brahmin named Bala Bhadra Bhattacharya. Throughout the journey across the dense forest. He incessantly chanted the Name of Sri Krishna. The forest dwellers, seeing His beautiful figure and hearing the music of His chanting of the Name of Krishna, forgot their animal nature and followed Him with a yearning of deep affection so much that a tiger kissed a deer under the influence of Divine Love. In this manner He reached Varanasi and put up at the house of Tapan Misra for a few days.

Thence He went to Mathura where He accepted food cooked and offered to Sri Vishnu by one Krishna Das, a Sanodia Brahmin as he was a disciple of Sri Madhavendra Puri. Sri Chaitanya went round the twelve groves (Dwadasa Vana) Madhuvan, Taalavan, Kumudavan, Bahulavan, Kamyavan, Khadiravan, Vrindavan, Bhadravan, Vilwavan, Louhavan, Bhandirvan and Mahavan deeply saturated with love in separation from Sri Krishna. He removed the false idea with love in separation from Sri Krishna. He removed the false idea from the mind of Balabhadra Bhattacharya explaining how all the other laymen were mistaking the fisherman on the Yamuna for Sri Krishna, his boat for the Kaliya serpent and his lamp for the crest jewel of His head.

He then left Vrindavan and Mathura and returned to Varanasi via Prayag. On the way He instilled Love for Sri Krishna into a Pathan prince named Bijlikhan and his followers who were afterwards known as the Pathan Vaishnavas. At Prayag Sri Chaitanya met Sri Rupa and his younger brother Vallabha (Anupama) who was a Rama Bhakta.

Both the brothers bowed down before Sri Chaitanya with all humility. He embraced them saying, "Sri Krishna has saved you from the foul sink of worldliness. It is not by studying four Vedas that one can become Krishna Bhakta, but even a low caste Chandala can win His love by his truly submissive faith." Then Sri Rupa made his humble obeisance to Sri Chaitanya saying, "I offer my prostrated obeisance to the Supreme Lord who is Sri Krishna Himself; who bears the designation of Sri Krishna Chaitanya and whose complexion is of molten gold. He is the greatest bestower of grace whose deed is to confer Krishna Prema on one and all. I take shelter at the Lotus feet of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, who out of His infinite mercy has redeemed the world steeped in the gloom of ignorance." Vallabh Bhatta, the founder of the Pustimarga met Sri Chaitanya, who introduced him to Sri Rupa and Anupama who belonged to the low caste.

Hearing the ceaseless Sri Krishna Name on their lips, Vallabha Bhatta remarked. "Ali! Super exalted is he, though 'Swapacha' by birth, on the tip of whose tongue dances Krishna Name incessantly. He must have surely performed many austerities and sacrifices and bathed in many sacred waters. Really he is holy in his conduct and he has studied the Vedas thoroughly well." Sri Chaitanya was delighted to hear it and praised Vallabha Bhatta. Vallabha Bhatta was wonderstruck as he perceived Sri Chaitanya's fervour, devotion, power, faith and beauty. He took Him and His followers in a boat to his own house with Adhail, a village on the opposite side of the Fort when Beholding the sparkling blue water of Yamuna, Sri Chaitanya leaped into the river, being overcome by love. He was hurriedly pulled out of the water. The anxious Bhatta brought Him home gave Him a fine garment and washed His feet. His family honoured the Feet-wash by sprinkling it on their heads. Sri Chaitanya dined at his house and the leavings of His dinner were given to Sri Rupa and Krishna Das.

Raghupati Upadhyaya; a great scholar and Vaishnava of North Bihar (Tiruhut) came to Prayaga and bowed before Sri Chaitanya who greeted him saying, 'Be thy mind fixed on Sri Krishna.' At the request of Sri Chaitanya, the Upadhyaya recited Verses of his own composition describing Sri Krishna's Deeds.

Afflicted with the miseries of the world some adore Sruti, some adore Smriti, some adore Mahabharata but I adore Nanda, the Corridors of whose house are the favourite haunts of his heart's Darling, the Parbrahman, Sri Krishna Himself. Sri Chaitanya had a transport of love as He listened and urged the poet to proceed further. Upadhyaya said, (1) Syama Form is the best of all forms, (2) Mathura is the best abode of Syama Rupa, (3) Out of boyhood and maturity adolescence is the best age fit for meditation, (4) The amorous (Madhura Rasa) love is the highest of all Rasas. Hearing the right answers for four questions, Sri Chaitanya said to Upadhyaya, "Thou hast transported Me the true love." In rapture He embraced him who began to dance in ecstasy.

Then Vallabha Bhatta ferried Sri Chaitanya across Yamuna and landed Him at Prayag. Avoiding the rush of the people Sri Chaitanya went to Dasaswamedha Ghat and there taught Sri Rupa about Sri Krishna's essence, the path of pure Bhakti the lore of Divine emotions and the sublime conclusions of the Srimad Bhagavatam. He infused His own power into Sri Rupa's heart in order to make him the world teacher, a Perfect Doctor of Vaishnava Theology.

Sri Chaitanya said, "Listen, O Rupa, I give you only one drop out of the unfathomable ocean of Bhakti Rasa to taste it. In the universe the numberless Jivas pass through eighty four lakh births. The real nature of the Jiva is an Absolute of the point of a hair. I am the Jiva among the subtlest of beings. Hence a Jiva is Acintya Bheda Bhed manifestation of Sri Krishna."

He continued, "Jivas are of two classes, animate and inanimate. Among the animate, there are many varieties such as birds, land animals, aquatic animals etc. Human beings are only a minority among the land animals. If we eliminate the Mlechas, the Pulindas, the Baudhas and the Savaras, remaining are the followers of the Vedas. Out of them we may eliminate half who follow the Vedas by lip only, but commit sins condemned by the Vedas disregarding the functions of the soul. Among the other half, many are unduly devoted to Karma. Among the ten millions, following the path of karma we have but one Jnani, who values the path of Scriptural Knowledge and who is therefore, superior to the Karmi. Among these ten million men pursuing scriptural knowledge we find hardly a Mukta, a liberated soul who is, therefore, superior to the Jnani. Among these ten million of liberated souls, we meet hardly a devotee of Sri Krishna, who is really passionless and tranquil. The pseudokarmis, Jnanis and Yogis are constantly perturbed and ever deprived of the extreme bliss.

Blessed is he who obtains the seed of Bhakti creeper by the grace of Guru and Krishna. In the role of a gardener, the devotee sows the seed in his heart and begins to water it in the company of Sadhus. With this the seed sprouts up and the creeper transcending the fourteen worlds (the regions of time, space, cause and effect.) crosses the Viraja (the river of the cause water which is undisturbed by the triple qualities of Maya) and Brahmaloka (haloed region surrounding Vaikuntha). There being no object of support for the creeper, it reaches Vaikuntha where Narayan the Majestic self of Sri Krishna is the presiding Deity worshipped by Lakshmi and His devotees with reverence. Next the creeper enters Golok- Vrindavan, the highest region of Bliss. It entwines the Lotus feet of Krishna, the wish-yielding tree and bear fruit of Krishna prema eternally tasted by the gardener the devotee. Though thus blessed with Prema fruit, he does not refrain from his spiritual practices. He is careful not to commit any offence and avoids pseudo one. He strictly observes the rules of pure devotional life. But desires for elevation, salvation and Sidhi duplicity, slaughter of animals, greed for wealth, hunting after self gratification, name and fame, all these are the fundamental impediments that stand on the way of serving Sri Krishna.

He, keeping himself aloof from all these anti devotional desires, wholeheartedly devotes himself to the services of Sri Krishna, under the guidance of his Divine master. Then he is blessed with the taste of Krishna Prema Rasa compared to which the four-fold human pursuits of piety, wealth, passion and salvation are as worthless as a straw: Hence, Krishna Prema is the ultimate goal of human existence.


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